Friday, June 3, 2011

Sexual Abuse Report 2006, Subsequent Torture

I just discovered something.

I was simply trying to figure out what approximate date I went to counseling, and I was going to call to find out about a matter that happened long ago to try to frame the time and remember better.

As I did, the woman said, "You mean the one from 2006?" and I said, "2006? No, I wasn't even in Portland in 2006." She said, "This says 2006." I said what is it and found later from someone else, I had made my report about the FBI to Portland police, and it was made public information, in December of 2006.

This is exactly when the torture against me and my son began. Very close at least.


I had my son May 11, 2006.

When I didn't get anywhere with the FBI (after reporting in 2004-2005) and was concerned that I had been defamed by them, so I called Portland police to report the matter and then there was this huge fiasco.

Huge. And nothing has been the same ever since. And, certain persons in the FBI have attempted to block my reports ever since too.

I went from having constant vandalisms and theft to literal clean ("white") torture with technology. It was not only done to me, but they did this to my son.

Basically, a bad situation escalated to a violent situation against me and my son. It added fuel to people who already didn't like me for their own reasons.

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