Monday, June 6, 2011

Katherine Kuhlman

I decided to take a break from work because I'm so tired and decided to do a random search. So I put on "Love in the Club" with Pandora and then went to Oswald Chambers but didn't click, having "Katherine Kuhlman" come to mind. I've never read or watched anything by her but I've heard of her so I looked her up and randomly clicked to a message from one tab and it was a small segment about "Victory over fear" and then the next one I went to was "audio clips" and I did a random selection and got "If You Only Knew" and looked it up on youtube bc it wasn't playing on the original site. So I looked and found something called "I Believe In Miracles 02: If You Only Knew." It starts out with a story of children from an orphanage. Today in the gym women were talking about kids from an orphanage. It's a little, well, lots of expression, but true message. She sounds like that one actress with the husky voice. I skipped ahead in the Pandora line-up to Halo.

I then looked up "missionary miracles" and clicked on one called "In the Presence of my Enemies". Link above to the 2 books. The other book is "To Fly Again."

Then I randomly went to tab 8 and randomly clicked and it was on the obituary of a man who worked on a 6,000 acre cattle ranch in Kolomo, Zambia for the Namwianga Christian School.

Then a missionary in Africa who died when a bridge collapsed.
Then about fasting and praying testimony of 4 men and a missionary.
Then I thought to break and look up something about missionaries with my son in mind. I picked tab 5 (for my son's age) and the first thing that came up was Heidi Baker, a woman missionary I went to see in Nashville. I included a link to testimonies from kids about food miracles. It's a conversation about following the holy spirit and then I clicked on the youtube link for the baker story and included it above.

What stands out to me is the comment about, "If God doesn't show up, we're dead."

After watching this I clicked onto the wiki for "Salt" (the movie). I guess I did because the U.S. has delayed my passport processing again, with giant excuses, when they already know very well who I am and have my old passport on file. I'm sure they can compare that photo and signature to my new one. This is ridiculous. First I was told to submit 5 additional IDs, as if I'm an immigrant, and whole life history. I sent it in and then I got another letter, telling me to provide MORE proof, going back farther. They don't need more ID. They already know who I am and it's an attempt to stall and try to keep me from traveling.

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Anonymous said...

I hope a judge forces you to take medication.. you waste money when you repeatedly call the police department and 911.