Thursday, June 16, 2011

Queen Wooten (new discovery)--

I just found out from Granny that we had a Queen in the family. Well, sort of, or maybe there is more to it.

Granny has an old grandfather clock that she inherited from Grace D. Wooten, her great-grandmother. Wooten was English. The "D" stood for "Darling" and Granny didn't recall whether this was a middle name or a surname. She thought it was one of her surnames but Wooten was still her maiden name. She may have had 2 surnames.

Granny told me tonight that the name is engraved in the clock, in the wood on the inside.

It was Grace Wooten who was gored by a bull. She was crossing a field and a bull approached and she was gored but lived and was hunched over.

I just found out this evening that her sister's name was "Queen". Queen Wooten.

I said, "That's a really unusual name for the 1800s. Queen?" and what's stranger still, is that once I found a connection between Queen Elizabeth II and Wootens. I think it was Wooten. She either had a Garrett or a Wooten she was related to, and I thought it sounded like someone in our family.

But Granny said, "Yes, Queen was the one who took care of Grace while Grace was still alive." They called Grace Wooten (Wooten was her maiden name), so the name goes back 3-4 generations, "Grandma Louis" and one of her husbands' names was Frederick Louis. Grace Wooten married 3 times but her maiden name was Wooten. I could probably confirm with my mother, but at any rate, her name is enscribed in our family clock. I think it was made in? Not in the U.S. I don't think.
Another odd thing that happened today...I wrote about the song played by Sonia in an earlier post and she kisses a black scarf with a gold design on it. After, I bought something at the 7-11 here and then went to The Adolfus Hotel, which has some historic paintings. I went to the bar to eat and it was empty and it's sort of an antique lounge. Paintings of royal or other famous people there. And I sat at the bar alone and then looked at the painting I ended up sitting next to, and the same design on the scarf that had been kissed, was on the gown of the woman whose painting I sat next to. The bar was also called "The French Room" and the only famous person I recognized was Napoleon. I want to find out who the woman is that I sat next to, but it was sort of strange.
I wonder if someone tried to disguise the origin of Wootton Bassett? Because the wiki page really makes it sound unimportant or not a big deal and yet I believe Wooten is a royal name that is connected to Elizabeth II and I also question why funeral processions for military would be held there unless there was an immediate and old royal connection. The only reason for having a town pay special tribute to military, out of all other towns, would be that someone who had once lived there wanted to commend those who gave service for the royals and the country. Bestowing honors upon military and paying tribute, in England in those days, would be something the aristocratic would be likely to do. It's not like today, in the U.S., where any town might hang up a yellow ribbon and have a homecoming parade. It truly must have been royal, in nature and historically, and not just in "name" because of being granted a title. I think maybe the title was already there and was just dusted off.

But why quit the procession unless it's to take away from the importance or significance that the town had in the first place, in being the place where military and soldiers were honored?

Of all places, Wootton-Basset?

This royal naming was done in March 2011. I find it strange that the Middletons would then proceed to take up rooms in a hotel called The Goring Hotel, knowing that my ancestor, Grace Wooten, had been gored by a bull.

I am seriously wondering how many things about my family have been undercover and how many things have been done to get rid of some of us.

Why else would so many people be trying to kill off both sets? I mean, there has to be something that is known by some group, and feared, or people wouldn't have done all these things to the Howards, Garretts, Wootens, Bairds, and whomever.

Oh, and I guess in reading about Kate for the first time, in one article that talked about Jordan, it also said she was royal or connected to it through the name Davis. That's my Grandma's last name. The same Grandma who said, "Of course we're Welsh. Everyone and his dog is a Davis in Wales." I guess it's true then. Out of all the Davis's, do you think Kate and I are cousins?

That would certaintly be interesting.

Something is just strange and fishy. I mean, seriously...something is really "off".

As for royal genes or inherited conditions, there is sectoral heterochromia on both sides of my family. Sectoral heterochromia is one of the rarest hereditary conditions and it is found in royal and aristocratic lines. I thought it was just odd that I had it and then I found out others in my family have it:

1. Me
2. My uncle Loren on my mother's side
3. My grandmother (I think, it's Granny or Grandpa Baird, but can't remember which--one of them has it) (my mother's side)
4. Grandpa Baird's brother (mother's side)
5. I think a cousin or two on my mother's side
6. My father (very pronounced) Garrett-Howard-Sutton
7. My grandmother Davis (I think)--Davis-Sutton (Sutton is also royal) but I am telling you, she has a twin this grandma of mine.
8. Grandpa Garrett (deceased but I think so)
9. My son Oliver Garrett (sectoral heterochromia of the skin, not eye color)

A whole bunch of us have hereditary sectoral heterochromia. Several of us have hemmorahging and blood clotting problems or history. We have migraines. We have history of epilepsy (on my mother's mother's English and Luxembourg side). We have natural psychic abilities that have been known in royal lines, or more predominant.

We live long lives and are healthy but we have rare conditions, that, combined with family history, appear to confirm there is a serious link to royal lines. Supposedly, we're connected to Lady Godifya, royal Suttons, Wootens, Davis, Howard, Garrett (? not sure Gerard? french? I'm told, some French royal or aristocracy before the French Revolution), Bairds, and a few others. Particularly, a Baird that was royal (king or friend to Scottish king), Kathryne Howard (consort of Henry VIII and related to another Howard that he married as well), and come to think of it...Lady Godifya, maybe is through the Wooten line. Godifya was English, not Luxembourgish and the English side of Granny's family is through Wooten and who knows who else.

I don't really care--but yes, I need to know why people are torturing me and my son and have KILLED and tried to entrap so many of us.

Then, I find out one ancestor is given the name "Queen". Why? What woman of the 1800s bestows the name "Grace" upon one daughter, and "Queen" upon another unless there is a connection to a Queen? Otherwise, it's just ghastly or garish. No one who thinks to name their daughter "Grace" would then be conceited enough to think of passing off "Queen" onto the other daughter. Not unless there was maybe some link to someone, and this was a way to remember or remind the family.

I seriously don't care, and wouldn't care, if it were not that some powerful groups cared SO much. There has to be a very real threat and it very well may be one of heredity.

And do you know what? Every single time I even come close to writing about any of this, someone suddenly wants to shut it down and be patronizing to me. A man just told me I had to leave and called me "sweetie". This is the same treatment I get, over and over. I am literally either thrown into a psych ward (literally!), arrested on a false arrest, kicked out of some hotel computer room that was just fine with having me stay there to rant about anything under the sun but something they or some other group doesn't want to hear...about royalty.

It has to be true and this has to have some bearing on what has been happening to my family. What does it hurt to have me write about this? It doesn't hurt anyone who has nothing to lose. But over and over again, I get shut down and hauled off, if I so much as dare speak about something I have a right to speak about. And it would only be a threat or reason to have me cease and desist or be discredited or falsely accused of mental illness and criminal bearing, if it's true.

It's true. There is absolutely no other explanation.

It's kind of like, they feel good to beat me and my family down enough, and then rest on harassing me each day and allow me to vent and they really don't care what I vent about because it feeds what they already started. But the minute I bring up something close to the truth, it starts hurting someone, or causes some group to worry.

Why should they worry? unless they deliberately sought to conceal the truth and harm and abuse my family hoping no one ever found out. Why do this to us? There's no point, unless it is a group that seeks to elevate their own family members and feel threatened that my own family is somehow, still, "in the way".

Why else degrade me? They are afraid of me. And they are afraid of my family.

If we wanted a throne, we'd have never moved out of our countries for freedom. But some group has always known and always worried someone was going to take it back. I don't think there is even such a thing, as a legal "restoration" of hereditary rights if one has moved, but maybe the concern is about other things.

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