Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laser Law For Tennessee Law Enforcement & RICO

Michie's Legal Resources: "39-16-515. Pointing a laser at a law enforcement officer or emergency personnel.

(a) It is an offense for a person to knowingly activate and point a laser pointer or other device utilizing a laser beam at an individual known to be a law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or other emergency service personnel while the individual is in the performance of the individual's official duties, with the intent to place the individual in fear of serious bodily injury or death.

(b) In order for subsection (a) to apply:

(1) The law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, or other emergency service personnel must actually be placed in fear of serious bodily injury or death;

(2) The fear must be real or honestly believed to be real at the time; and

(3) Based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the defendant's conduct, the fear must be founded upon reasonable grounds.

(c) A violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

Acts 1999, ch. 146, § 1; 2009, ch. 387, §§ 1, 2."
Not only is there a Tennesse state law that proves law enforcement is aware of, and afraid of (what's wrong? paranoid?!) such devices, there is federal law that is enforced that prohibits such devices being aimed at aircraft. The best part is how they made a neat little law for themselves, but left Tennessee citizens out of it.

What is shows, is discrimination, and knowledge by FBI and police that it is possible for a citizen or any person to be assaulted with laser or such devices.

They knowingly sent me to a psych ward and had me injected with harmful medications. They knowingly refused to take my report. They knowingly and willfully committed crimes of Official Misconduct and Official Oppression. And they did a lot more than that. They colluded to commit these crimes.

Which makes THEM guilty of conspiracy, by definition.

I could easily prove that 2 or more law enforcement professionals purposed or intented to faciliate or promote the commission of an offense. The offense? Official misconduct and official oppression. They attempted to prevent me from making a report and tried to block investigation. That is a criminal offense and I can very easily prove at least 2 or more law enforcement persons were in on it.

I could look up Washington D.C. laws too and find out what might apply to FBI there, if they instructed Tennesee FBI not to take reports from me. I would be able to tie this in with the offenses that were committed against me and my son in Washington and Oregon as well. And, if there is a pattern of this kind of continued crime, where it has been going on for some time, I can make it broader, and lump them all together under a federal statute as well.

If they don't want to prosecute public officials for kidnapping my son and public corruption, I can prosecute THEM for conspiracy to defraud me and others, and collusion to commit crimes of obstruction of justice.

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