Monday, January 2, 2012

Seizure Symptoms This Morning

I had a seizure triggered this morning. Seizure symptoms at least. I was subjected to torture all night so I am not surprised.

Possibly also worsening it was what I did or had to drink or eat, but I know it's a technology thing.

I got up after being tortured all night, and I was next to the same heater that I've been next to when something is done to trigger a seizure.

And then it just made me more reactive because I had a 1/4 cup of ginko tea and then pureed 1 habanero pepper and drank it following the tea, and with the tea as a chaser. Instead of just getting hot and having my nose run and feeling a burn inside a little, maybe it was the combination of torture, heater, and empty stomach but I started drooling. And I had much worse stomach pain than I have had any other day while drinking the habanero mixture.

I've had a blended up habanero every for over a week, and yesterday I had two of them at once.

I only snorted the cayenne one night and then the next day only, for my sinuses. I didn't feel like doing it after that (sort of takes muster to brace oneself for the event).

But the stomach pain was much much worse and I kept drooling and drooling so I had a little brown rice and pinto beans which were right there and then the pain quit and the drooling stopped.

It's something to do with being next to a heater and having some kind of technology triggering it. Also when I was hit coming out of the Rabbi Rose's house on the last day I worked there, I wasn't near any kind of heater. I almost blacked out that time, and got dizzy and had to steady myself with my hand on the gate and then I ran to the next house and drooled into their sink.

Anyway, I know these things are being triggered.

I did some research last night and many less-than-lethal-weapons trigger seizures and "severe headache". And that's in a normal person who isn't otherwise prone to these things.

If someone is being targeted with this technology, it can happen to anyone. It's not like you even have to be predisposed at all. Vertigo, seizures, severe headache, disorientation, memory lapse even...all of these things are associated with reactions caused by less-than-lethal weapons.

So all anyone needs to do, if they want desperately to make something look like a natural physical problem, is to trigger these things at a time convenient for providing an excuse or cover for the occurance.

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