Thursday, June 23, 2011

Criminals in Dallas, TX & Kids

They lined the street this morning, near the bus stop. There was one strip that was extremely bad. The other areas were hit and miss.

Dallas has a serious gang problem and the cops are dirty. Some of the cops are dirty. I just witnessed this with my own eyes this morning.

I couldn't even stand in line because of the level of technology they were using. It was more than one of them and most of these guys, on that avenue, were Catholic and black.

I first walked past some decent Muslim types, who at least seemed to be just normal, decent people there with their families, and then I ended up on gangster row just trying to get a bus.

These ones are bold, because there were at least 4 cop cars all parked in the same area. 3-4. Which is how I know they're dirty cops, or at least one of them is. You don't get away with that kind of thing, or gangsters don't feel they can get away with it, unless they have a cop backing them up and they did. It was the strip that lines right up against the station where you grab maps. Right behind it actually, in the back.

The technology was super bad, affecting my heart and whole body and it was instantly noticeable. They even had crap going on to make my heart skip repeatedly and it was only in a half block length of ground.

And THEN, the middle class came parading around in their vehicles, to laugh. They let the poor gangsters do their thing with cop protection, and then they rallied themselves around to harass me and get off on what they knew just happened.

There were some kids in the same area I was in, so the only possibility is that others were affected but didn't recognize it as being from technology, or, more likely, what has been done to me is being facilitated by tapping into a connection that they know ranges from the titanium in my neck to the metal in my knees.

It is possible that if it's not direct laser (which it sometimes has been), there is something else that needs 2 points of metal.

And then these 2 points of metal (I actually have more than 2) act as a conduit between my legs and my neck and my heart is right in the middle of some kind of energy flow that bounces between the 2 metal poles.

Some things need opposing poles to work or be conductive in any way.

I have metal in my neck, in my legs, and in my arm. This possibly causes me to feel or draw in a source of technology that most normal people would never even notice, because they have no metal in their bodies. There are also radioactive or other substances that can be given ato a person that makes them more susceptible to being targeted and discovered at long or short range. Something is added to food or drink or a shot, and the U.S. and black mafias are actively testing these kinds of things (I mean black mafia like black ops).

I realized this is something to do with the metal in my body or a very targeted kind of attack, when I saw the kids walkeing around and the parents acting like nothing was happening. It wasn't happening to them. At first I thought, "If it is, they don't notice" but then I thought, no, it's that I'm picking up on other stuff. And I could tell these people knew.

Here are a few plate numbers of some women who stood out to me. I will not post all of them, just a couple:

660 FXZ TX, Suburban. dark hair or brown haried woman and just seething hatred torwards me. Look her up...what's her affiliation? She was a professional to semi-professional. And why she hated my guts or wanted me to think so, is anyone's guess, but have a look and see.

Someone new in town, trying to take photos of me or wanting me to think so and just nasty mean and proud. Dark hair latina or other ethnicity, new temporary tabs of 48N6900 TX and she had a ton of Catholics following her with rosaries and things on their cars.

These are not maybe the worst of the wrost, but just a sample of several women who have gone out of their way to be hateful. Just part of the crowd and having some hatred of me when I don't even know who they are!

There are some others. The man who works the register at the CVS or Walgreens behind the bus map station, in downtown Dallas, past Elm and everything, is criminal. He is tall and darker skinned (sort of tan brown) and has a pronounced nose and when I asked him what his background was he said Ethiopian. I don't know if it's true, but that's what he said. I went to that store a few days ago and had the same problem. My first 1/2 hour was no problem and then after I was there for awhile, he had some buddies come in with something and I started having problems. I saw him nodding off to the other guys who were most likely the ones using technology and they went so far as to harass me and try to provoke me over it as well.

Then, last night I waent to a different store--a 7-11, and someone there was using some form of technology and they were also Ethiopian. The name of the man with short curly hair started with an M. It only happened along a certain side of the store and if I went around the corner, there was no effect. He was the only one there and no customers in the middle of the night.

Ethiopians are usually either Muslim, Orthodox christian, or Jewish. I met plenty of nice or good ones in D.C. but some of them lately are doing favors for other groups. I don't know what religious branch they're coming from.

When I first got into town, there were a couple of incidents, one when young high school debate team kids from all over the country, public and private ivy schools alike, here for National Championships. Some of those kids (not most of the them by any means) are corporate criminals in the making.

There is such a cocky and displaced ego about some of them, and just a cold shield where you wonder what is happening to white teen boys these days. The black and minorities we know have it rough often, but the callous and hardened effect of some of these boys that leads them to commit the coldest kind of crimes or go along with it...I don't remember having kids like that in my class, at least not until college. The couple or few I might be referring to, are just, I think, examples of not getting enough love and affection and being set up from the start to be distant and insensitive. They are probably watching the most violent criminal video games and, I don't know, they're smart. I met the up and coming smart corporate criminals. And just guess where they get it from? They are going to be even worse than their parents. Most of the kids were great and it was inspiring to see them but there is a whole generation of corporate gangsters who are under the age of 18.

However, I had only isolated incidences until the last day or two and it's been a week and a half and someone just rallied fast, to hate me and express this hatred.

Then this guy drove up in a vehicle with extremely explicit lyrics and pulled up right next to me with the stereo cranked up, it was a black guy, playing some song about "spread your legs for me and show me how wet you are." It was sung slowly, enunciating the words . It wasn't just some rap music kind of jingling out of the box, it was totally different and offensive.

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