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Torture of Oliver Garrett: controlling psychics & acquisition of children

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Shattering the psyche and the mind. That's the part that first reminded me about what has happened to my own son, Oliver Garrett.

I will be pursued as mentally ill as long as there is this kind of horror to conceal. My enemies wanted me to sound nuts for one reason, and others have wanted me to sound nuts for another reason. They worked together, with different motives, but the same idea to discredit me so no one would really believe me.

Read it. Think it sounds unreal? It's not. It's real.

My son has been tortured with these same techniques and I witnessed some of the evidence.

Oh, and it sounds like me. I just got to the part about how after awhile, you stop resisting and don't react as much to the horrific pain.

When I wrote to a psychologist who does forensic evaluations, just tonight, and he said he mainly writes to establish fear of returning to ones own country, I told him, what if there is fear but what if, also, there is nothing. What if there is the feeling of having never lived, and never having been allowed to live. How is it to document lifelessness in ones own country?

That I am not only dead to what is done to me and my son repeatedly, but that I have been tortured so badly, and for such length of time, I walk around aimlessly, having nothing to do as I've been forced out of everything but walking through a maze like a rat.

How is it to have ones gifts and special qualities stripped from them like some kind of cinderella dress and then be raped repeatedly, hypnotized, shocked and electrocuted, experimented with by medical professionals, and sent to jail and to mental hospitals for further containment in order to study me further?

How should I feel? Should I feel fear? Do I feel fear?

Or am I dead.

Or possibly, not dead enough, which is why I am harassed every single day, to no end.

Yes, I can establish fear while living in the U.S. I can demonstrate a high level of fear and concern for my son. I have evidence. And I feel someone who is higher in power might come forward to reveal and confirm more if I get out of here or if someone is persuaded to investigate.

How lovely when the FBI conceals crimes of torture against children. Why doesn't the FBI get involved with pedophiles and mass sex crimes by clergy? First of all, most of the FBI is Catholic. Secondly, why would they put clergy under RICO or prosecute for obstruction of justice, fraud, collusion, or any of these things when some of them are also instructed to conceal worser crimes against children, for use in psychic research?

Some of this makes me so sick. It sounds like something from star trek and it's not. It really happens. I've had people torment me in jail and then wait to see if I pray for God to avenge and then if anything happens as a result. Like the soldiers at the foot of the cross, "Save yourself!" and intentionally trying to provoke me to focus or pray that something happens and then I've even seen some of them release me after something has literally happened. And then I read something like this, which sounds totally unreal and sci-fi and I realize, no, it's real. It is rare but it really happens and those they torment are called crazy for a good reason--people don't want to go to jail.

I just enclosed the links for the beginning of this article and the last part.

It's all extremely familiar. I've read mind control stuff before, but this really sounds like the stuff they've done to me and my son.

Most of this information was gathered from CIA declassified or discovered research. Operation Paperclip and the Army. It also talks about how events are deliberately staged to take the child from caring guardians.

Canada knows. Someone in Canada knows. I just got it. They knew.

So what kind of international blackmail is employed when one country wishes to retain their targets? or use them as targets as a cover for criminal activities by "friends"?

Psychic research done on Al-Quaeda. See link. (the one about john hopkins research).

I posted the links (1, 2, 3) about NSA here but then someone deleted 1 and 3 and these are important because these parts or sections don't sound as "crazy" and give out the more concrete references and proof and evidence. I strongly encourage others to read these sections.

These things have been done to me and my son in the United States.

Not all of these things, but just as bad. I believe the research on me began while I was a child. Which is partly why someone went after my son. They wanted to know if they could exploit the same traits or psychic abilities.

And they've ruined and tormented my son in the process. His entire first 5 years were of misery.

It wasn't child abuse. It was government abuse. And it happened to me. Not everyone was with the government but they knew they'd be protected because their friends were.

And yes, now I'm finding articles about how some of these ideas have been used on Al Quaeda. Bin Ladin was one of their subjects. They didn't want to kill him because they were too busy and interested following him, driving him underground or around the hills, and researching how different techniques affected him. He was not the worlds "most wanted" man. He was the "most studied" man.

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