Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doctor Lies About Exam Today & My Heart Malfuntion

Today I had to go to the ER and be treated for migraine. However, I had a slew of problems this time. I had migraine (on course for normal timing of these), and I had a sudden rash following extreme, extreme, stomach cramping (and I wasn't sick with flu), and I had my wrist pain from the assault by the Officer (still hurts badly and is swollen), and then on top of everything else, someone tried using mild technology on me WHILE I was in the hospital and then when I wondered why some things were being lied about in my exam, they said they wanted to do an EKG and it was ABNORMAL but they said, "It's normal!"


"Left ventricular muscle tremor" is supposed to be "normal"?

I saw this come up on the screen while they did my EKG. I was hooked up and then it read, across the screen, as I stared, "Left ventricular muscle tremor" and I said, "What is that?" and they said, "Oh it's just the tremor of the lines moving, tremor means the lines are moving but it doesn't have anything to do with your heart."

She lied. She was just a tech, but she lied in front of the doctor, who also stood by her and lied in agreement that nothing was wrong. If nothing was wrong, something about tremors of my ventricular muscle to my heart wouldn't have popped up as a warning.

And this is after they FIRST watched my heart go all over the place while someone was in the MIDDLE of torturing me there! I looked over at the screen and I suddenly knew, "Oh my gosh. Someone has me HOOKED up to this just to WATCH what my heart does when they torture me." When I realized this, I stared and started writing down the time and then someone quit torturing me and my heart rhythm and everything went back to normal. This was just on the regular monitor. Later, they did an EKG for only 15 seconds. They said, "We're going to do an EKG for 15 seconds and see if anything turns up." What's the point of doing EKG for 15 seconds? It was so fast, and in only a very short time, they found a tremor and then denied it. I saw the writing, come onto the screen, in BLUE, across the EKG machine, "Left....tremor". About ME.

And I'm making improper 911 calls?

Either someone investigates or I'm leaving and filing for a UN complaint. These people in the U.S. have been Nazi's to me and my son.

When I realized what was going on, and then it quit, as I was staring and making notes, this nurse came in and said, "We're going to do your blood draw now, I need your right arm" and then she put the rubberband around my wrist and yanked on it, hard. I said, "OWWWF!!! Oww, oww, oww! That's my hurt WRIST!" and I asked her to put it on my other one.

Oh, and you have no idea how WHACKED out my blood pressure was too. I told them what it was and they said, "No, that can't be right."

I said, "It was. I wrote it down and something WAS wrong because when it dropped past a certain number it started flashing up red and white like an alarm."

My blood pressure was turning up as 48/97. I am not kidding. When the nurse first took my blood pressure, by watching it, without the machine, she said, "Ummm. This can't be right. Sit up." So I sat up and said, "Why, what was it?" and she said, 80/50. Then after I sat up, she recorded it at 99/59. However, then, when I was being tortured in that room, with someone using technology, I looked over at the machine.

My blood pressure was randing from 54/97 to 47/98. I'm not kidding. There was the base average that was stationary, which she wrote down and it was recorded at 99/59. The acronym next to it was NBP and then it said 99/59. However, as I was going through what I was going through, the numbers for SBP were always moving. I had the blood pressure cuff on the whole time and a thing on my finger. And the SBP kept saying 48/97 and then it was flashing an emergency whenever it went below 50. That was after someone was using technology on me while I was in the room, that affected my heart. Not only that, my heart rate stuff on the machine was going wacko and all over the place and erratic. When someone quit what they were doing, at about 6:50, the line was normal again. I wasn't moving around or doing anything different. My body was reacting to effects of torture and it clearly affected my heart.

Either someone was doing some of their own personal research on me, or someone is investigatin my claim of having people assault me.

I recorded some of the use of technology as happening at about 6:30-6:50 a.m. There was a couple next to me in a room and then no one else except for doctors and staff around. The doctors and nurses on duty then, were Judy B, Jason F, Tona S, Robbie B, and doctors Bruggman, Bean, Bowers, and Nazeer.

On my wristband it said my doctor was David Paul _______, (long name) and yet I never saw him. I said "Could I see this doctor?" and they said he must have gone onto my name tag just because he was senior doctor there when I went in.

So anyway.

I had my wrist X-rayed but I said, "Isn't anyone going to do a physical exam of my wrist?" I thought, like, touch it, check to see about swelling and document whether there was swelling or not, and feel for pressure points.

No one did, and then the craziest thing is that my doctor who saw me, Bowers, just like the Vanderbilt doctor who lied, didn't even perform a phsychical exam but lied and wrote they did. A woman came back and said, "She says she did it." I said, "Well she didn't. She ordered X-rays but she didn't even touch me so how can she note whether there is swelling or not and how bad it is?" I was told, "Maybe with her eyes." She came back and I said, "Is a physical exam done with the eyes, in the dark (or dimly lit room) or is it by touch?" She said, "By touch, and I did this with you." I said, "No, you didn't." I asked to see another doctor and they wouldn't let me. After the appointment, I walked over to a different doctor and asked her to feel both of my wrists and tell me if she felt swelling on my right wrist. She said, "Yes, there is some swelling." The doctor who was honest was Dr. Brittany Culp. I said to her, "It doesn't always seem like a big deal, but things like this CAN be a big deal, because if the X-ray doesn't show anything, I still need to show I'm not delusional or exaggerating and that it's really there." And she said she agreed. I asked if I could use her name in case anyone asked becuase I might need it later and she said yes. My wrist is verified swollen, by a Doctor, 1 week after an unnecessary forceful beating by the female officer, "Pearson". Pearson works under the new Sheriff "David", that I'd written to about filing a report for Internal Affairs.

Anyway. So yeah. I'm out of it and groggy today bc of the migraine treatment, but YES, there are several forms of torture others have used against me and a couple of them affect my heart and hooked up to a machine, it was clear and without any question. And then when I wasn't hooked up and they did an EKG about a half hour later, it was turning up things like left ventricular muscle tremor.

So yes, my reports to 911 are justified. What has happened to me and my son IS life threatening.

I just read up on left ventricular muscle tremor and it's caused by a number of things. I guess anyone can look it up. And as for the hypotension and totally abnormal blood pressure thing, this, it says, indicates shock. It can be other things, or responses to other things too, but it can be shock. It says when this happens, there is a significantly reduced blood flow to the brain so you forget things. You get dizzy, and can even have black outs.

And believe me, I have been dealing with this for a very long time. I am SO tired of being defamed.

I want my son back and I want to live without torture.

That's it.

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