Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A's & Bees

I've had a few problems here but not a lot yet.

On the bus I was on, someone had a very serious form of technology and blasted me when I sat in the back. I first sat at the front and was fine. Then I moved back to sit next to this man who said he was from NJ who wanted to give tips and while sitting there, adjacent from an English accented couple, I was blasted with a very high level of laser of some kind. It was extremely hot and I finally got up and moved to the front where I didn't have any problems again. The residual, for the heat to die down, was over a 1/2 hour. No, it wasn't psychic, spiritual (God is a burning fire--no), or anything other than technology. It was definitely someone who boarded the bus and was sitting in the back of the bus. At one point, everyone got off and I was sitting in the front still and having no problems and then all of a sudden, I could feel something after others were getting off the bus. I looked back and the only people behind me were 1 black woman in the back bent over to get something from a bag and the 2 English people in the seats immediately behind her. There was no one in front of me and no one to my side. It's possible, too, that the residual was not just residual but someone (black man?) behind me doing something but the time I noticed it most was at the back of the bus.

Then I moved to the very back of the bus by the portapotty (in the very back) and sat next to this woman and nothing happened the rest of the way. While I was seated next to her, at least, I didn't notice anything. Maybe a couple small tings when the person in front of me turned to get something out of their bag.

When I was really blasted, I don't see how it could be long-range when the bus is traveling so fast, unless someone is just really fixed on their target, or had someone figure out exactly where on the bus I was seated.

Then I got to Knoxville and slept and when I went to the gym first thing, no problems at all. Nothing. Not from the time I woke up to when I got to the gym, for the first 45 minutes. But then, after 2 white middle-aged women were there at the mirror, where I was, they saw me grab a trash can and take it to a changing room right there, to clean out my bags (get rid of old receipts, bus passes, etc). I moved the trash can over (there was more than one) and then someone started something, after the 2 white middle aged women left, about 15 minutes later. I thought it was really strange because they were the only ones who even knew where I was. So either someone went around to the other room and used something from a shower stall, which was across, or someone was upstairs and they gave someone my location. The 2 white middle aged women both knew eachother and were familiar with one another.

I thought it was very strange.

Then I left and as soon as I moved from the stall it quit, the technology they were using.

Then it happened at the bus station when I sat outside on a bench and there was one group to my right and one to my left.

I know one of the forms of technology is in waves, because when a person moves, it also literally moves. I noticed this a long time ago at the Starbucks, when a man with a laptop stood up and moved over and it was like he broke through or moved the waves or beam or whatever...I know it sounds really weird, but the effect was bouncing. It was bouncing technology instead of fixed. With movement. I could literally feel it bounce off of me and move and then on me again, but in a wavy movement, to different parts, when someone moved. It's hard to describe, but it happened.

And the same thing happened with the English people who were on my same bus. I noticed something wavy or moving technology with them at the line at the station because I was facing back, my back to them as I talked to the man from NJ, and I felt this odd beam or technology on me and then it broke up and bounced and, actually, I only think I noticed when it bounced and I turned to look and the English man was coming out of the men's restroom and bending over or bouncing his backpack up. He was the only one then coming out of the restroom. And I never would have suspected him, but his physical movements had sort of matched the movement of the wave or beam. Seriously. I wondered if he had disrupted omething, but no, I felt it when he was kind of tumbling out of the bathroom.

Then, he was staring at me when I looked back after I was targeted on the bus, when he was sitting at the very back. There was one woman inbetween us, and she was bent over but I thought about him bc of noticing the wavy bounce of something when he came out of the bathroom in Nashville, before boarding the bus.

So these are a few things.

There's more but I have an appointment.

One interesting thing, not harmful, is that I stood at the library counter to get a card and all of a sudden, had this urge or feeling to stretch my leg out to the side, high up, in gymnastics or ballet and I thought, "Russian". And I looked around and no one was doing this. The next thing the librarian said to me was, "Do you need an extended pass or just 30 days? I ask because some of our Russian exchange students needed a longer pass." I thought then, yeah, I was probably picking up on some kind of dance or routine some Russian woman was doing. Who knows, maybe not.

I just want my kid back.

The first thing I asked the bus guy today was, "Do they do tours of Oak Ridge?" I figured if I'm in the area I may as well. I never did with Hanford.

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