Sunday, June 5, 2011

Secession from United States & The New America

I guess it's still possible, sort of.

Today the TN paper headline is about TN secession from "The Union". I wondered about this and looked up secession on wiki and found Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

It is legal to create new States, but not to "secede" from the Union. This means someone could potentially fight for, and split up a State.

This one guy said today that he had so many criminal charges he was never traveling because he was stuck in the U.S. I said, "Sort of the opposite of Exile huh."

Actually, I guess since the U.S. feels Israel can split up it's country, why can't U.S. citizens demand official secession of some states to form a new country?

(I'm not saying Palestine should have it's own state either, just saying...)

It may be possible to cut off a little slice of the U.S. and call it by some other name. The New America or something.

I got the idea just now because I looked up "Exile" on wikipedia and it distinguished between "internal exile" and "external exile." Internal exile is when a person is forced to resettle within its own country and external exile is when a person is forced to resettle outside of its own country.

I think The United States was called "The New England". Why don't we figure out a way to split up the U.S. and call the newly created state, "The New America"? Or would it be "The New United States"? I have all these ideas coming to mind now for names...NUS? (acronym for New U.S.) and then, sadly, my mind went to Knoxberry Farm. But that's just random train of thought.

Why don't we just highjack Knoxville and take it for ourselves anyway? We could take it out of the hands of the United States federal government and create a new State with at least one good resource: a nuclear plant. Hallelujah! and we could kick out those who are screwing things up and tell them to go back home to The Old United States.

Seriously. The only problem is that it would be surrounded by The Old United States. It's almost better to slice off a corner from the side so you at least have one side that isn't right next to another country...unless we might want to make it like the European Union where one country is up against another country.

In that case, with that in mind, it could be possible to take over Knoxville.

Crazy as it sounds, it's possible.

It's NOT "impossible". It's NO MORE IMPOSSIBLE than it is for any other country (like Israel) to split up to make room for other States.

Knoxville could have it's own President. It's own Constitution. It's own military.

Hey, hate to break it to ya guys, but everybody's breaking up these days. Russia, sigh, had a big break up. Then again, Germany got married again after their divorce. The point is, relationships change. Boundaries changed. You want "Change"? I'll give you some frickin' change. How about about this? The pre-nup was invalid and we are changing everything because you refused to obey and follow your obligation to protect and defend. You abused your authority and made your own citizens slaves. That means we might have a legal right to take a piece of the cake for ourselves.

I want my piece, and I want your piece too. Thanks. And anyone else who wants to give me their piece, is welcome to make an offer. I don't want it to get "too big" though. I don't want to be fat OR phat. I just want what's mine.

Give me what's mine or maybe those of us who had what was "ours" stolen from us, will figure out a way to get it back and we might take a little more than you ever expected us to take.

It's "impossible" for me to have my son back? For the FBI to investigate crimes? To defend the people of your own country? In that case, it is impossible for those of us whom you have betrayed, to conceive of anything else than creating our own sovereign State.

Here's how this might look:

Let's take Knoxville for example. We take over Knoxville. Let's just pretend. We take over Knoxville and create our own Sovereign country. We make it a place of refuge for those who have been abused by The Old U.S. and who kicked God out and put Catholics in (sorry, but that's who started this whole thing).

The U.S. was started by a religious group. The Puritans. They were called "Puritans" because they wanted to live without persecution and taxes without representation (where, by the way, has MY and my SON's representation been?). What was really nice of these Puritans, is that while others persecuted THEM, they made their own country a place that was founded on God but they also tolerated other religious groups. They didn't tell Catholics they couldn't live there--they just made sure they weren't going to be persecuted and oppressed by English nobility and government or religious groups that they'd been persecuted by. Which was actually very nice of them.

Where there is new persecution of Christians by others who have hijacked the justice system, there is a legal and moral right for these Christians to take some land. And for those who reject use of humans as guinea pigs for research to feel their arguments are sound and valid in another country.

Here's how it works: We have the nukes. You have the clean water. We have a trade. (and you thought water was free)

So this idea could be carried out in any number of ways. If you seem to be respectful of our boundaries we can live surrounded by you. Wait, no I don't think that will work. We're not going to be a donut State. We're not going to be a little donut hole while you surround us all the way around. The European Union is comprised of several different countries/States. It is not as if one country is encircling another country all the way around. What an island that would be. It would be a real donut hole. In that case, I guess we could just split up the U.S. all the way down to Florida.

We would need our own port.

You want some "reconstruction"? I'm sure we could manage that. Let me look at a map. Okay, we could take ports on The Gulf of Mexico and on The Atlantic. We want 2 pieces of oceanfront property. Thanks.

We want Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. We might take half of Alabama while we're at it. There's no reason to stay along old boundary lines when it's possible to create new ones. (Think outside of the box stupid, why didn't I do this from the very start?)

Okay, now look at the map. That's some decent territory. It's only about 1/16th of U.S. territory.

You Jersey folks can still come to the Carolinas for vacay. You just have to pay us and show us your passport (You thought toll bridges were bad--Well, now you need a passport honey). The people in Washington D.C. can keep their corrupt public officials in D.C. and continue to allow them to control and encourage other corrupt organizations in the Old U.S. We don't need D.C. We start our own capitol in our own country.
Let's see what we might have, if we take this land:

1. Tennessee--Some of the natural resources are limestone, coal, oil, and a few other things and then good soil for farming. The soil is being contaminated by the nuclear plant, but we still need the nukes. The nuclear plant is ours. You expect us to give that up when you're so big and we're small? Forget it. We keep the nuclear plant as a present to ourselves for our Nation's birthday. And we'll contract with you in trade, if you think you might need some nukes. If some of your D.C. people want to keep working over here, we'll take your talent in exchange for our goods.

2. North Carolina--Tobacco. We'll be the suppliers of the The Old U.S's craving for nicotine and tax the heck out of it. Didn't they tax us while they forced us to sleep in homeless shelters, took our kids, told us we couldn't homeschool, and retaliated when we tried to be concientious whistle-blowers? I believe they taxed us and then tried to force us off of programs we had paid for, telling us we were costing them money. Every box they buy from us will be a nice reminder of the price they paid for pleasure and profit from our suffering. Do you need something to soothe your aching heart? We'll give you a treat in exchange for paying back the billions you stole from us. It sounds like a fair trade to me. Your vacation houses can be kept in your name but you have to pay taxes to our nation. So it's sort of like your owned vacation home just turned into a condo overnight. Sorry Charlie.

3. South Carolina--Water. And trees. Thank goodness, we have a lot of trees over here in our country. South Carolina can help supply some decent water to our people in Tennessee.

4. Florida--Entertainment and wildlife resources and beaches. What do we do with the bad ones? We kick them out when we take over or force them to abide by our Constitution. If they don't like they can go back to the Old U.S. We have our own laws, regulations, President, government branches, justice system, immigration laws, laws on drug trafficking, children's rights, and don't think we're going to cut you any slack just because you're retired. Those of you who were rude to my Aunt Mary this last Christmas, when she was trying to do good volunteer work and singing in the choir as she has every year...well, you can pack up your bags and live in the Old U.S. because we do not tolerate harassment and persecution here. And in our country, your family and friends are not in charge. Go back to the Old U.S. And guess what? We don't have a cut off limit for the military draft in our country. If you're disabled, we don't care. You are still valuable to our country and you can all pitch in. That means the people in wheelchairs are working our air patrol instead of sitting around on SSI. We don't care to profit off of the misfortunes of others here. The truly disabled, can apply for benefits, but if you're fit to work, you will work and have a decent pay too. We take no pride in having homeless and single mothers writing checks out to others who exploit them just to have a salary. If you want to be unemployed and taken advantage of, you can move to the Old U.S. Over there, they will put you on benefits with no questions asked, as soon as you sign your life over to be abused when you take the pen across the line. So you elderly, you can retire to an extent, but in our new country, you're going to have other work as well as we are organizing ourselves. We need your help and value your talent so instead of working on your golf and crocheting, we need you to be our local police. Who says someone over 50 can't run 2 miles in 9 minutes? Who says they can't provide some of the best intel? We don't discriminate against the elderly in the New U.S. and we give you better respect than you ever thought you had in the Old U.S. Who says you can't teach "old dogs new tricks?" Ma'am, you're working our prostitution and human trafficking unit. You are going to be an undercover Madam Granny. We require our elderly to put in 2 years of service while we establish our country and then they can go back to whatever they want. We don't want just the 18-30 year olds. You're a part of our new country. Sir, you are going to teach our kindergarteners how to responsibly use a firearm. We don't disrespect the intelligence of our children in the new U.S. either. Children in times past knew how to hunt and fish to sustain themselves and if my grandpa was learning how to shoot rabbit. We do not put our children in the military. But we teach them firearm safety by putting the firearms in their hands. If they can be taught to cut with a sharp knife (under adult supervision), they can be taught firearm safety. They can also be 2 languages and given opportunities kids don't get.

What we do, in our New U.S., is treat people with respect. Which also means we leave the human research and gross experimentation to the Old U.S. and other countries. The Old U.S. said they were "one nation under God" but now it's "One nation under God" and "another nation under hypocrisy and corruption."

5. Alabama: I always knew the saying of Solomon would come back to those in Washington one day. Bami, Bam-Bam, we need to split you up. And those of you who are with us, move to the East and those of you who want to be with the Old U.S., move to the West. We were looking at the map, and we really cannot have one appendage of Florida sticking out in the waters and then another appendage sticking out into the Old U.S. We need more insulation for Tennessee so we're taking the eastern half of Alabama for a better slice. We've got cars coming out of Alabama and plenty of military forts and offices. Sorry but the Old U.S. is taking their Old military back to Panetta and those who have military experience and want to be part of the New military, are staying here to protect and defend our rights. We all thought we needed P.I.s didn't we? because no one was helping us. We weren't thinking outside of the box though. We needed a new country. Now, we have our military, intelligence, and defense and our enemies are finally being apprehended and charged. Some of them are fleeing the New U.S. because they don't have the cover of their corrupt cronies anymore. Not here. We've already filled our jails and these are the ones who traded their suits for bad cotton-polyester blend smocks. We reserve the right to prosecute and charge for old offenses as long as you are in our territory. We are paying for some of the intel, but cleaning up a mess as we invest in those who are willing to hand over those who engaged in criminal practices against humanity. Being an Old U.S. government employee doesn't do you one bit of good in the New U.S. We are also taking back our children.

The Old U.S. lost God's blessing and the New U.S. will be blessed. Where do you want to live? We believe everyone needs a safe place to live, that respects their values and rights. So if you believe in being governed by criminals and hypocrisy, the Old U.S. may be a perfect fit for you.

We believe our people are the very best natural resource and we become rich by outsourcing our talent and integrity to other countries. We support some of our needs through nuclear and other industries but we cultivate our people. We believe in the absolute rights and dignity of human beings, from the time of conception to death and do not engage in non-consensual human experimention of any kind, whether it's embryo research, or research on living persons and we do not torture others that are not citizens either. However, because our people are so strong and courageous and full of integrity and have so much respect for our country, we have the highest rate of adults who are of-age that willingly volunteer for some research, because they love their country. We respect their right to disengage at any time or point where they are unwiling to unable to continue. We respect our people as if they are Christ Himself and other countries respect us for the good we do. While we may have the highest rate of volunteers, we do not publish statistics for bragging rights or to cause others to feel pressured. It is voluntary and we do not allow for anyone to be exploited or put in a position that is not completely voluntary every step of the way. We have zero tolerance for use of children as guinea pigs.

We do not:
1. Provide public funding for private abortion, unless the mother is about to die and she has to go to the hospital.
2. Provide public funding for private Catholic charities and schools.
3. Engage in non-consensual human research and experimentation of any kind.
4. Give "get out of jail free" passes to clergy or anyone who abuses children.
5. Allow unchecked immigration and have no leniency for illegal immigrants.
6. Turn away those who are persecuted and need political asylum.
7. Call political dissidents mentally ill or inject them with drugs or allow for harassment or false arrest.
8. Elect officials that do not represent our population as a whole
9. Have Child Protective Services or social services that undermine the dignity of our community and make excuses for paychecks of adults who have historically abused their positions.
10. Refuse the poor the right to proper and good legal defense and civil rights defense.
11. Distinguish between crime and civil rights when it comes to intentional and willful attempt to slander and defame a person as we recognize the destruction of a good name or reputation is as harmful as material vandalism of property.
12. Force other countries to abide by our rules just as we do not allow other countries to infringe on our right to sovereignty. If we want prayer in our schools, a general thanks to God, and you don't like it, you can move to the Old U.S.
13. Force anyone to go to church or have identical beliefs but we also do not believe we need to be a melting pot for both morality and corruption. We don't melt morality in the New U.S. and "tolerate" corruption.
14. Discriminate against the poor. It is against the law in the New U.S. and it's rarely a problem as we have a productive workforce and one of the best economies and do not engage in holding debt.
15. Encourage adoption of children from our own citizens, by our own citizens, unless absolutely necessary. We do not sell our children to other countries either. We allow adoption of children from other countries as a way of bringing children out of slavery. So yes, we allow for adoption of children from the Old U.S. However, we provide incentives for our citizens to have children of their own, including pregnancy leave and support for the first 3 years of a child's life. We do not believe daycare is best for children and we build our country by putting children and their needs first and helping and encouraging parents to give the best to their kids, rather than throwing them out to "daycare community" or "village". As a result, we have the best developed children, physically, morally, and psychologically.
16. Use drugs to fund our country's military, government, or intelligence. We sell cigarettes and alcohol to the Old U.S., and do not prohibit smoking or drinking of our own citizens. We provide some herbal and other medications and drugs, over the counter and have a "zero" tolerance for drug consumption or dealing or trafficking aside from some controlled use. If a citizen needs cocaine for a legitimate medical use, they can obtain it by prescription. It is highly controlled but we do not make the false claim that there is "no medical benefit" to some of the drugs and medications that are outlawed in the Old U.S. so the government is able to profit off of an illicit industry while picking and choosing who they frame and throw in jail. I.e., we don't demonize substances so they are allowed to flourish on the black market and make even non-traditional drugs available for special medical reasons. We highly tax our own citizens for use of tobacco.
17. Form alliances with mafia to act as our intelligence hit men.
18. Discriminate against home schooling and encourage this if the children are doing well on annual tests. We encourage charter schools and inventive and creative education. We do not provide tax breaks or public monies for private schools. The rich are able to provide for the rich already. It is a sliding scale on taxes. We encourage prosperity but we also tax equally and don't provide "tax cuts" for the rich just because they're rich. That means their income is taxed by sliding scale. Providing jobs to others gets breaks, no matter whether it's small or large business.
19. Allow dumping of toxic materials onto our own country's soil and we invest in resources for getting rid or breaking down toxic materials. What we can't break down, we pay to have broken down in another country.
20. Believe in getting into debt. We invest wisely and manage our funds on real terms. The faith of our citizens is grown and the rich are not jumping ahead of the poor by false and fraudulent accounting. We do not reward cheaters.
21. Tolerate incompetent and corrupt public officials and we have laws against Summary Judgement and elimination of juries. We the People have the voice, not a government plutocracy and a few rich lawyers and judges. We have community court and our public officials give an account to the rest of the Nation. Our "Department of Internal Affairs" is made up of regular citizens who have no affiliation to the companies and departments that are being investigated. We have the most "kosher" justice system in the world and we are not even Jewish. We don't mix pearls with swine. We are clean and when we are not clean, we clean up the corruption and make amends when we fail as no one is perfect. Other countries respect us even if they do not share our beliefs, values, or spiritual ideas.
22. Force lawyers and law schools to profit and belong to Bar Associations. We discourage monopolistic practices by writing laws against it from the start. We encourage lawyers who pass bar exams through reading the law as we believe the study of law and justice is not something to be exploited by big business. This eliminates high college debt that pressures students to work for big business and doesn't allow them to be free to work for the common man and good of all. We need all kinds of lawyers, and need our lawyers to be free of chains of debt. Therefore, our lawyers come from all sectors--universities, and home study and hands-on practice. The Bar Associations have no authority in our New U.S. except to hold a few classes & distribute the test for the Bar Exam and hand out #2 pencils. If you want to be a slave to a monopoly and protected by a monopoly that's corrupt, move to the Old U.S.
23. Have Affirmative Action or Equal Opportunity that infringes on the rights of the brilliant. If someone is brilliant and intelligent, and skilled, they are not going to be passed over just because they are male or white. We encourage a competitive marketplace and have eliminated discrimination of minorities and women and others from the time they were kids. We don't need "Affirmative Action" for adults. We are adults and we respect the right of the "most qualified" not "equal parts jock straps-bra straps". We already respect diversity and value competence and have allowed for growth from the seed, and root, not the branches. We encourage and applaud genius and do not try to stifle the talents and gifts of others. We believe Affirmative Action as known in the Old U.S. is pure communism.
24. support communism OR plutocracy. Our enemies are the Old U.S. which we have defined in our intelligence manuals as a "plutocracy" and countries that do not allow for the free will of others "communist". Both, actually, denigrate and infringe on "free will." Our focus is on human rights and dignity.
25. Punish the proud. We do not punish the proud. Our citizens have excellent self-esteem and we feel we can have pride for ourselves and for our country.
I could go on. There are points about healthcare and international relations and other things, but that's for starters.

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