Sunday, June 5, 2011

Criminal Charges Against Tennesee Police & FBI

I already have a case against the Knoxville police:
criminal official misconduct and official oppression. Also, a possible retaliation move and attempt to entrap me in a crime after I sent a letter to the Knoxville Chief of Police this morning.

I looked up the TAC (Tennessee Annotated Code) and found grounds for prosecution of some of their officers.

I also found grounds to charge someone with conspiracy already, and I tried to report this tonight and one officer tried to block my report. It basically helped me in my initial case that has been generated over the last couple of days.

1. I reported assault by laser. June 3. Officers came out and drove by laughing.
2. I reported assault by laser. June 4. Officer Coker took call and then cancelled it, and refused to let me know about cancellation. She claimed I needed medical help and no crime was committed.
3. I reported Officers refusing to take reports on the 3rd & 4th and tried to make report again. Officer Eastridge cancelled the call without telling me. 2nd time an officer from Knoxville made me wait and cancelled a call and no one called to let me know. 3rd time an Officer refused to take a report.
4. I reported criminal conspiracy. June 5. Officer (female) tries to block report by hanging up on me and refuses to identify herself.
5. I reported criminal conspiracy. June 5. Officer Marillo claims there is no crime when it's clear there was and he refuses to take report.

This was my argument and report:

1. June 5th. I had more than one person conspire to have me commit a crime this evening at the Rescue Mission. They tried to give me an ID card that they knew didn't belong to me. It was clear the woman knew it wasn't me and didn't belong to me and tried to get me to take it. I refused to take it and then they got mad and said I couldn't stay there, after I refused to commit the crime of "false personation" (TN code: 39-16-301).

The crime of conspiracy is when 2 or more people "purpose" "promoting" or "facilitating commission of an offense" (39-12-103). They tried to give me a card that belonged to a woman named "Erin" who I look nothing like and she looked at it first and tried to get me to take it. I refused, and then she got mad and made a fraudulent excuse to have me kicked out and others who were in on this kicked me out.

Officer "Marillo" (badge 1948) claimed no crime was committed. I said, "No crime has to be committed. The fact that I didn't go along with it doesn't mean that someone didn't conspire to commit a crime."

I then said, "It's against the law to refuse to take a report. See "Official Misconduct" per 39-16-402 (3) "when public official refrains from performing duty impossed by law or inherent in nature of service of employment" or "Official Oppression" per 39-16-403 (a)(2) "Intentionally denies or impedes another in exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power or immunity when public servant knows it's unlawful."

"Already, I can press charges against Sgt. Coker and Sgt. Eastridge for these criminal violations. I can add you to the list. I have evidence of the crime because it was recorded on 911 and I can also prove they knowingly committed the offense because per 39-16-515, about "Lasering police officers", your officers are not ignorant about lasers or the effects of lasers and you have a law that protects you but you refused to take the report of assault of a citizen."

"Not only that, you are either committing the crime of refusing to take my report of criminal conspiracy to have me commit the crime of impersonation, or your officers tried to entrap me to commit a crime after I made a statement over the phone and in writing to your Chief of Police, David Krausch, about how I was going to the Department of Internal Affairs. That would be retaliation, wouldn't it?" I added, "As you can see, it can get nasty really fast."

Here is the law that the Knoxville police have for themselves, since they think they're so special that they might be "lasered": 39-16-515, (see next post for full law in writing).

What this means is that they know such devices exist and they willfully refused to take a report of assault from someone who this was happening to and then harassed this person several times, driving by laughing and refusing to stop after saying they were taking the report, and then twice cancelling coming out to take reports without giving me notice they had cancelled.

Then, they either refused to investigate conspiracy to have me commit "false impersonation" which is a criminal offense and would have landed me in jail before I got around to make a report about them to the Department of Internal Affairs, or they conspired to entrap me to commit a crime.

I said, "I'd like to know which Officer was parked outside of the Rescue Mission when I was told I had to leave after I refused to impersonate someone."

(which is also sort of retaliatory or harassment and indicates ill-will and malice all the way-around.)

The woman who wanted me to take the card I will identify next time I see her. She was hispanic, I think. She is also a criminal. She was taking the place of Heather in handing out towels. Then there was Heather, who was part of this. Also part of this was the director, Roger Talon (or Tallin). Roger Tallin (Talon) was the person who decided to kick me out without cause and who fraudulently misrepresented another matter. I asked to talk to the Pastor and they refused. When I walked outside, a Knoxville police car was parked about 50 feet away next to the Rescue Mission.

I forgot. I still have to look up fraud.

So anyway! Now the Knoxville police are being reported for several crimes.

By the way, I believe the Knoxville Rescue Mission may also be in violation of some other codes. But I can save that for later. I think this is good for now. I would like to focus on fraud, conspiracy to have me commit a crime, and official misconduct and oppression.

Like I said, it's going to the Department of Internal Affairs by the end of the week.

I might also have a charge to put against Nashville police or FBI if someone decided to add defamatory comments about me to my Tennessee ID card, or if I discover there is any kind of internal memo or verbal directive not to take reports from me. Finally, the icing would be to discover destruction or manipulation of evidence and records. I could then tack the same criminal code to Agent Diane Harsha with FBI in Nashville, and to the director of Nashville FBI as well. The "laser law" does not just apply to Knoxville. Nashville is aware of it, as is the FBI. The fact that they have made it clear to the public that they are concerned about THEMSELVES in this regard makes it apparent they have knowledge of such devices and have not only discriminated against a citizen, but knowingly and willfully refused to perform the duty of investigating such reports. The Criminal Code for Tennessee is not just for citizens, but it also applies to local, county, state and federal law enforcement. I could prosecute FBI in Nashville under this code.

There are similiar provisions for prosecuting law enforcement in Washington and Oregon state.

Like I said, it can get really nasty, really fast.

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Why do you think every one is against you ? All the the police all the medical all the clergy all the attorneys all the people in the USA against poor little sane cameo who is normal innocent non combative not mental for god sakes buy a vowel oh that's right you don't have any money to buy any thing because every one fires you or won't hire you not because of what you do because you are the only normal one in the USA my friends where so glad last week you were still blogging because we had a girls night and had wine and snacks and took turns reading it was great you caused such trouble for us Dare to print this