Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sgt. Coker Knoxville Police Corrupt & Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

This is a new discovery for today. I am gaining evidence for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

This is a lawsuit that can be brought if one is able to prove a party deliberately caused distress to a person, knowing it would provoke that person or cause distress. One has to prove intent and knowledge and also, one has to prove there was distress that caused "damages".

Having police officers repeatedly tell me to call them and then tell me, "No one can make a report unless they see you in person," I finally said, "Okay." I had been told by one Knoxville officer to call The Department of Defense. He said he couldn't do anything about it so I wanted to know later, if I'm not calling the DOD and the local police aren't responding or claim they can't, who do I go to?

I was told, "We'll take your report but they have to see you in person." So finally, after being hung up on and disconnected a number of time, and provoked to distress (which is the exact same tactic The Mt. Angel Abbey lawyers took to try to make ME look or sound like a bad person), I said okay.

So I waited for over an hour and no officer showed up even though they asked where I was and "What are you wearing?" I waited and after 1 hour, 2 cop cars drove past, and they saw me and just drove right on by. Laughing.

Then today, I tried to make a report again, and I was told an officer would come out and I had to give my phone number. I waited for 45 minutes and no one came out. I finally called again and they said, "Oh, he said he cancelled the call." I said, "He cancelled the call and didn't even bother to tell me?"

This is after I was assaulted all day.

The State of Washington and some others have been trying to entrap me in a false claim of mental illness. It's the only way they can cover up for people I've reported long before they generated this false accusation, and it's the only way to take my son from me.

My Appeal lawyers in Seattle have not made 1 single phone call to me since they were hired 1 1/2 months ago. They have never once called me, or sent me a letter asking if they have all the documents for my case. I told them the AG offices withheld documents and evidence and I listed what it was in the Termination Trial. It's on record and yet this "Koch" firm with the Jewish David Koch in charge and I called them and said I wanted to appeal on the basis of the State of Washington deliberately withholding evidence. I said I had some things I wanted to discuss and said I couldn't afford postage and they told me I was not allowed to contact them by phone or email. Not even by phone. They said, "If you have something to say, put it in writing and send it by mail." This is what the Bullivant Houser firm, my adversaries told me to do--a real public defender doesn't do this.

And yes, I have some Jewish mafia on my ass as well--or Mossad. If David Koch was a "good" Jew, he wouldn't be supervising the Appeal brought by Jennifer Winkler, which completely ignores the fact that EVIDENCE was withheld and other evidence destroyed.

So I have some of these people who have friends who know friends, and all they've done is try their best to provoke me and cause me distress and then say I'm a hateful or horrible person when I lose it, after being tortured. I am being tortured in Knoxville. Right under the Knoxville FBI's nose.

I waited out there for 45 minutes and then was told this Sgt. just "cancelled" the call and didn't even bother to tell me. He had my number and could call and he didn't. He deliberately wanted to provoke me by wasting my time and refusing to come out after saying he would, the second night in a row.

I said, "What is his NAME?" and the woman refused to tell me, saying he would call me back. He hasn't called me back.
I found out it's a woman, or that's who called me back even if it wasn't originally who cancelled the call. She claimed her name is Sgt. Coker with Badge ID #1606.

She called and said she cancelled the call because what I reported wasn't a "crime". She said, "If someone gets KILLED, THAT'S a crime." She went on to say, "If someone shoots you or stabs you, that's a crime and I'll come out." I said, "What exactly do you think my report was?" I called in the crime of assault by military technology. If someone tazers another person, who cares if they don't "die", it's a battery & assault. There are plenty of non-lethal weapons that are used to harm. She responded, "What you reported isn't a crime. It sounds like a MEDICAL condition that you might want to go to the hospital for and get checked out."

This woman is an idiot. And I guess, that's what Knoxville wants to hire. Idiots, just to say they comply with Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.

Equal Opportunity doesn't cover female airheads who like to hold a gun. It was never intended to promote female airheads who join the police while snapping bubblegum and chirping along with a fuzzy on the end of their police pen. It's not meant to cover women whose Hero is Reese Witherspoon in "Clueless" who speak in mezzo-soprano squeak with zero vibratto. This woman should have been hired by Disney, to be the voice character for an animated cartoon. How in the hell she got promoted to be a Sgt. is beyond me. She either works out and looks good, or she's married to someone who slaps money exchanges around.

Maybe her Daddy or her husband is Bob Coker, who is listed as the head of communications for 911 and emergency calls. What does he do? Route the best calls of all to his daughter?

"Hey honey, I have someone I want you to take care of..."

Then there is a Greg Coker who is with the Knoxville Police Department, with 3 years of military police background. Is that suprising? The biggest criminals, who cover for other criminals, have access to both military weapons and goods and law enforcement cover. He gets to play whatever side of the fence he wants. But, it's not that small of a town. I'm sure it's not a husband-wife cop team with Daddy at the 911 panel. See link above for proof of another Coker with Knoxville police.

The Knoxville police told me Ms. Coker was the "top" person for the West side and asked, "Do you want to talk to someone on the East side?" Who. Her relative or husband?

I asked who the Chief was and then looked it up. It's someone named David Rausch, a Catholic.

Hmmm. Here's link 2. He is Catholic and he was military police in the Army from 1986-1990. He's not going to do anything for me in this town but have his fellow cops screw me over. That's what they're doing and they already know they have nothing to worry about--nothing to lose. He looks like someone who's punched the jaw off of another guy in a bar. He was recently sworn in, on March 25, 2011, to Chief.

I should have gone to Knoxville after a week in Nashville. People have moved in already which is why, when I arrived here, I was assaulted on the first day. Not only did people move in, before I got here, they knew before I arrived that they had nothing to worry about. They were worried, the Catholics in Nashville, when I talked about going to Knoxville in December. So they had me thrown into a psych ward and then didn't worry so much. After that was done, they had another smear on me and continued to move their own people into position.

I wonder if he knows Mark. I would bet money he does. All of my Exes know eachother and they all screwed me over to benefit the Catholic church. Then they allowed torture of me and my son and didn't think twice about it. They just wanted to take up my time. They knowingly allowed my son to be sexually assaulted and knew every single detail. And they all have contacts with D.C. people. Like I've said, "I've only dated Catholics and look where I am now." They did nothing but try to get information from me on things and find out what I knew and who I knew. And they did nothing and said nothing, when they and Fr. Ryan knew exactly what was happening to my son.

The Catholics in Nashville and zealots who have persecuted and tortured me and my son were worried about him, who was also formerly an FBI agent, but not about David Rausch.

They prosecute lasers that are pointed at airplanes but not people. In Sgt. Coker's words, "It's not a crime!" when it's punishable with 11 years in jail and a fine and that's just for directing it at a plane and not causing harm to a person. (see link). Knoxville takes on investigations of lasers directed at planes but refuses to assist citizens harmed by the same thing.

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