Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Droopy Eye & Swearing

I apologize for my swearing, but if you were the one being lasered for about 6 hours, you might feel like swearing too, when you then looked in the mirror after taking food from a stranger (just dry cereal) and seeing a droopy eye. (I know that was a run-on sentence).

One of my eyes was totally close-lidded and then the other was almost popping out. And I looked so ugly besides. I just saw my eyes and flipped. If my hair quits growing again I'm going to have a fit.

I don't recommend this to anyone, but I attacked the effects of "whatever" with 4 tablets of DHEA. I don't know what happened, but it actually seemed to work. My eyes went back to normal. ??? They were each 25 mgs, so I took 100 mg. of DHEA total. Let it melt in my mouth first. Then, an hour later, I took my multivitamin, and then in another 30 minutes, I took cod liver oil pills (lower level), my "eye" formula (bilberry, rosehips, kelp, eyebright), and then a ginko biloba and echinnachea for good measure. I reserve ecchinacea for special occasions, like, impending doom. Getting a cold, or having my eyes freak out because someone lasered me or tortured me and I'm going to change computers now bc it's happening here too. And, I took a shot of B-12. I also have D3 but I'm taking that later.

The burning effect is better now that I moved to a different computer. ;) It's not's the criminals here!

I have to say, if Prince William ever wanted a getaway, he certaintly has about 50 willing doubles. I have never seen so many slightly balding heads in my life...with similiar profiles...but I think it's more Prince Edward than William (who hasn't lost much hair yet). Still, I am not kidding.

So I'm thinking of working in the nukes biz. Maybe. If selling life insurance doesn't work, I'll become a customer for life insurance.

I had it in my mind, when the nukes accident happened in Japan, to fly over there and help out and sing or just pick up stuff or something. I really did and thought about it seriously, for some time. I finally decided not to. I think it was because I didn't have that much money to spare for a ticket there and back and was trying to make up for lost time in buying my son a few toys.

My reasons for thinking of nukes stuff, is that it's a big industry here, like oil refineries. I was very safe when I worked at the Oil Refinery. I really had an excellent experience with the janitorial company, and being onsite with British Petroleum. They hired some of the best people--just easy to get along with. I really liked it. My health wasn't very good at the time--I was truly still recovering from childbirth trauma so it was sort of hard then. I was looking into training for cleaning up the pipes or valves or whatever they are--the turnover. I was going to try to get into that and then Judge Hotchkiss was taking my kid without allowing me to even defend my case. When I hung up on me, I fled. I fled to the East Coast because I was literally scared that if he thought he could just ignore my right to discovery prior to defending myself "pro se" (last minute), my fear was that he would next sign an Order to have me admitted to Eastern (a psych ward) without cause. I just thought, "He clearly ignores process and does whatever he wants to do" and I fled. My other objective was to get testing done for proof I'd been tortured but no one would help me once I was there. I do believe I got a little more credibility though, with some who met me and saw that I was not a raving lunatic.

But yes, I love BP. I loved the guys there, and the women were great, and it was sort of interesting to be around oil refinery when it's such a big deal in our world. I was starting to learn what different terminology meant. anyway, the one group of people left, who had been burning me awhile ago, whom I called criminals, or I moved out of their zone, and now someone else has come in to start it up again. So I have to switch comps again. BRB.

Anyway, I posted my information about who was around when I was being assaulted and now I'm back to blog about the other stuff.

What I was going to say, is that I am an excellent candidate for working in a nuclear facility because, proof! I had to get federal clearance and background check to work at BP and it was an international port. I also had to sign a confidentiality agreement which I have never breached, in any form. At all.

I blog and blab about my life, but I keep my confidentiality agreements. I can prove it. I never divulged employee names, or description of the site, or anything. The most I ever did was mention stickers on a door which are everywhere anyway, and talked about how it fed my wild imagination. That was it. I mentioned some bear paw print sticker, and it made me think of the nickname for my son and of Blackwater.

So I figure, this combined with having decent ethics, will work in my favor. Also, not a lot of women want to work in a nuclear plant. I can't say I like the idea of living a shorter life maybe, but if the pay is really good, it is important enough to me to get the money I need to raise my son the way I want to raise him.

I want my son back and he SHOULD be returned to me after an investigation.

However, because the risks are significantly greater at such a plant, than at an oil refinery, just coming into contact with the place each day, it would really have to be a very good pay-off. And lots of people work there--it's probably just not a lot of people with families really want to.

I can say one thing--I would want to be jacked up with Iodine and Kelp and crap. Minus crap.

I was just looking at vitamins and things, and was going to share how DHA is also good, and especially (preferably) a higher ratio to ALA and EPAs. They're all good, but they work best if you get a supplement where the DHA is higher than the other alpha-omegas. And I was looking at this new vitamin and will probably get it later and it's high in DHA. I"ve already written this though.

And I then checked to see what the antidote to Haldol is, and they claim it's benedryl (which does help) but I had the idea come to mind that cocaine is as well and I found others supporting this theory on a medical level. I also believe DHEA counters the effects but I don't know that it's an antidote.

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