Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom Tortured Yesterday & Today (her eyes cross-eyed)

Someone tortured my mother either yesterday, when she refused to let me see her, or today.

She came to the door only bc I had laundry and her eyes are not just blackened, they are not focusing the right direction.

She has one eye going one direction and then the other eye was turning in like one cross-eyed eye.

That is impossible to do on ones own. Someone can make a cross-eyed look with both eyes turning in, even I can do that.

But having only one eye turning in unnaturally is not something my mother's eyes do.

This country is torturing my parents and entire family.

That's it.

Then she started to look around and they were focusing the same, but nothing would cause my mother's eyes to do that unless she was tortured and someone did something to her to either try to cause a stroke on one side of the head or to train or traumatize an eye this way.

I said "Mom". She said what? and I said, "Mom, your eyes." She said, "Yeah, okay" and started to walk away and I said, "Mom, no wait. Your eyes are not just blackened, I've seen that before, you have one turning in like cross-eyes." She waved it away and said "Well, I feel fine. No biggie."


I want some EVIDENCE that we are FREE TO LEAVE.

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