Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Art & Scripture & Prince William

I went to a scripture search for psalms and chose 118 without knowing what it was. It says, "I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord."

I found it right after talking to my mom and about caffeteria food at hospitals.

(I published what I had written and then someone just deleted the whole thing).

I went to the news tonight and it was all about gays and death. And this right after I was walking on "Gay street" tonight (several times, because I was checking out new shops) and after setting a flower down on some rocks. It had nothing to do with death at all. But I come back and find the news almost reflects what I was just doing and yet it's negative when my impressions were positive. I'm glad that at least the scripture I got was more along the lines of what was happening. It's positive.

I had one thing happen where Prince William came to mind, and I haven't thought of him, even though everyone around here lately looks just like him or the Earl of Essex (more the Essex man). It was just brief. There are all these hydrangeas around that are like the kind I used to have...white with a light greenish tint. I picked out one of the flowers from the cluster and noticed, probably not for the first time, but newly discovering...it had 3 petals and looked like a 3 leaf clover but it was a flower. So I had it in my fingers and then I threw it towards the small stream and it fluttered to the rocks and stones on the side instead. I wondered where it had gone so I looked and there it was, and then I found a small green plant growing up in the rocks, right out of rocks, a small sprig. I turned one of the leaves over because in the dark it almost looked like a water lily. When I turned it, it was a perfect heart shape.

So, with living things in mind, having to do with "being picked" (not about me), I plucked the heart and laid it next to the white 3 leaf flower.

It had NOTHING to do with death, in any sense at all. It was about love and whatever the 3 leaf clover means for Prince William and I don't know what that is. I have no idea.

It was something I did, as led by the Holy Spirit, or just random chance. I was tossing the flower into the water (or trying) to have it float in a lovely way on the top of the water. It wasn't symbolic for anything but the idea of how pretty flowers are, resting on water. And then when it fell onto the rocks, I stooped over in the dark to find out where it went and it wasn't in the cracks but on a rock and next to the only green branch on the rocky bank. I picked off one of the hearts and put it next to the flower and for no reason than poetic sentiment and being goofy in the moonlight, feeling inspired and poetic and giving praise to God for many things. They belonged together, was my idea. The flower and the heart. So not thinking about what it really meant, I put them next to eachother.

Then, it got sort of strange (or stranger?) because then I was looking at all the art in the little garden and I walked to this other area and right in front of a memorial for women's suffrage, and my brother and I had just been talking about military and service. He said, "How does it go? God, then country, then ____" and I said, "Well, for me it's God, then my son, then whatever." I feel God called me to raise my son, personally, and that this is my duty. So I stood there and there was a saying about how women are crowned with motherhood and that the ballot is as effective as the bullet, in affirming a say.

So then I was leaving and walking past a garbage can and I noticed it had a heart shape on it, in the moonlight. It was a little weird, but I looked at it and thought, "This is just like the heart leaf I just picked" and then I looked up and right above it was a sign that said, "The Oliver Hotel" and of course I only saw "Oliver".

I thought about and prayed for my son.

When I went back I looked to see how many heart leaves there were, and there were 5 but one of them I had placed next to the clover flower.

It was nothing big. At all. But then I get back to check news and suddenly, everything splashed all over about death. Over half of the articles, about gay, or death, or some combination of 'gay-death'. And gay-disappearance. I thought it was a little strange.
Then I got a phone call from my mom and she sounded terrible. She was saying she'd been coming down with a cold for the last 2 hours. I said, "You sounded just fine then! what happened?" and she said she had the sniffles but it sounded like she had been crying and didn't sound happy. I said, "You just got this cold all of a sudden?" and then I was told I should visit a hospital if I wanted to stay up late sometime, or try the food there as it was probably safe.

Which of course, has me wondering what is going on, when everything is suddenly about death all over the news.
I don't know. I then checked the royal monarchy news because I haven't seen any clips or followed anything for awhile. I saw this photo of Camilla so very serious and thought, "There is really something going on." She has a very intelligent and subdued look in her eyes, as if something is on her mind that is of a very serious nature. She must have some clarity about something. I don't know what.

The Queen, I found, has been wearing fashionable wallpaper print dresses, which is interesting since I had been thinking of how I used to enjoy looking at wallpaper patterns and designs sometimes (antique ones with the beautiful roses and flowers) and then I see she's been wearing all these wallpaper dresses and I didn't even know.

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