Saturday, June 4, 2011

Corrupt: Sgt. Rich Austria--Mishandling of Al Gore Case and Mine

I did some recent research.

I didn't plan to, but I was trying to get some things in order for a timeline I was creating to go to the FBI (as everyone already knows).

The level of assault and harassment has been up ever since I made this a goal again, and priority.

I have some serious dirt on Sgt. Rich Austria.

That man is a police officer in Portland, Oregon, or detective. He personally took my report of sexual abuse III (in the third I believe), in 2006.

It was after I complained about him and what was going on with Oregon FBI and their handling of the matter, and all the other harassment and vandalism, that my son and I were targeted to be tortured with use of police and military technology. It involved a few officers with State of Washington, local Wenatchee police, and Portland, Oregon police who attempted to smear me to Washington before I ever moved here.

Sometimes, what goes around comes around. When Rich Austria treated me so badly and refused to obtain evidence for the sexual misconduct and abuse of position by FBI agents, he knew what he was doing.

And then I find out at approximately the same time, he was doing the exact same thing--political favors, for someone else.

After Austria wrote my report up wrong and conferred with the Oregon FBI, he refused to obtain evidence. He took it to Michael Schrunk without even letting me preview it to see if it was worded correctly or not. When I found out how it was worded, it was clear he had rearranged facts to make it sound like less of a crime.

He said the FBI in Oregon kept saying they were taking care of it and they put me back and forth between the 2 agencies. This is after I first reported to the FBI in 2004.

I found something I had blogged about Austria in 2008, that he is connected to the Catholic church and Knights of Columbus. I couldn't find anything like that this time when I checked, but I found his nephew, Spencer Perry. Spencer Perry lists, on his facebook page, his favorite movies. Apparently, highest on his list is a movie that glorifies Irish Catholic guys breaking the law to distribute punishment against those who offend their friends and, in the sequel, their "beloved priest." In the first one, they are going all out against a man in the FBI.

Rich Austria not only wrote up the report I made wrong, and refused to give me a copy, when I couldn't afford to pay for the records at the time, he also went to Victim's Assistance and told them not to help me. Not only that, he overstepped me when I said please don't send that report the way it is because I need to write my own account as this is wrong. He sent it anyway and then after the Prosecuting Attorney rejected it (Schrunk) he then called me to let me know. He rushed it through so it could be dismissed. He also, as the woman who claims she was groped by Al Gore claims, refused to obtain evidence that was there for him to obtain. I told him all he had to prove, was credit card receipts that showed who ordered, and how much and my testimony and witnesses who would testify as to how intoxicated I was or was not. He refused to obtain the records of the credit card bills.

My son has been at the mercy of corrupt public officials and corrupt law enforcement that have looked away or participated in harming my son and I.

I don't have anything against Al Gore or his wife at all! I think they sound like good people actually, but I know that when I read this article about this woman's report to The National Enquirer about mishandling of her complaint, I experienced the very same thing.

Is Austria police or is he FBI or does he just work whichever side is winning? For all I know, he may have been a part of defamation of me to other officers, though there were several before him.

If someone wants to bring out the trash, I can bring it out, and next time, it won't be just me but others who can agree by now, that the people I am going to be naming and who the FBI needs to investigate, are corrupt.

The top for Oregon FBI was totally corrupt. Laurie. I will never forget her and then irnoically, I believe she was transfered to Washington FBI about the same time that I moved, or some time afterwards. I'm sure there are good FBI employees in both states, but the leadership isn't good or my son and I never would have been tortured. It couldn't have happened without their help.

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