Thursday, June 2, 2011

Assault at Knoxville Library (timeline with names)

I am listing the order of events.

I had no problems with being assaulted with technology or harassed about this assault, from 6:30 p.m.-11:00 a.m. today.

I then got to the Knoxville library and used computer #3, which is a stand up computer.

Each time I've come here, since I've been here, there has been a form of assault and each time the same security guard is walking around me. I asked what his name was and he said "Gregory Wright." I just asked today, because a series of events happened again and he was present. He is with a company called "Security Walls."

11:05 a.m.--I left the gym and walked across the street to the library.

11:15 a.m. --I got to the library at approx.

11:20 a.m.--I went to the counter to ask for my guest pass number because my bag wasn't with me. The librarian who gave me the number was "Emily".

11:23 a.m.--I signed onto express computer #3. It gives 15 minutes. While standing there, after a few minutes, I was being assaulted by some kind of laser pulse that affected my heart, or whatever that form of technology is. It happened several times and I didn't blog about it, I was trying to look up work info.

11:33 a.m.(corrected, see below at other correction)--With 5 minutes remaining, after I was being burned by use of technology, the librarian who told me (later) her name is "Katherine", took a phone call and started talking loudly about the word definition for "lukewarm." She said, "You need the definition for lukewarm?" She started saying, very loud, "Let me find LUKEWARM for you...Here's a dictionary..."Lukewarm...Not cold or hot. At room temperature."

11:38 a.m.--I signed in for my second 15 minutes at the Express machine.

11:39 a.m. or so (corrected, it was at 11:25, according to my notes, so the librarian had the call before this time then, a few minutes earlier)--A white man in his 60s with a hat that says, "Advanced Burner Technology by Siemens" chooses a computer that is in front of me one over and stands there for less than 15 minutes after the "Katherine" gave her description about temperatures out loud for all to hear, and while someone continues to use some form of technology.

I didn't blog about it at all. I waited until later and now I'm blogging, after the fact.

11:53 a.m.,--My 15 minutes express ends. I made notes of different people at some of the computers while I was here. Twice the security guard, Wright, addressed me. First he came up to me in my first 15 minute session to ask me to put my water bottle down on the ground and I said okay and did. I asked if I could have his name and he said it was Gregory Wright and I asked if he worked for security for the library or was police, and said politely, I had just noticed his badge. He said he was contracted to work for the library. Then he came up to me, 15 minutes later, after my second session was over to say, "Ma'am I just wanted to let you know, you can't piggyback sessions." I said, "What?" and he said, "You can't piggyback sessions. You have to wait for 30 minutes first." I said, "Oh, okay."

11:54 a.m.--My card wasn't working so I asked "Emily", the librarian, for the right number. She said, "Okay, and asked for the number I had. I said, "I can tell you the's ____" and she said, "G-A-R-R-E-T-T?" and I said, "Yes, it's the same as on my TN ID that you took." She said, "I don't memorize everyone's ID." She gave me a slip with the accurate number on it and she had left out the digit "3" on it when she first gave it to me, before I had gone to computer 3 express because it wasn't working on a normal computer. I didn't say anything and took the number and said thank you and then she said, "Are you mad at me?" I didn't say anything because why would she say that? I wasn't acting mad, and I was just acting for my card number. Then, I thought, I need to know who the librarians are that I'm in contact with and thought it was odd they didn't have name tags or anything.

11:55 a.m.--I asked the librarians, "I'm new to the area and was wondering what your names are...You don't have name tags or signs at your desk or anything? and they said, "Emily" (a tall brunette) and "Katherine" (and she acted like she didn't like me at ALL). I said, "Is that how it is in Knoxville? they don't use names?" and just querying because every library I've been in has some way to identify the librarians, except for in Nashville, actually, some of them didn't wear tags.

11:56 a.m.--The security guard is listening in to everything and paying attention for some reason and he then walks over to his desk, pulls out some big planner or notebook, and starts writing in it as I signed into computer 9 which was across from his desk.
People here, some of them, knew what was happening to me and they played a game with eachother over it.

I don't typically detail how many people get involved with harassing me about my being tortured, while I'm being assaulted, but I think it's time I do the detail. What is their common link or connection unless it's religion? It's not difficult to have a group of people come into a library after I'm here, or have someone who knows someone already.

Twice while at the computer that is for longer use, which I signed onto at about 11:55 a.m., I had someone use technology again. And there are always at least 2 people who are exchanging looks with one another and making it a big deal for me to see, when it is happening. It's like they have agreed to try to provide the cover. Right now, there is a black man with a brown headband sitting directly across from me who nodded over at a white man (both are young) who got up from his computer and as he did, someone assaulted me and then they both started at eachother.

11:32 a.m.--About the time "Katherine" took a call to loudly describe the word for "lukewarm" to someone, in full dictionary form, another person who came in was a black man who has a disability and the security guard referred to him as "Miles" and he sat next to me with a crucifix, a big wooden face of Jesus, and another necklace while all of this was happening to me and then at some point he said to the guard, "Come look at this photo. That's him, right there, in the green shirt. And it's a picture of us at a cookout with her son and his mom."

In a timespan of about 5 minutes or less, I had a librarian loudly talking about the word "lukewarm", a man going on about a cook-out, and another man coming in to stand across from me with "Advanced Burning Technology" on his baseball hat. This, while I was being assaulted and had been, off and on, for several minutes. But I didn't blog it. I let it happen and then after the 30 minutes, I decided to write down an account for just 1 very small thing in my day.

It is like this, for me, but 10x worse, all the time. It is hard to describe how I'm being tortured and harassed or mocked about it when someone isn't there or doesn't know what I'm going through. But the point is, there is a large group that DOES know or they wouldn't coordinate their efforts against me.
Now it's not happening. Some group got worried about someone coming in or it's that I moved. For the last 10 minutes, nothing. However, I forgot about my water bottle and had to go back to get it, and this is something that has happened every single time someone assaults me with this technology--I forget something.

These people have done this to me over and over.

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Darren said...

Why did you go to Knoxville? Are you coming back to Nashville? I keep hoping that we will bump into one another around town.