Monday, June 20, 2011

got lost and found lipstick--slept next to hitchens twin

I got really lost today. It turned out to be a good lost, because I found a new part of town I haven't been to, and now I know where more things are. But I was upset at first, because every corner I took, wasn't the one I'd planned. That's how it is to be completely out of control. I finally just said, "Okay, there is a reason you are not going where you thought you were going today...Just relax and think that something may be better about where you are ending up." I ended up in posh shopping town. Well, and I walked past a park that I really liked and saw a dolphin statue I liked as well.

This morning I had 5 hard boiled eggs and I felt bad because they were all mass-produced eggs. I can tell, because of the quality of eggshell. The organic or more natural ones have a thicker shell and the ones that are dropping out like ripe mangos on a hot day in D.R., have such thin shells, you're picking apart some of the egg white just to get the shell off.

I read a little from the Bible and early while it was still dark had turned to the throne section, in Ezekiel (or Daniel?). About God having white hair and white robes. And then I went to the gym and the woman said, "You're still in our book!" and I thought, "What? my name's not been written out of the book of life?" and I grabbed a verse from the basket and it was "When a man's ways please the Lord, even his enemies are made to be at peace with him" and then I got into the hot tub and turned to read again, after looking at this novel "The Eye of the Needle" (skimmed through and then realized I've seen the movie). I opened right up to a section about names being written in the book of life and how a man's enemies will be at peace with one who pleases God. It was the exact same thing. And it was about the glory of God, the part where it then closes the chapter with, "I will show you my glory but you won't see my face or you would die. I will hide you in the cleft of the rock as my glory passes by."

And then, I curled my hair, did my make up, sang a song that was in my mind by Debby Boone (Praise the Lord) and set out to get completely and thoroughly lost. I was trying to find the street "Routh". So much for that. I was all over the place and I don't know how I got turned around except that maybe once or twice bad directions? or my not trusting someone's directions? so I ended up on a totally different end of town, walking down, not Routh, but Maple.
I finally saw a highlight when I saw the park. It was right about the time I decided to give up control and just keep going that direction.

I was all over the place. I ended up walking past Navy guys being filmed for t.v. at a stadium, found the way to the airport, found a huge park with a small stream and bridge and dolphin statue that made me think of my son, found a Jewish cemetary and then another cemetary, and found a ton of stores. I went to an Aveda store to try the hand lotion. That was interesting because of symmetry.

I walked in, put on lotion up to my elbows. Chatted with a woman I liked. Then I put on this lipgloss that was perfect, "Cassia", which reminded me of Clinique's "black honey". I looked at fragrances and dabbed on vanilla absolute, cinnamon clove absolute and then sprayed a light mist of Yatra (green box) over it. Not too bad. I looked around the corner and saw a curling iron called Diana the Hunter. Right after I saw this, I looked across the street and saw all the manequinns wearing the same colors that had been locked up in the locker before I left. I had Adele Davis's "Let's Get Well!" book out which has a turquoise seal on the cover, against a cream background, and then a red sweater and a black one. The mannequins were wearing these colors.

My point today was not to wander around and windowshop--it was to check this one place out, and then look for work but I got all turned around.

The best part of today was cracking up about Christopher Hitchens and I just lost it at one point, laughing and laughing in the gym. Last night I slept next to some woman that looked like Hitchens. I went to a shelter 3 times and the 1st time I woke up and this Mr. Hitchens gone drag was sitting over me when I awoke. She was talking and talking and all I remember was that she said something about "free will". Didn't see her the next time. Then, yesterday, my mat was laid out next to hers and I had a stack of books with me. I don't know who got my mom's copy of Adele Davis's "Let's Get Well", but it was my MOM's. How it ended up in Texas I have no clue. Before it was my mom's it was Grannys. I read it as a little girl. I read all their health nut stuff beginning at age 5 or 6 maybe, which is why I know a little bit about nutrition. So it even had my writing on the front, where I had started to write my name. And it smelled like the one.

I grabbed this one, and 1984, and a few others--fairy tales, National Geo, an english spy writer, Quran, just stuff to browse through.

So I had 1984 and there's the Hitchen's twin. We ended up side by side. Then, in the middle of the night, someone to my other side was up and doing something or talking with someone else and I was tired and trying to sleep so I moved my mat to a different spot and ended up next to Hitchen's feet. Lying across, at the Hitchens' twin's feet. And I had my "LETS GET WELL!" book on top of the stack still by the Hitchen's head.

When I woke up, Hitchens had split. Without a word this morning, nothing even about free will. And I found my stack of books had collapsed a little, with LETS GET WELL! off on the side a little and George Orwells' 1984 book had fallen to prop upright and facing where Hitchens had been lying.

Then, when I was at the gym, something my mother sent me, an article about Ruth and lying at the feet of Boaz, (really just meaning to wait on God or whatever) came to mind and I thought about how I had ended up sleeping at the Hitchen's twins' feet and I just cracked up laughing. Picturing the whole thing, was really funny.

So I laughed while curling my hair and then I set out to find Routh, where this one place was. (pronounced Ruth). I ended up all over the place. When I finally got to Routh, it was lunchtime and the hours for the place I had been trying to get to, were over so I have to go back a different day.

This woman that looked like Hitchens sort of has his face, but only his face after he bloated a little from treatment, and then a scarf tied around her head, and I don't know, I just thought on the very first day she looked like Hitchens. And she was speaking with some kind of English accent too.

I laughed, picturing this random scene with me and Hitchens, and then I changed the channels at the gym and it was news about donuts. With an Englishman trying them out. It was a big debate about Krispy Kreme v. Dunkin' Donuts.

Don't spit your drink out all over now.

I have some Coldplay song coming to mind. Might find it and then I have to go. I am trying to meet up with someone and also need to figure out where this work is that I had lined up the other day and then got turned around on this morning.

I looked for granular lecithin too. I found regular lethicin, already soluble but I want the granular kind bc I read it's better (for my cholesterol). And according to Adele, I guess Mayo is not such a bad thing. I switched from Hellman's because it has a preservative in it and I bought an organic Spectrum brand that has no preservatives and just good fats. I came into Texas eating rye sandwiches with mayo, tomato, spinach, and mozzerella.

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