Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dwindling on Blogging & man in camoflague

I've cut back on my blogging. But will probably be cutting back more in the near future and not revealing as much.

I wanted to share one thing...Last night while praying, I prayed for a variety of things and then I saw the back of a man, in camoflague. He had a backpack of some kind on, and some kind of military uniform with camoflauge. He was walking or sort of hiking? and doing some kind of work and I saw his back as if I was the one right behind him. I don't know who it was though.

It was at about 9:30-10:00 p.m. last night.

I had lots of dreams too, and some were way better than the one I had that I remember, but I only remember the part about royalty bc I keep wondering why I have them at all. It was probably an intersection of something. It was of Kate and William again and I don't think it was a "god-dream" at all. In it, she was standing there singing in a dress suit and she didn't look very happy because she didn't want to be singing maybe but someone wanted her to. I thought, "is she singing because someone wants her to sing as I do?" The voice was good but she didn't want to be singing. And it was a Jewish surroundings all around and then her nose really wasn't her nose but someone else's nose, and then William was there and there was this finger of God painting that pointed to the right and was above and away over kate's head, sort of in an arch but to the side, like from the painting by leonardo da vinci and then everything fell into this design and beads and art and architecture and it was all some kind of Jewish or sort of frank lloyd wright combination and a particular style, not exactly art noveau but with some of these elements and more geographic than spiraling and it all fell out towards me and in the dream I thought, why am I seeing the kind of art he favors? There were beads, jewels and jewelry, lots and lots of designs, and things coming at me in a kind of 3-D way.

But sadly, this is all I remember and the other parts were so much more interesting and really detailed. The problem is that I was so confused about why I kept getting a dream with Kate in it, that I thought about it and it cemented in my memory. But it wasn't about them. It was only 1 very small fraction of what I dreamed. The rest was seriously much more interesting and I'm peeved I only remember the other part.

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