Monday, January 2, 2012

Illegally Held Hostage By U.S. (my entire family)

My family is 100% illegally being held hostage by the U.S.

My parents are being forced to WORK for the U.S. while they are tortured at the same time. And if they worked for the CIA before, the CIA isn't giving them any kind of cover now.

And by the way, since someone decided to keep my house from having a cover, it's getting ruined by the rain.

It's like the CIA used my parents for years, and used their kids, and then dumped us at the mercy of the Army and gangsters and mafia. The FBI just allows it and expects them to do favors for THEM.

I have evidence that shows me that even if my brother says he is not being tortured, he is. He got a huge massive swelling on his head after being targeted, just like I did.

The U.S. is obviously illegally exceeding all power and control and has seriously crossed the line. And they're using supposed "non-Catholics" right now, to try to make an excuse that it's not religious hate crime.

That's what this has been all along. Hate crime. But since I mentioned it, they brought in "protestants" who are NOT really protestant, to be part of this.

My SON was kidnapped when there was no investigation pending at all, when we were out of the country and it was NONE of the U.S.'s business to conduct a witch hunt after us.

They then tried to set me up with various persons who held me hostage and were working for THEM.

The Jewish are in on it.

When I first started having "migraines" triggered, they were in on it. It was Carl and Mary DelBalzo's house and the woman next door was Jewish with a daughter in Israel.

Then I was targeted at WORK at CTR Business Systems while working for a Jewish CEO. The only person who was sort of suspect at the time, to me, was maybe Billy, who started working there, who was Catholic, and military and my migraines got very bad at that time.

Catholics hated me from the time I said I didn't want to be Robin Bechtold's girlfriend if he wasn't christian. His mother never forgave me. She snubbed me, I had people trying to run me off the road leaving his house, and when I tried to apply for a singing scholarship at her alma mater, University of Portland (which I hadn't known was Catholic) the people there were incredibly rude and mean to me and my mother. Erik Lund was Robin's best friend and he hated my guts. He went to a private Catholic school and was mad that Robin was "actually reading the Bible" because of me.

Robin was obsessed with me at the time. He was so obsessed, that he chased me down with his own car.

Oh my gosh. He chased me down with his own car and nearly ran me off the road, before someone ever ran me off the road in the middle of the night.

It was Robin. I mean, it was someone connected to the Bechtolds trying to get revenge for Robin.

Robin started crying one day when I said I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I had caught him lying and he said give him another chance and I said no. So I got in my car and left and was driving home. He got into HIS car and drove up behind me and tried to flash me over. I wouldn't pull over and kept driving. He was right on my tail, and kept driving really close and flashing lights and yelling. I drove faster to get away so THEN he pulled his car out from behind mine and drove in the wrong lane next to my car and shouted out his window at me. I know I told my best friend Monica about this.

I could not believe what he was doing. I tried to look straight ahead and keep driving but he kept trying to cut in closer next to my car. Every time he inched up near my window, while driving in the wrong lane, I tried to drive faster to leave him behind. And the entire time he was screaming at me. I mean SCREAMING and furious but sort of looked like he was going to cry too.

It was after Robin Bechtold did this, and acted like a stalking wild road rage mad-man, that later we were at least talking and I left his house one night and someone ran me off the road.

It was revenge.

Robin's mother never forgave me because then he went home and cried and angrily called me. He accused me of being the reason he started drinking just to sleep at night and said I messed him up. He even tried to later blame his sexual hang-ups (whatever they were) on me when we never had sex and only made out a few times.

His mother HATED me. She went out of her way to snub me, and other Catholics she knew hated me too because THE ONLY REASON I refused to date him or be his "girlfriend" was because he wasn't a Protestant christian and was Roman Catholic and I didn't think it was the same thing.

I believed, "Do not be unequally yoked."

Why would I become more intimate with someone I wasn't going to marry? So it was bad enough that a few other Catholics hated me too and the seizures were triggered by Janet Bechtold's friends and observed by them as they smirked over it and sent me home for the day.

His brother, Nathan Bechtold, was going back and forth to and from Ireland. He was extremely proud of being Irish Catholic and made many trips to Ireland. I was friendly with him and he decided to become a guard and then a police officer.

(and yeah, by the way, I'm being tortured while I write this, which is no surprise)

I caught Robin Bectold one time trying to sell my brother drugs. I think that may have been part of the reason I felt I shouldn't talk to him anymore. I felt Robin had introduced my brother to drugs and was therefore in an industry that doesn't have respect for children and teens.

He was at the end of our driveway with my brother (Levi) and sold him drugs. The next thing I knew, then my brother was leaving our house to live in Newberg, Oregon with a bunch of potheads when he was still in high school.

I was the one who drove over there and pulled him out of the mess. And then I was upset at Robin because I felt he had introduced my brother to drugs and that people who sold drugs didn't care about kids.

Then his brother became a cop.

Robin still had a chip on his shoulder because after he'd been in a private school (Claremont--sort of Ivy), he came back one summer to say triumphantly, "I used to think you were better than me but now I don't. I think I'm superior to you now." I remember feeling completely shocked he would say such a thing and come up with out of blue. Never in my life had I ever said or suggested such a thing to anyone else. I also never expressed feeling "better" than anyone. But he came right out and said how he felt, revealing some kind of weird jealousy and hostility.

So, by the way, it's really interesting to see the Irish Catholic players in the last few years of my life. In Wenatchee, the cop here in Coquille, whatever. (torture again, just now, and it's military because maybe Dempsey, the Irish Catholic guy from Jersey doesn't like what I have to say). I just left to tell my parents and show my Mom where they are targeting the metal in my neck. I pointed out the specific area and then my one mercury filling above it on that side. I said, "they're not targeting the metal in my arm Mom, because maybe it's a different kind of metal, they are targeting my neck." I explained it's coming in waves. That's how they are doing it. It's not a quick jab, it's a wave that starts pain and gets worse and worse and then fades slowly. Or, they use the same amount of technology the entire night. My Dad said "Get out of here."

I am inclined to agree that "Get out of here" is good advice.

So there were Catholics who hated my guts all the way back in 1992. They despised me for hurting Robin's feelings. Anyway, all that time I had no idea he was fueling this hatred against me and then one summer he said that to me, that now he thought he was better than me.

He date-raped me at one point and tried to cover it up. My friend Erica Ballinger was the one witness to my state when it occured and she was in fact the person who was shocked and said "I am very disappointed in Robin" and she called it, to me, "date-rape". This was after I was raped of my virginity in 1998. He did this whole cover up email thing trying to get a good security for himself and then sort of mocked me so I said I didn't want to talk to him again.

Then in 2003 he tried to buy prescription drugs off of me. I reported this to Portland police and it probably went straight to his cop brother Nathan. Finally, he was the one in 2004 who didn't want me to report the FBI agents to the FBI for misconduct.

After Robin's pals tried to run me off the road in revenge for trying to get away from Robin when he was chasing me down by car, recklessly and dangerously, I had the seizures triggered by adult female employees. My mother and I were treated with hostility when I sang for a scholarship to try to go to U of Portland and then I decided to leave for the East Coast.

I didn't have migraines triggered until torwards the end of my employment with Roman Catholic Carl and Mary DelBalzo. They asked if I would cook for them and I was okay with it if I had more pay or a raise. So when I hesitated, they started having me come over on Mondays to enormous messes and told me to clean. My job required me to be a good nanny: play with and supervise the kids, arrange playdates and outings, pick them up from school and walk them to the bus stop, and to cook and clean for childcare related things. So I cooked for the girls and I made sure they were responsible for cleaning messes they made and I cleaned messes I made related to my cooking or other care of them.

The DelBalzos knew what my job description was. So right about the time Sarah was crying when her mom came home and I hesitated cooking for the entire family without a small raise in pay, Mary and Carl decided to start allowing their girls to trash the "playroom" and then announced on Mondays that I had to clean it up. It was not slightly disorganized. It was trashed. I mean, they had over 200 stuffed animals and legos and dolls and costumes and all kinds of things and it was like they'd locked their kids in there on speed for the weekend. So I didn't say anything at first and told the girls they were responsible for helping clean. So Angelina complained about cleaning to her Mom and Mary harassed me saying she felt it was wrong for me to have her girls cleaning. I said, "If it's a mess they made I think it's right to have them take responsibility for that." I told her I helped them but also supervised as they participated. It took hours. Mary kept doing this. They kept having their kids trash the playroom out and then have me clean. So finally I said, "I pick up for childcare related messes while I am with them but I don't think it's fair to have them making huge messes over the weekend and then expect me to come in and pick this up. And if they didn't clean up over the weekend, I expect them to participate in cleaning up after the weekend then." I was their nanny, not their maid.

Around this time someone triggered migraine for the first time and I had to leave in the middle of the day because it was so severe. Carl came home to watch the kids.

It was 1 full year from the time I broke my neck and had nothing to do with new migraine from head injury. It was something else and I later found out for sure. Years later.

So next door to Mary was the Jewish woman and then I met this blond woman and that was it. Sarah never wanted me to leave and then Mary quit work and I was out of a job because she said she was staying home. She claimed she was able to do this all of a sudden because they had "saved up our coffee money." She said, "You can't imagine how much money you can save by not going to Starbucks all the time!" Then she acted really strange about letting me see the girls, who had strong bonds of attachment to me. I especially felt sorry for Sarah.

Then, from the DelBalzos, I had migraines triggered only in the workplace only at CTR. I wasn't having them at home at first. They started at DelBalzos. Then I had them at work. And then after a few rounds at work, I had invited DelBalzos to come see my new house in St. Johns and made them dinner and I started having them in the middle of the night.

When I quit CTR, I worked for Lorraine and Rabbi Rose. I had migraines triggered at their house while working. To me, taking that job was a step down, because being a nanny was one thing, but I wasn't into cleaning and being a personal assistant/maid. But I took the job specifically to be humble and do something that was the opposite of climbing the corporate ladder and then wanted to be in college.

I sold my house and moved to Lake Oswego after I did a couple years of volunteer work in the community with my money. I was waking up in the middle of the night with migraine in Lake Oswego and they were very, very bad. And it was in Lake Oswego where I was raped in 1998. All of my housemates knew about my migraines. Then I had 15 in one month which almost forced me out of college.

And during this time, I didn't know what my parents were going through. There were people with motive to hate me and who hated my family and parents for their abilities.

I need to get to work on my OIG complaint, but from there, it became a goal to discredit and ruin my family and yes, I have been tortured since 1996. And throw in 1992-1993 for a year of torture and a revenge assassination attempt after Robin was embarressed and his family embarrassed by his chasing me down and almost running me off the road in his car. I told some people about it. And I wouldn't take his calls for a long time after that either. And, he introduced my brother to drugs. I told Robin I thought drug dealers were like child abusers because they didn't care if kids or teens got hooked on it and it ruined their lives.

Some Catholics have hated me since 1992. And it just got worse later with the monks, and I think some Jewish sort of colluded with some of the Catholics and I'm not entirely sure why.

There arre some other characters...a Jewish guy named Jonathan and his sister Helen for one. Lots more. Roman Catholic Ryan Barnes. The boyfriend of Christa Schneider, etc.

What I know, is that some of the people I've even worked for, with, or known, have been up to no good and highly, highly motivate to defame me. They trapped my family and we've been tortured with their getting away with everything.

Many of the people who have surrounded my family are corrupt and working in the Justice system, which makes it 10x harder to prove what they've been up to.

By the way, people who sell drugs to kids typically don't care if kids get tortured.

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