Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking for "Carol" (my rape counselor from 1998)

After I was raped as a virgin, at age 24, in 1998, by the Jewish guy, I was given a counselor by the name of "Carol" when I went for counseling later.

This is what I remember her name to be. I always remember I thought it was odd, because she was Asian with an accent, and yet her name was so Americanized. I thought she had an accent at least. I may be wrong about that, but that's what I think. I know for sure, she was Asian.

I'm trying to find her and she worked at offices off of (close to) Bonita Dr. in Tigard, Oregon and then moved on a few years later.

I saw her for over 3 months while I lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

I have already made several calls trying to locate her so I'm putting this out there to see if anyone wants to contact me and let me know if they remember her, from 1998-1999. I remember everything was fine with her until I had problems with the Catholic monastery and then she started acting weird (our couseling was over by then) and theer was some possibility that she was Catholic herself. But I didn't find out for sure.

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