Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Monkey Arrest & The Department Of Justice

I read the news about a cartel leader going down and don't even know what to think anymore. Was it this cartel that has tortured me and my son?

Every time a cartel leader is arrested, I wonder who is dirty in the DEA and drug/gang teams that might want another cartel to prosper above another.

It's not like the police don't pick and choose who they go after.

If anything, it sometimes makes things much more dangerous for others. Some of these mafias are only in place to begin with, because the police have their own gang or mafia and use their authority to do what they want and oppress others or arrest just the people their friends want them to arrest.

There have been mexican people involved with my situation, but also, some of the people following me over to Canada, they were not Mexican. A lot of them were caucasian.

Not only that, I notice the Mexican and American governments seem to go after the cartel leaders who are not strongly catholic. And I've also noticed that any gang that seems to be trying to defend someone in the U.S. or making a point to send a message to protect the children of some, why is it that the U.S. then sics their people out on them?

They can't help me or my son, but they can go after anyone they think might, in any way possible, be trying to protect my child by sending a message? Even if it's not remotely true, I have noticed the way the media writes things, and anything that remotely hints at an idea that some group is trying to protect my son or me or anything, someone in the U.S. goes after.

I write about Taliban? Let's find Osama and kill him. I write about support from Eastern India? let's go to E. India and make a deal to put them in the CIA's pocket. Is there a Mexican mafia that shows any kind of effort to protect my family? There are people who HATE me SO MUCH they literally target whole mafias to get rid of them, in order to keep anyone from helping us.

This is seriously how corrupt it has been.

I mean, some group in the U.S., that has friends in the U.S. government, has been interested enough in directly trying to find and target anyone that might be attempting to assist, or who they THINK might be assisting, even if it's not true.

THEY are the mafia. Why isn't anyone looking at my claims and reports and checking out the people who are living in the U.S. and working in the intelligence? I mean, some of these people are responsible for allowing torture of my son and I.

I didn't see any Mexicans around when I was being tortured and burned at the Russian Baptist church that one service. I'm not saying that some Mexicans are not seriously violent and criminal, but it's not just Mexicans and their turf wars. It's white people. By that, I mean, caucasian, whether Russian, Irish or U.S. ethnicity. And blacks too.

I have really noticed, in following some of the news, that there is very clear and strong evidence that some group is navigating through groups to target, based on their personal and private hatred of me and whatever threat they feel I have posed, by making claims about their lying, false arrests, kidnapping, or torture of me and my son.

I know nothing about this guy they just arrested. I have never heard of him before. However, if he's part of the group that made a recent announcement about how they don't torture others or target kids and children, this might lead someone in the U.S. that DOES torture little kids, to think this mafia is one that might help tortured children.

So someone dirty and more criminal and corrupt than any of these cartel members, someone in the U.S., who is the kind of group that is willing to torture kids and moms, they are using their internal power in the government to go after cartel leaders that are killing men but declaring and announcing, "We do not believe in torture of kids or the innocent or women."

How strange.

So those who laugh at rape claims, and carry U.S. government authority, and who not only allow but enable torture of women and children in the U.S., THEY target guys that...what?

Don't know how to do it "slick" like they do?

What? They don't have the money to use the same technology and kill and harm "The old-fashioned way", in a way that is obvious? They don't do "clean" or "white" torture, like the U.S. does?

They don't have the money and technology to fight like the rich dudes in the U.S. who have buddies in the FBI and CIA and local police teams, so they do it more dramatically, by cutting off heads. Like the Taliban.

These groups are not using sophisticated technology, in general, to harm people. They are using brutal killing methods and tactics to make a point, because they don't DO what the rich white enable the gangster streets in the U.S. to do.

Here's what I noticed...For all I know, this Michoachan group was bad for my son and my family and others. I have no clue. But this is what I noticed...

I wrote something on my blog about how Al-Quaeda at least didn't torture women and children with technology, and I didn't hear of any examples of this. So I blog about this, how they don't torture, and all of a sudden, here comes a Mexican cartel sending a message publicly that this is also how they operate. They state anyone who "Kidnaps" and "Steals" and continues to do bad things (like what's been done to my son) will be held accountable and they also state they do not believe in torture of women and children.

Next thing we know, someone has zeroed in specifically on this cartel, and wants to take them out.

They are not the ones using technology to torture. I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong. I also noticed something very similiar with the cartel leader who was Mexican and arrested while wearing a green t-shirt that said "London" on it and had the number 2 on it (I think). I can't remember his name, but I do remember that when he was arrested with help from the U.S., it was like right after I had written something that later, in hindsight, could have made it sound as though he was allied to help protect my family.

I mean, all these people are NOT protecting my family and they have no involvement at all, but the point is, if someone who has charge of operations, ever seems to think someone IS helping my family at all, they beeline for them. I mean, going out of their way to beeline.

And yeah, I don't think think this cartel was especially catholic-practicing, so, hand it to the Catholic-dominated U.S. intelligence and law enforcement to target any cartel that isn't Roman Catholic. Not to say that there aren't catholics involved, but just the fact that the religious beliefs were not especially Roman Catholic, is exactly why the U.S. Catholics in charge of DEA and drug and criminal stuff went after THIS cartel.

And the minute they take out one cartel, they leave the rest of the people in a state of imbalance, which is not to say they shouldn't ALL be gone, because no wants to deal with cartels anyway. However, picking and choosing, follow the line.

Follow the pattern and the line. Which cartels have been targeted?

And then track that to the U.S.

Someone in the U.S., in intelligence, is picking and choosing for their own interests and to back the operations of other cartels. So it's not like the U.S. and the Mexican police aren't, some of them, dirty.

People don't resort to chopping off heads, either, unless they don't have technology to compete with. Those with money and resources, who have the most members, power, and money, are using technology for white and clean torture. That's how they keep people in line or punish or torture. They don't have to chop heads. Why? that would be messy and lead to their arrest. It's not slick enough and the chances of getting caught are much greater.

I would want to know, as Head of Intelligence,

What is being done with detection of use of technology and the infiltration of the mobs.

They're running after bottom line stuff, people who are poorer and desperate enough to chop off heads, when the real criminals are using sophisticated technology.

Sure, it's harder to catch, but what happened to the whole purpose of having "spies".

Is the entire spy-force dirty too?

There is no reason why what's been done to me couldn't be infiltrated and caught, unless a larger and richer group is getting protection from someone who works as the head of a major intelligence organization in the U.S. There have to be middle men but there is someone enabling them as well, and giving them a kind of confidence of elusion, and this is someone in a senior position. That's my take, at least.

My opinion is that it's big enough, and dirty enough, that good intelligence, if getting a whiff, could seriously have been killed off over it. If anyone is getting close, it's going to be (or would be) extremely dangerous. This may be a superior and someone who has a lot of backing, and has worked at this and getting people in to protect himself, and some are probably women. This is the kind of thing, where someone might be told to go into line of fire or put in a dangerous situation without back up, or accidents are hoped to happen--I feel that it's bad enough, that it's probably been done already. It might also feel like, for the person who is making discoveries, that each time they turn around, another stake is popping up around. Like in the movies, when you thought someone was the good guy all along and then you realize this person has, unbelievably, been part of torture of a woman and child and has gained access to the top positions and appointed others who are dirty to encamp around it, to keep anyone who has integrity to having a better look themselves.

Probably, safety has been destabilization more and the same group that has the power and money, that uses the sophisticated technology, is the one that will continue to be protected.

The group that is criminal is the same one everyone says is "impossible" for me to fight. The same group that makes my life "impossible" is the one that has access to technology and they are professionals, low-level gangsters, and medical workers and those who have more money than they even do, are over them and dictate.

"It's impossible"

"It will be impossible"

"No one will believe you"

"I don't think you're going to get anywhere"

And then, to try to protect me, the best they can do, in desperation, is hope some gang and corporate mob with women involved, thinks about leaving me alone if I'm duly mentally ill enough.

No one expects me or my son to be protected, when they already know the intelligence is predominantly corrupt and blocking investigation, so plan B is to claim I'm mentally ill and hope they leave us alone. Like playing dead.

Those who are involved in the most dangerous mafias are also FT employees for The Department of Justice.

One of them will also be one of the primary directors and supporters of the funding or efforts to psychoanalyze me and pay psychics and remote viewers to use me as a target. The Patriot Act works as a tool for discovery for the criminal as much as those who have a legitimate need to try to protect the interests of the country at large. Some of the U.S. officials are using The Patriot Act for protecting their immediate interests, friends and family. They have abused it for this reason alone and in order to discover who is talking and if anyone is catching onto who is responsible for crimes of torture. One cannot promote crimes and torture, without having psychics try to tap into that person and then something like The Patriot Act, for checking lines, wires, phones, email, computer and library check out. The "bad guy" in the office needs to know what is going on, to keep from being discovered himself/herself. As long as he/she has an excuse for always checking and has some legal provision to just check things without telling anyone, someone who has tortured or been responsible for facilitating the crimes, is going to want to check ever gap. He/she will have colleagues that are like-minded and support their own goals, and they will listen in for any dropped hints, from any direction, that might lead to their own incrimination. When you're working at or for the DOJ, it's no small matter. You are going to cover all your bases. Especially when you're white-collar and have a family and don't want to end up in jail or see a LOT of others that are friends, in jail as well.

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