Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Supercharging my Cell and Burning Me at The Pembroke

I was charging my cell at The Pembroke and someone started using something that made my cell phone get 20x hotter than usual, very fast all of a sudden, and also my heart and body were being affected and got hot as well.

There were windows to the street so anyone could see where I was. In the lobby, I sat on the couch, not the chairs, backing a wall that was shared by another business. I don't know what was above me.

This supercharging of my cell has happened several times.

It's happened before in Knoxville, and Nashville, and Wenatchee.

There is no possible way it's accidental either. So I talked to my brother for awhile as it charged and then left the building.

In this case, it's something to do with lithium batteries maybe but it seems to be facilitated best while plugged into an outlet. My neck also started hurting, and this is where I have the metal in my neck.

I need protection and my son needs protection.

I noticed a few women who looked concerned and I'm glad they were around and I really hope someone is investigating.

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