Friday, June 10, 2011

Mother and Grandson Sick With Same Virus, States Apart

My mother and my son are both sick with the same virus, and they live in totally separate states.

My mom caught something within 1 hour, about 2 days ago. She even admitted it was unusual because she is rarely sick and all of a sudden she had this runny nose and cough and was depleted of energy.

I heard my son's voice today when he accidentally picked up the phone and he had the exact same symptoms and sound to his voice.

They were given the same virus, states apart.

My mom lives in Coquille, OR and my son lives in Dryden, WA.

My mother would say, "Oh it's just a virus" and my aunt said, "No, he doesn't have a cold," but for some reason they have felt pressured to say what's not true.

I also found out there is a new State worker that's had access to the home of the Avilas. My aunt wouldn't tell me who it was, worried I'd write about it, but I am concerned, of course.

My son was sniffling and I could hear the runny nose.

Instead of being able to doctor me up with whatever my son has, this far away, someone, I guess, went after my Mom or Dad instead.

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