Thursday, June 9, 2011

tech/laser assault details (last night and this morning)

Last night I had someone lasering me and I was overheated from it, while at a computer at "The Hampton" Hotel. It was the second time something was done to me from that hotel and it had to have been either the front desk people or the security guards.

The first time, it was night shift people and there was a black man and a male security guard. After they lasered me, they told me to leave. I'm not kidding.

Then last night, I was invited by a guest I chatted with, to use the computer, and I was again assaulted. The first shift people did not do it. It was after the second shift people came on, and it was a black woman and a female security guard (same company). They also asked me to leave after they assaulted me.

I am not kidding.

This is truly incredible. The first night, I knew it was the black man and actually, last night I think he was possibly working as well because I heard his voice. Then, as I was leaving, I saw his reflection in the glass of the door, and his expression was sheer hatred. True, unadulterated hatred.

So these people are the employees who worked at the front desk, which is right next to the computer room and it was for the dates of: June 8, 2011 (late at night) and June 8-9th.

Otherwise, yesterday was remarkable for being a day where from the moment I got up and went to the library, not one single attempt or incident to torture me was made. I had a whole day free of torture yesterday, until late evening, around 11:00 p.m. or so, whenever the second shift for night takes over.

Then, this morning, I had no incidents until I was buying a few groceries at a store and what is significant is that it's right next door to The Pembroke, where I was assaulted the other night, when I described my cell phone getting extremely hot and burning of me too. The Pembroke and the grocery I was at, "Just Ripe" are across the street from eachother.

I browsed and shopped and had no incident until I was sitting by the window at a table at Just Ripe, eating kimchi. I had just purchased SonJays Kimchi (started to crave kimchi and was thinking about my son's favorite babysitter, who stayed with him and my aunt and uncle) and I was eating it and then someone started using technology and blasting me.

I looked across the street at The Pembroke, because just 2 nights ago (on the 7th-8th) I was in that lobby charging my phone and being fried. I didn't notice anything unusual about The Pembroke other than that there were windows and people could see where I was. I was let in by an Irish guy and then different people came in. I did notice that one of the tenants names is "Coker". Coker is the last name for 2 different Knoxville police persons. Coker is also the name of the woman who was a Sgt and said she was coming to take a report and then didn't, and proceeded to mock me about it later, after not even calling to let me know she'd cancelled.

I also have someone at this library now, using something. It's a black woman I believe, who was just behind me. It's 11:35 a.m. at this moment. She is at a computer behind me and has on a gold headband, and flip flops, black pants, white t-shirt and pink bag. Sort of larger. Yeah, she's still there and she is in on it and knows what's going on.

By the way, the technology assault quit about 20 minutes ago. Or 15 ago. Thank goodness. Someone moved on.

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you are freaking crazy