Thursday, August 11, 2011

and i am keeping track of anyone who crosses the line over here as well. how about the devil's kitchen?


Anonymous said...

What about the devils kitchen? I have family in coquille... Should I not take my kids there when we visit? I am very sorry that people are hurting you and keeping your precious little boy away from you :-( I am a Christian and I believe God can heal all wounds. I am praying that soon you will be back with your son and the horrible things will stop... I pray that very soon the past few years will seem like an awful nightmare and you and your little one can live the rest of your lives in peace.

Mama said...

I guess, just what I've said already.

Thanks for the good can wish, pray and hope all they like and when people are being literally tortured by military and FBI protects them, it's impossible to do anything.

I finally figured out what the angle was: hate crime disguised as research for the cover as an afterthought.

I think things will be fine after I file my FOIA lawsuit.