Sunday, June 5, 2011

Letter To Knoxville Chief of Police David Rausch

Copy of letter sent 10:06 a.m. by email to Knoxville Chief of Police David Rausch. This is the new Catholic Chief and I already know he will cover for those who are committing crime against me in the first place, but at least I have documentation.

"Dear Mr. Rausch,

My name is Cameo Garrett. If I call Knoxville police department to make a complaint of assault with use of military technology, I expect someone to come out and take the report and give me a case number.

Someone making a complaint of rape deserves a contact and case number. Whether or not an officer believes it happened, or if they want to cover for their friend who happened to be involved, is irrelevant. Someone making a complaint of theft deserves a contact and case number. If the officer doesn't believe there was a theft, it is not up to that officer to refuse to make a case number and take a report.
Someone making a complaint of their property being vandalized deserves a contact and case number. It doesn't matter if the officer feels they will not be able to investigate or that they don't know who did it.

I made a complaint of being assaulted with military technology.

It is not up to you, by internal memo, or any other officer, to refuse and cancel contact calls and refuse to provide a case number for the incident.

On June 3, 2011. I was told no one could make a report until I had someone come out so I said I would do this. 2 of your officers, in 2 separate vehicles on the evening of June 3, 2011, made me wait 1 hour and then drove by me laughing and refused to stop to take my report.

June 4, 2011. I made a call and requested an officer contact me for assault with military technology and I waited over 1 hour before calling to find out where they were. Sgt. Coker had been dispatched and I was told she chose to 'cancel' the call. She had my phone number as did your department and they refused to call me back to let me know they were not coming out. I complained about provocation and aggravated distress at having my calls ignored and not being given the courtesy of your cancellation. When I asked Coker why she cancelled it she said she 'thought' it was not really an"

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