Tuesday, June 7, 2011

removal to federal court

I'm thinking about removing these recent charges to federal court. I'm also needing to file a federal case regarding Michelle Erickson and CPS for falsely claiming I harassed them at any time and the refusal of the WA district court from allowing me time to obtain evidence to prove it.

The Knoxville police were never arresting me for disorderly conduct. They told me it was for making a 911 call that they felt was unnecessary.

Later, they said it was also for disorderly conduct.

If they didn't think to arrest me for this at the time, why would they tack it on later? I looked up disorderly conduct and the only thing I can conceive of even being close is that when they harassed me and deliberately provoked me, when I was appealing to them as a woman who was a sexual assault victim (and other) and in need of protective housing, I was brought to such distress that I swore. Intentional infliction of emotional distress may not be a crime or misdemeanor, but harassment is. And this department repeatedly harassed me by lying and saying they were coming out to take reports and refusing to do so.

If they want to base their complaint on a couple of swear words, when all three of them are grown men and not "holy" in any form, or truly offended by any overhearing of a curse word, I will not only defend myself by their own crimes, but I will bring into the courts the fact that a Knoxville Sheriff's officer, a woman, swore at me, saying "Fucking" while reading my charges to me.

I liked her and thought she was a fine officer, maybe one of few.

But if the police want to be assholes, (oh, pardon me...are you going to cite me for "disorderly conduct" for writing a swear word in a "public place" (i.e., the worldwide internet))...they can have a taste of their own medicine.

I'll also bring up the fact that the same officer who chased me down to arrest me, yelled at me, several times, over and over, for all to hear, SCREAMING at the top of his voice: "You're CRAZY! CRAZY! YOU ARE CRAZY!"

How professional for a public servant to be so disorderly and harass a victim of sexual assault. If he really thought I was crazy, he harassed a woman who was mentally ill and discriminated against her. If he didn't think I was mentally ill, he defamed and slandered and harassed a woman publicly while wearing a badge.

I just found a statute for "Civil Rights Intimidation." It is a crime. It occurs when someone injures, threatens to injure, or coerces another to not attempt to have a civil right enforced.

I could very easily prove false arrest by color of law for purposes of civil rights intimidation.

Basically, the Knoxville officers (city and sheriff's deparment):
1. Are guilty of Official Misconduct,
2. Guilty of Official Oppression,
3. Guilty of Civil right intimidation, by
4. Improper use of authority to bully and force a person to quit their attempt to have a civil right enforced, by making false arrest under color of law to coerce me to quit my reports to local, state and FBI. I was injured in the process, with bruises to my arms by unnecessary force and then forced to go to court under threat of having a criminal misdemeanor on my record and going to jail.

This is civil rights intimidation and most likely, sometime within 30 days (I have a month to decide whether I want to remove this or not), I will remove this case to federal court.

Their prosecuting attorney could always decide it's "not worth it" and dismiss all charges or the police themselves can have the charges dismissed.

Most likely, they would rather be dragged into court by countersuit.

And, if I want to, I can remove this case from district or state jurisdiction AND file a civil case against them.

That way they can fight me with both fists, since they enjoy their ability to beat women who are survivors of sexual assault and battery and assault.

BIG men!

I could also include fraud. I called the police department and they gave me a false name, when I have the right as a member of the public, to be given the correct name in order to have accurate records and defend myself. Their attempt to impersonate another or to commit fraud by giving me a false badge number and name, can be I am able to use.

While I'm doing all these things, I can ask the Judge to make an order to supeona their asses on all their recorded communications with me, records of refusing to follow up on reports I made, any and all internal or external or intra-agency memos regarding me, my name, or person, and any information that is acquired when looking up my Tennessee ID.

And if my public defender doesn't want to do it, I'll do it myself.

Believe me, most guys would rather have one of their cronies helping them out. I promise. Because most of the public defenders want to chit chat and have friendly times at the bar and they work together, live around eachother, and have affairs and swinger circles with eachothers wives. They compromise and cut corners with justice just to keep their own friendships intact and their defendants are not in the "swinging law enforcement circle". Which is why they get scared of me, because I don't need you to be my fucking friend--I'm not here to befriend you or get special favors from you and tomorrow, I don't have to see or work with your lousy lame ass.
I don't have mercy and I don't do any fucking "lunch deals".

Justice is only possible without any conflicts of interest and there are far too many conflicts of interest with the public defenders these days (that doesn't mean I'm checking out who I get first.)

We can turn this into a whole year long case.

No, let's make it worth more. Let's make this a fucking 2 year case. While you spend 2 full fucking years trying to defend your own lousy selves against having your reputations smeared and brought out into the open, and while your name becomes as well-known as Betty Crocker, I will get that forensics evaluation you said you needed, for me to prove I've been a victim of torture. That means I will be getting this outside of the U.S. and traveling and you dare keep putting out attempts to restrict and block my ability to travel freely, I will SUE your fucking asses for that too.

If this is how you want to spend your time, go for it. You could have kept me as the lab rat, with your ability to stalk and follow me around on the outside. Now, you set yourselves up to be lab rats yourselves, because you and your families are getting dragged into the system and you will each have to hire your own private attorneys if you want to get out. Or, you could try to rely on your department lawyers, who will be very happy to allow things to drag on and get paid more. Lawsuits like this make lawyers very happy and it's big business for them. It's steady work, and creates jobs.

I get the public defense that YOU pay for and force your citizens to pay for. Then you have to pay for your own defense attorneys. That means, you're the one who pays, and all in the attempt of trying to intimidate a victim of sexual assault, battery & assault, obstruction of justice, fraud, and ______.

Everyone else will enjoy watching. But unfortunately for you, you're going to get trashed and you're the ones with something to lose.

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