Saturday, June 4, 2011

persons--assault with technology at knoxville library

I started being assaulted when I came in, within minutes. I blogged about it on my last post and noted the time. I was at computer 10 and a black man at the one next to it, computer 9 and then a black couple adjacent behind me at computer 7. An older white woman with a straw hat across from me diagonally at computer 11. These people were all at these posts, and with a middle aged white man behind a library pillar of concrete to the side, at about 12:45-12:50 p.m. I endured what they were doing for about 5 minutes and then shut down my computer 10 to move to a different one, with 55 minutes or so remaining in time (1 hour allocations). I moved from computer 10 to computer 12, and all the same people were still there and yet the torture quit. The people who got on these computers had to use ID, personal ID, to get on the computers. They were not Express computers where you can be anonymous. They are easily discoverable.

When I moved from computer 10 to computer 12, the burning quit immediately. Instantly, and didn't start up again until a new man sat down directly across from me at computer 10. The couple (black couple, a man and woman) who were adjacent at computer 7 got up and left and then a hispanic man (or other ethnicity? but I think hispanic) sat down at computer 10. He was directly across from me and then the extreme burning started up.

This is the set up of computers:
(man behind post to the left of 12)
12 11
10 9
8 7
6 5

From now on, I document everything. All details, persons, locations, plate numbers if applicable, everything, and time and date.

While I stood at the Express computer 4, it started happening and the only people there are viewable on library camera I'm sure. One young man in his 20s with a tan bb hat and blue denim t-shirt right behind me after being next to me and then a black young man in his 20s with a blue paisley bandana and plaid grey shirt also behind me, but more to my left (if I thinking is he to my left or right as my back is to him.)

I asked a librarian if they have metal detectors at the library and she said no.

I also asked if I could get signed onto a computer since I'd signed out early on the other ones and she said no. I was told each person got 2 hours per day, but no one said you lose the minutes or forfeit them if you have to close a session early.

So I guess the really creative idea was to know I would ask for her name (just so I can refer to it later) and she said it was Anna and then said I could stand up and use Express machines.

I have work to do, like writing up my timeline for the FBI, and I don't believe I should be losing time because someone is targeting and assaulting me. But I didn't argue or make any explanation for why I had to shut it down early and moved to Express computer 1, as expected, after asking for her name.

When I moved away from Express machine 4, and to the librarian's desk, the assault quit as I was out of range and so far it's not started up again, for the last 5 minutes at least.

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