Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Multiple Fractures From Officer

I got more x-rays of my forearm and other hand, because there were some sore spots so I thought possibly other fractures might turn up.

I DO have more fractures. However, whoever analysed the films wrote in a report that there was nothing.

You can see them, and they match up with the spots that are sore. So I said, "This report is wrong and I would like the other radiologist to review these films." They had a student doing the second set.

So someone is looking into it.

They asked me how I knew and I said I just did. They said, "Where did you learn how to read radiology films?"

I was really upset, because I first read the reports and then I put the films up and thought, "Someone thinks the patient is an idiot!"

(not to mention the first radiologist found at least 1 fracture on just a small section and then the second group of people claim they see nothing at all, not even the original fracture?"

There are a couple spots with signal intensity or whatever, uptake, and fracture lines, and yes, both my hands have injuries.

I wasn't lying when I said she hurt me. And it was completely unnecessary and was just brutal. She wanted to hurt me and she probably thought that since I was called "mentally ill" and couldn't go to ER or hospitals in TN without ending up in a psych ward, no one would ever know how badly she really did hurt me.

When people think someone is mentally ill or they don't believe this, but feel they or others can use it as an excuse to refuse services or to value someone's testimony, it puts that person in a very dangerous position of being repeatedly abused.

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