Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sexual Abuse Of My Son Confirmed

I had several people tell me something was going on, with regard to State workers. Then CPS had my son demonstrating in front of me, his marks of abuse and hypnosis and some indication of sexual abuse.

Judge Hotchkiss did nothing. He knew.

He knew and suspected himself, that my son was sexually abused. Do you know what he did in response? instead of allowing me further leeway with being able to document the content of our visits, to counter lies written the entire time by hired liars, he agree with military fanatic and corrupt police devotee Anne McIntosh, to block me from documenting abuse of my son. That was the AG.

Then, I asked my mother tonight again, about this, because I have sensed still, there are things going on that my family is prevented from talking about. Controlled, as we are, and tortured.

I said I had heard Oliver was not only physically assaulted but sexually (which might explain his acting out on the bus if he wasn't just defending himself against bullies).

I asked my Mom and she said who said this and how would they know? Were they there every day, or every other day?

I said I didn't know how they got the idea. And she said, "Nothing is happening to him, just like nothing is happening to us."

Which is code for: he is being sexually abused and it's mafia or old military men. I know there is something wrong with the leadership in the church they go to as well.

When my mother already knows that I know we are all being tortured and they have to lie about it, when she KNOWS this, that I know it, to combine Oliver into this and say nothing is happening to him is like affirming positive with a negative.

If she'd just said no, maybe I wouldn't know one way or the other, but to combine things, saying, "Nothing is happening to him; just like nothing is happening to us" means something is going on.

We seriously need international support on this because it's way out of control.

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