Friday, June 17, 2011

Article Written By Adeline Wootton & Davis on Both Sides

I found today an article written by Adaline D. Wootton, who was Granny's great-great?-grandmother. It was written in 1936 and she is a decent writer. She was a journalist, writing for The Wenatchee World.

I first found a genealogy table that showed Grace D. Wootton was born in Arthur, in Multrie county, Illinois in 11/5/1878 to parents Adaline Moren (French or Irish) and Cyrus Davis Wootton. Then I typed a search and found this link, where Adeline is writing about the claim to land she and her husband had and the origin of the name Cheelan. (see link 2)

She says it might be Irish rather than Indian.

She kept a farm with her youngest daughter. She says youngest so this confirms there was more than one daughter, and Granny says the sister who cared for Grace when she was ill was "Queen". Queen Wootton.

It confirms Grace's middle name was Darling. It might be taken from an ancestors surname though.

Now I have an idea why I am interested in entemology (word and name origins).

Oh, I just found something else. Cyrus Davis Wootton's middle name Davis is possibly from his mother's surname "Davis". We have Davis on both sides of my family. I am related to a Davis on my mothers' side, and also on my father's side! (see link 3)

I am finding a Cyrus D. Wootton listed in a "Roots" site that says he was born in about 1845 and died around 1904. His father was Thomas P. Wootton and his mother was Juliann Davis.

Thomas P. Wootton was born 1820, died 1904. Juliann Davis was born 1820, d. 1827. Thomas was born in Ohio and Juliann was born in Ohio.

It is possible Thomas lived in London before immigrating to America. I just found a record...hmm, they are maybe different people? There is a Thomas P. Wootton from the U.S. and also one in London. Thomas Percy Lambeth Wootton. (see link 4)

Juliann Davis is a Davis from Pennsylvania. I think, maybe, that is where Diana's Davis's are from.

I have Davis which is Welsh, from my Dad's side, Grandma Dolores Davis, who was born East Coast and then Davis from Pennsylvania Davis's. I wonder if they are the same Davis. Wouldn't that be strange if some of them moved west and then later, a Davis ended up marrying another Davis from the same branch?

A Juliann Davis was born to Reuben Davis and Nancy Cuppett in Napier Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Her brothers and sisters were William Hancock Davis, Mary E. Davis, and Edwin Davis. They must have had Hancock as a surname in the family, to add it to William's name. Maybe? I don't know. Her birth is listed as 1847.

With some of the birthdates off, I'd have to think and figure out approximately how old they should be.

Now, I'm finding Wright, Blackburn, Harris, Wellington, Faulkner, Rhys, Weirman?, and Moore as surnames in association with this Davis. In one line, they are going back to Wales again, through Griffith. Nantmel Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. Pretty much, they came from Wales and settled in Pennsylvania.

Hmm. Well I'm not sure which line to follow but at least there is a good start with some evidence.
It's almost looking like some of my mother's family in the West is related to some of my Dad's family from the East and they separated by 100s of years or less and maybe somehow remarried into the families again? The Davis thing I'd have to figure out because if I have Davis on my mom's side and my dad's side, it's all going back to PA and thereabouts.

Granny told me Grace Wootton's husband or Adaline's husband spoke fluent Chinook Indian and there was a photo of him taken while decked out in solid leather, head to toe, from the Indian tribes.

I guess the name Moren, if from Irish, is from some Irish dynasty of 7. The sept. (7) and they are from...whaddya know! the County of Mayo (I knew God had a sense of humor).

I'm not really sure if Adaline was Irish or from french though.

I also tried to find out who the french woman was whose painting I sat next to yesterday, who had the same pattern on her dress or cloak as the woman playing violin had on the scarf. I tried asking but no one knew. I think she looks like a "charlotte" but we'll see.

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