Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assault Until Boot

I love how a few of these hotels chains have employees that assault me using technology and invite their "guests" to use me for their own observations, but when I blog about something happening at the facility there is always someone coming around to suddenly say I am not allowed to be here.

Why? Every single time, it's after they used their own servers to do some crazy things. This is the Indigo Hotel again, by the way, in a different state. The person doing surveillance on their spiffy british machines has sent all kinds of bizarre blocks. Like, the last one today was not allowing me to go to a site because it said it was "guydressattireoffensive" SITE BLOCKED, and something like that.

Meanwhile, they had no problem last night as one of their guests or customers assaulted me almost the entire night while I tried to kill some time.

I am not kidding.

Their guests that came around this morning were, by the way, questionable international characters. A couple seemed normal, but some were only there to watch me and then this one group was seemingly amused and trotted off (asian, white) after I had been sitting there assaulted. It was lower grade technology, but it was there all the same.

This exact same thing happened at the Indigo Hotel in TN when I first got into Nashville. That was where the whole blowing up my computer cord event took place.

I say british because I looked them up and they are british in origin. Of course they hire Americans, but at the core, the company is, I believe, british.

I am positive it was one of their employees last night. I think it was a night shift one and then maybe someone else came on in the morning, or something.

I'm sure no one important is in town and they didn't think time was up here on account of that individual.
The Ethiopian couple that were at the 7-11 last night, the man's name is Misfesh or Mesfesh. It happened again ,when I just went over there. And there was some other man there as well, and 2 officer cars parked watching what I was going to do. It's like they already set it up ahead of time and only want to watch my reaction. The technology effect occured again, when I walked past this man. He was carrying something on his person.
I will have to write more later.

Some guy walked by with a t-shirt that said, "Children McBride" and he looked like Vladdie but anorexic. I thought, "Is he getting married?" just kidding. I thought about him but I don't think this bc I saw the shirt. Just thought it was weird.

And then I thought for a moment about his brother and that orphanage thing.

I tried to volunteer here, to help out at an orphanage and nothing.

If I am forced out of using my gifts, there are too many people in this country getting away with making the U.S. a bad place to be. God is the one who decides what the gifts are and we're supposed to use them. Having someone oppress or suppress your gifts, is morally wrong, in my mind.

I want my son back and it's just looking like I have to go out of the country. I don't want to go out of the country, but if criminals force me out, then I will make sure this point has been made, that criminals are responsible for ruining this country and sitting behind desks.

Probably this request that I leave the hotel came after I wrote about the women's plates who harassed me from their vehicles.

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