Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breaking The Silence & Firing Blanks

Read Oswald Chambers and a membership handbook from a shawbot church with the verse psalm 119:99. It's about "I have more wisdom than all my teachers because I meditate on thy word." Just random searching for insights and sermons.

And then I found this after typing in "sermons online" and "assemblies of God." It's a Pentacostal preacher Bobby L. Johnson from Van Buren Assemblies in AR.

I started to write on my blog after he got to the part about how we need to use our talents. Just today I was talking to someone about working with kids, because I realized again that it is one of my talents. As he talks about how we are to use our talents it hit me, "And actually, this is exactly what the State has done...attempt to rob me of one of my primary talents." I'm starting to think "Satan" has the State of Washington officials names enscribed on the hem of his garment. Other names too. Someone robbed me of my gift of voice and talent of singing in Seattle. The FBI there that got in the way had to have been involved or they wouldn't have stood in the way of my report. Then, I thought, singing is not the only talent I've been robbed of. I've had my gift with children, which I used with all my heart and directed to my only son, taken from me and then my reputation smeared to keep me from using my talent with other kids as well.

I mean, not only have I had material things stolen from me, I've had gifts that God gave to me, to use for his glory, stolen from me. How is this possible? How long until God avenges me for these things, for the destruction of the gifts that God gave me from conception?

I don't go out of my way to be around kids, but when there is one in front of me, I don't know. I was just at an office to get a foodstamp card and this baby girl in front of me smiling and I made little faces back to her and waved and then after awhile, I waved and then she waved and then she reached out for me. I put my hands out too, and then she kept reaching, to touch my hands so I let her grab my fingers and then she pulled and it was clear she wanted me to pick her up. Her mom held her in place, not letting her, (of course), and she started to cry.

I thought about that and it was another reminder, from God, that God gave me a gift with kids and how dare anyone have done to me and my son what they've done. I don't think I was the only one to notice because there were women in the room who saw what happened and they looked shocked.

So I talked to someone about doing volunteer work with kids and said I realized again that it is "One of my primary talents". Then I was listening to this and it reminded me of how I have just allowed these people to take all of this from me. I have tried to fight, but then resigned myself to not being able to do the same things.

Why? because corrupt people have tried to block me and keep me from glorifying God? because someone is jealous of my abilities and doesn't want to allow my light to shine, thinking selfishly that it will elevate me, and not even thinking about how it is for God's glory that gifts are given to begin with?

Today I decided I have to fire this firm that's taken my appeal too. They refused to communicate with me at all, from the start. It has been one of the most tight-lipped appeals I've ever heard of, so tight-lipped, even the client doesn't know what's going on. They kept it between themselves and the State. In all this time, over 3 months I think, I've had 1 short conversation of 20 minutes and that's it. No one ever returned my calls. They even had one go on-leave and another take over and didn't tell me about it. I finally said today, after the receptionist said, "There isn't communication with Appeals, it's just a paper record." I said, "No, you're wrong. I have a right to know what's going on. I am the client and you're supposed to be working for me." She said, "That's right, we're working for you." I said, "Are you working for me or for the State?" Then I said, "If you're working for me, you would know I am the boss. I am the boss, and if I'm the boss, I would think you would have more respect." She said, "That's not true," (that I was not the boss). I said, "If you can't agree that I'm the boss, then you're not working for me."

Some of these public defenders think that just because they're paid by the State, the client is no longer the boss. The client is always the boss. This means, that when an Appeal is being filed or made for someone, for a client, the employee, i.e., firm or lawyer, does not just proceed to work on their own, without any consultation or communication with the client and begin to exchange paperwork with the enemy.

If the firm starts exchanging paperwork with the enemy or adversary, and isn't even interested in consulting with their client, who is their boss, there is something wrong. What it means, is that they have put the boss down on the totem pole and raised and lifted the enemy to the top, and then made excuses in their minds, with "Well, the boss doesn't pay the bill, but the enemy does. In fact, I am on the same payroll. Wow. Actually, the enemy and I are both conduits for Satan to wreck havoc in an innocent mother and child's life. I can call the mother my employer and agree that she is the client, but the client is not the mother, it's the party that writes my check and that is the same party that she is fighting against and who lines my pockets."

The Devil Is A Liar.

The Firm of Jennifer & Jennifer is the Devil.

And therefore, since they confirmed today that they do not believe I am the boss and reaffirmed the State is their boss, and that they work with and for the enemy, I told them they were fired.

I don't need a "public defense" from Satan. They've taken the pitchfork and driven it through this case by opening it up to the State to attack.

They refused to listen to me or talk to me, and wanted to allow their boss, Satan, to conceal the fact that Satan withheld evidence that would have helped prove they were liars.

You're either FOR me or AGAINST me. The LUKEWARM I will SPIT out of my mouth.

By their actions, they were not for me. By their actions, they were NOT for my son. By their actions they showed they were against me. By their actions they proved themselves lukewarm. By their fruits you shall know them. Isn't it true? What have they shown me? Disrespect. And then they feel they can agree I am their "client" but shrink at the idea that I am their "boss."

That's the test.

And they failed the test of allegiance and proved their allegiance is with the State, my adversary.

If someone hires a firm to work for them, and pays them, that firm knows their employer, and the ultimate "boss" or decision-maker of the case, is their client.

But since these public defenders are PAID by the enemy, and don't get the check from me, they lie to my face and nod and say I'm the client, but can't agree I'm the boss. Which is very true. They can't agree I'm the boss, because it makes them uncomfortable, because I am NOT their boss and they could never imagine working on this case with the idea that I am the boss.

It is possible for a lawyer to be paid by the enemy and still treat their client as the boss, but it's rare. However, it is the RIGHT of the client to demand reasonable representation. Reasonable would include communication with the client.

The way they've treated me, the State is The Boss and Payor and Briber, they are the "middleman" and "muscle" for the State by making a pretense of a defense for a client, just to try to claim it's been done, and pave the way for the State to take my child from me.

They do not love my son.

I do.

I am The Boss.

Defectors. These people are the biggest blanks I ever fired.

Here are some word definitions:

1. Defection. See link 2.
2. Neopatrimonialism. See link 3.
3. Client. See link 4.
If you sign up to work for ME or my interests, you contracted with me and agree that I am your boss. I am the CEO, you are the advisor. You give the ideas and service, and I give the go-ahead, thumbs up, or "not so fast WISE GUY." I make the decisions you MFs. A boss is one who makes the decisions and exercises authority in this capacity. If you refuse to respect my right to make decisions in my own case involving my son and Appeal, you are not a good lawyer.
Another example...An advertising firm that works for their client to come up with a good ad compaign. Does the client allow the ad firm to start making communications with the competitor and adversary and then just run the ad campaign without prior approval? Do you know what a client says to the advertising firm that makes decisions without consent, and runs ads without running them by the client for approval first? That client says, "I am the boss." And when the advertising firm acting as consultant whines defiantly, "No, that's not true" the client says to the idiots: "You are FIRED." You loved my son so much, didn't you? You all just love kids don't you? Especially mine and especially his mother. You're all SOOO familiar with torture. You MFs. You sink your teethless gums into cases against the State and make the mother and child gnaw on millstones.
4. Boss. See link 5.
5. Blanks. See link 6.

These people are all, every one of them, the biggest blanks I ever fired.

Now I have to get my evidence together and shoot down the lousy public defenders I've had thrown at me.


saddened by your craziness said... are getting seriously worse...when you left Washington everyone was hoping you'd get some mental health help...but instead you are just getting worse and worse...FYI...if you aren't aren't the boss.

Mama said...

First of all, I am going to tell you how this note sounds. I am not making psychic predictions, I'm just psychoanalysing your 7 sentences.

You sound like a woman. If you are a man you must be something else. You sound like you are a blond. You sound like you have some brains but the ability to convey an idea of a 10 year old, so people think you're stupid. Finally, thank you for proving my point.

My point has always been that it's a conflict of interest for ones Enemy or Adversary to be paying the bill for your lawyer. Who do you think the public defender works for? The client that cannot pay? or the State that pays for their bread and butter?

So, you agreed with my point.

One caveat--the client is always SUPPOSED to be the boss, even if they're not paying. That's what our tax dollars go torwards and actually, I paid the State for years, with my taxes, and they are only cutting the check from what I put into the system already from working as a citizen.

So, my money supported the State. In fact, I was the one whose taxes helped them keep their jobs. When I need it, I am entitled, by law, to reasonable representation and public defense.

The fact that the public defender gets the check from the State doesn't mean it wasn't my money to begin with, that was essential in a "trust fund" from the time I worked and paid taxes to the government.

The client is always the boss. But it's true, that people assume a client who is not immediately cutting the check is not the payor and they therefore kiss the butts of the State (in more than one way).

saddened by your craziness said...

wow...First off...I am not a blonde, alhtough that would be a nice color on me. Secondly I am actually highly educated and find your ramblings to be lacking in content, most times. Also, if you are so unhappy with the work an attorney is doing, I for one yourself. Stop being paranoid that every employer/employee is out to get you and freaking a keep a job longer than a week. Then you could afford to hire one. As the saying goes, If you can't afford one, then you take what you can get. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE....get some mental health help....geez