Monday, June 13, 2011

Medical X-ray Shows Fracture From Police

I feel totally depressed. I guess, metaphysically depressed because since someone jacked me up on both lithium and Haldol without my consent (again), it's hard to feel anything. I got a particular rash that occured when I was given Haldol in the past, and it's not the rash I was given treatment for. It's sudden, dry and non-peeling patches of skin. I got one on my face and one on my thigh. This happened to me after they shot me up with Haldol in the psych ward. I got this hideous almost instantaneous patch of skin on my lower spine. Not only that, I think thre was lithium because of how my legs swelled up.

Even if I am being illegally and immorally blocked from accessing my own feelings, I know intellectually that this is the end.

Unless many of my harassers are brought to justice, I want out, and I don't know how long I have to say "I want out" until someone believes me.

I got my medical records and they show a fracture from Officer Pearson. That's not all.

The worst part is that I've even had some trying to cover this up here in Texas. Fortunately, thank you, a few have also come alongside and double-checked what was being written in medical reports, to see if it was true or not.

Dr. Jacqueline Marie Bowers is a liar. She's an unethical doctor and I'm sorry that she wanted to take me in ER. Not only did she lie, in her report, claiming that she physically examined my wrist and there was "no tenderness or swelling", she lied on 2 counts: 1, to claim she examined me, and 2. to claim there was no tenderness or swelling.

What's really wonderful is I had an instant feeling she knows either my ex-boyfriend who is in Texas, or someone who knows him, or from his firm.

Before I ever read her report, I called my mom and said, "I think she knows Robin somehow, or someone who knows him and she's already trying to screw up how I am perceived." My feeling was that she knew someone from his offices.

Then I visited this morning and there was Jackie O. on the side wall. Wrong jackie. But the Dr. Jackie Bowers deliberately interferred with my medical care to start smearing me.

She also claimed there was no fracture and said to me (I wrote it down on paper so I wouldn't forget), "Your x-rays are stone cold normal."

I picked up the radiology reports and films today. I put them up under the lights in the reading room to have a view, and another doctor came along. I said, "What is ______?" (something that was noted in the radiology report). He took my wrist and pushed in a spot and I jerked away saying, "OW!" and he said, "That is your hand bone" and then he pointed out a fracture in my HAND. It's right there on film, and it's noted in the radiology reports, and he picked up my hand and pressed, and it hurt. Dr. Bowers never touched me before the X-rays, or after the X-rays.

So I said, "I have a fracture in my hand bone?" and he pointed out the line.

Guess what? Ms. Pearson and Knoxville police might want to think carefully about how they proceed to screw me over. I thought about it and realized, "She used martial arts on me to fracture my wrist." It was a pressure point, and she broke my hand.

AND, the area where I had the most pain, I don't think was captured on X-ray yet. They took X-rays of my hand and wrist but not forearm and I was told the forearm one might pick up something with my lower forearm.

Additionally, I have had no X-ray of my left hand, only my right hand and I have tender points on my left hand too. So it is very possible I have at least 3 fractures from unnecessary force and police brutality.

I checked the same spot on my left hand, that's broken on my right hand, and it's fine. I don't feel any tenderness at all. It's only my right hand. But there are a couple of other spots that still are not okay.

I knew I was right when I said to her through the glass in the solitary room, "Do you have a lawyer in the family?" She stared and said, "Yes." I said, "You're going to need to call your lawyer." As long as she held me there, she mocked me.
SO, good news, is that I have evidence of assault which resulted in broken bones. I'm not crazy.

I also have serious questions for Dr. Bowers, why she would try to conceal this, which makes me wonder who she knows or what her political or religious angle is. Finally, the front desk receptionist who checked me in and took my information defamed me in her write up to ma,e me sound like a lunatic. It's totally biased.

These people are getting away with Crime and further persecution and harassment of me, because of those who defamed me to begin with. They have robbed me of my credibility.

The doctor who pushed on my pressure point and pointed out the fracture line, was a doctor, not a radiologist.

I can call on him and also on the other doctor, about swelling.

And I'm not done either.

Something that was crossed out on my medical reports was my EKG. There was a line written about an initial electrocardiogram and then it's crossed out. No mention is made anywhere, of this exam. So what happened?

They PRINTED out a sheet that had the results on it, so where is MY copy?

Oh, AND she writes in some kind of notes: "I offered to do a CT scan and a Lumber Puncture test but she refused and was capable of refusing." I don't even know what a lumbar puncture test is and she didn't offer to do either of these and actually WHY is there an indication she needed to? I wasn't even made aware that there is possibly something wrong which might warrant a CT scan or a lumbar puncture test.
Also, my lab results for CBC and differential are all over the place. Lows and high's everywhere. But supposedly nothing "abnormal". Umm, I beg to differ. Not only that, the fact they did such an extensive CBC with differential sounds to me like they wanted to see how my blood was reacting to the crap they knew I'd been jacked up with. That's what you're supposed to do--check all the blood serum levels and other things that can be affected.

I have just HAD it.

I keep thinking I need to wait around and gather all my FOIA and proof of need for political asylum and I have everything I need already. More would be icing on the cake. I have enough, as it is, to make a very solid claim.

And I have people pushing me down and tampering with my ability to fight for myself and have normal energy and drive and focus and personality and creativity.

Here's what MY "LAB" considers to be "normal" or not in the "abnormal" range:

1. Alkaline Phophatase: Normal range is stated as 50-136. MY score is 29. Designated "L" for low and not "AL" for abnormal low?

2. AST: Normal range is 15-37. MY score is 4.

I am diagnosed with anemia, probably due to fractures healing. Fractures can cause and create anemia. I sure didn't have anemia a month ago.

Here are the other things:

3. Low RBC of 3.68,
4. Low Hemoglobin of 11.5,
5. Lorw Hemocrit of 32.8,
6. Low Seg of 42
7. High Chloride of 110
8. Low Calcium of 8.4,

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