Friday, June 17, 2011

Corrupt Texas Officials & Law Enforcement

I have only been in Texas a few days and anyone who is corrupt has attempted to get to me and provoke me. I had a Dallas Central Precinct officer lie to me and attempt to set me up to go to jail, giving me false information on purpose, a 'non-profit' commit fraud and then police refuse to make a report, Dallas public library workers deliberately cut me off the computers I was using by refusing service through DAS announcements, 211 information operators lie and claim they have no male operators, a 911 operator lie and tell me Dallas 911 didn't have any information for non-emergency police phone numbers, a woman stalk me into a gym and lie and claim I was harassing her (when I was in the shower before she even got there) and call out Dallas police, and more. Then, Dallas police refused to give me the name of the woman that they already knew, who made a false report about me.

Anyone with a friend in the system here in Texas, who doesn't like me, found out I was in town and they've gone out of their way to harass me and make my life a living hell. I guess I'm not suprised it's happening so fast, because I already knew the Catholic ratio jumped from 10% or something in TN to 40% in Texas.

Oh, and that's on top of having a radiologist lie and say my second set of X-rays was normal, and after being tortured in the ER. Guess what? Did anyone look at Weiner's tie on the evening or afternoon he resigned? The striped one with a blue stripe running through more jagged and thicker? that's what my EKG scan looked like when it said I had a ventricular muscle tremor. The plain blue line suddenly got about 3 times as thick and went sort of jagged.

I got my medical records and this doctor wrote down that I had an EKG and then she crossed a line through it as if she was editing this part.

1. I walked 10 miles total, to a non-profit that has signs up about how they cannot, by law, discriminate. It was hot out, and I needed a couple of shirts and I talked to the 3 volunteers there at least 20 times, and they said if I needed clothes, go on over, and then I kept calling because I thought I was lost--it took me so long to get there. I got there, and they decided to tell me, after telling me over and over to walk over for clothing, "We're sorry. Today isn't our clothing day. Come back another time." There was no possible mistake because I called and talked to ALL of them, about the same thing. I asked if they even had my size.

So I left and called to make a report of fraud. When a non-profit says they do one thing and then deliberately have you walk all the way over, knowing you are walking the entire way, and then tell you oh, sorry, wrong day, that wrong information they gave was intentionally fraudulent.

The Dallas police not only refused to go out, they told me repeatedly to call 911 and the dispatch officer for the Dallas police claimed it was only 911 that dispatched for NON-EMERGENCY. He told me his name was Officer Conn.

2. I called Texas state police and they said Officer Conn knowingly gave false information and to file a complaint with internal affairs. This man tried to get me to call 911 for a non-emergency dispatch for "fraud" which is not life-threatening. He assured me it was legal, when I asked and tried to set me up.

3. I went to the Dallas public library and for the first time in my entire life, the Catholic Crew outnumbered the rest I guess, and they decided to shut down all of my computer services. I signed up for a card and then every single time I used their computer, it quit, gave a DAS warning, or if I went to CNN, or any other site, a box that said, "operation aborted" kept coming up. I looked around and it wasn't happening to anyone else's computer. Then I changed computers and it would only happen to mine again. So I said something loudly about what was happening, so everyone could overhear and all of a sudden, then a few other people said, "Oh, I'm having problems with my computer now too". But then their computer issues would go away and every single time I logged on, to try to do work, I was cut off or shut down. And the only party responsible is the group that manages the CIS there, either on the library level or through those that provide the servers to the library. They also attempted to engage in more research and experimentation with me, using some Asian psychics, and U.S. military again. They had me moving all over the place, telling me to go here and there and watching to see where I sat, if I did what someone already predicted I'd do, etc. And out of 10 attempted hours of trying to use Dallas public library computers, I managed to get maybe 1 hours worth total.

4. Last night I was at this gym, where a man named Omar was the manager, and I was fully in the shower stall, with the curtain closed, when this young woman came in and stood right in front of my shower curtain that was closed and yelled, "Wake up! Wake up!" She then grabbed the curtain and flung it wide open and I was standing there right in front of her. She then went OFF and started saying, "you crazy bitch" and "you stupid bitch" over and over. Her favorite phrase was "You stupid bitch." For absolutely no reason. I had pulled the curtain shut again and she kept going on and on and then said she worked for a law firm and there was nothing I could do about her calling me a "stupid bitch" and then she said she knew the manager and she was going to let him know, when I finally told her to shut up. Next thing I knew, there was a police officer in the women's lockerroom. I could not believe it. It was sheer harassment and false report. The officer said, "Can you come out?" and I said, "Are you KIDDING me?" (this is after the one Dallas police lied and tried to entrap me). She said, "We got a report that you threatened to slash tires." I said, "No that's not true. This woman came over to my shower stall and..." and I told her what happened. I said I wanted the name of the woman who was making this false report.

I intuited a couple of things about her. First of all, before she ever said she knew the manager, I knew she was going to say this. And then I knew she was already connected to, and worked with, the Dallas police or had a boyfriend that did.

They sent TWO uniformed officers to take a false report against me when I was in a SHOWER STALL. After they refused to take my report of fraud and lied and tried to set me up to call 911 improperly.

The officers REFUSED to give me the name of this accuser, and instead, they gave HER my personal information. All of it. That woman deliberately stalked me into a gym, to cause trouble and make a false report and have me harassed by police. And then the Dallas police engaged in the harassment, already knowing who this woman was and who I was.

5. I then called the local number for information, 211, and I got a man named "Kevin" who gave me a number that was not even the right number for non-emergency. Oh, and I should mention, for whatever reason, the people over here were doing a little Lisa Thebault theme of having almost anyone with a name connected to her or my work with her, in any way, insulting me. I called 211 again and got a woman and then another woman and both lied and even said to me, "You didn't talk to a man because we don't have any male operators." I said, 'I just talked to a Kevin" and they said, lying, "You're wrong." I got Kevin again and he gave me the wrong number for police again. I finally called a number that took me mistakenly to 911 for Dallas and I said I had been trying to get the non-emergency number and some black woman with the name of "Bolden" and number (she said), 422, claimed "We don't have any knowledge of any non-emergency dispatch numbers for Dallas."

It has been one form of harassment and provocation after another. After this, I got through to non-emergency after I somehow found an old slip that had the number, which I got earlier in the week, and called and they told me to get the name of the woman who made a false report I had to visit their offices.

No thanks.

These people are corrupt.

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