Thursday, January 5, 2012

Corruption of Blood and Attainder: Washington State

I am reviewing the WA state constitution and they've violated a number of provisions but one that stands out is re. corruption of blood. I didn't know what that was so I looked it up and it's about not punishing the children of those a group hates where the parents were found guilty of a serious crime (typically treason or something else).

Is filing a lawsuit against the Catholic church "treason" now?

Does it come to this, that the U.S. is controlled by the Catholic church and members of it, and anyone daring file a suit against any division, is thereby guilty of "treason" against the country, now that the country is assumed (by them) to be ruled by their church?

I thought, you know, I think if anyone abused my son it's retaliation for my bringing up discussion of sexual abuse against kids in the Catholic church. My own case wasn't about that, but I angered a lot of people by drawing others out to state their own claims of abuse and then I angered law firms and military that represented those who abused children sexually.

Aside from that, if my parents worked at some point for the CIA, and someone decided they wanted to dump or that they didn't do as told, is this the protocol? to secretly punish an entire family on suspicion alone, without charges or a trial? does it perhaps work in the best interests of some who are corrupt in the U.S., to keep it their secret.

Rather than prosecute and bring top secret things out into the open, or give anyone an opportunity to answer, torture an entire family and kidnap their children and grandchildren, and then deny them due process for proving their innocence. What is this?

House arrest?

House arrest and torture? and, I might add, corruption of blood.

Torture of a child just 5 years old and when he was younger, to satisfy a need for revenge and to attempt to elicit a response.

What has been the great crime? for an entire family to deserve this--torture?

I was forced to forfeit my right to my son on account of "treason against the Holy See"? Is that what this country is now about?

Or am I punished, for something my parents or some other distant relative did, or something a group imagines was done (whether it's true or not), and pressure is put on us just to torment us?

It's against the U.S. constitution, and the Washington state constitution, to punish and torture the children of relatives charged or suspected of a crime.

Which means the provisional rule or statement that George Bush made, about allowing torture of children, even U.S. citizens, to put pressure on U.S. parents in interogations is illegal. It is a violation of the constitution, on the face. On the face means you don't need further explanation--it's flat out against the law and no hidden excuse exists.

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Anonymous said...

What do you think corruption has to do with anything? Corruption of Blood is an ancient English punishment that was usually part of a bill of attainder, which normally sentenced the accused to death. The corruption of blood would forbid the accused's family from inheriting his property. As far as I can tell you are not sentenced to death by a court. And no one is preventing your family from inheriting you property if you were. Hmm. I think you are again reaching for tenuous legal concepts. Stick to reality.