Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mom Forced To Write What Others Want

My Mom was forced to write something others wanted her to write, a certain way too.

It sounds like something one of her false christian friends would have her write, or something the false protestant Assembly of God pastor would want, who always wants to say I'm crazy and has 20 yrs experience with chemicals.

I know she didn't create it herself because this huge long email was sent to me at 8:03 p.m. and then she sent another one, a forward from someone, at 8:04.

It's impossible that she wrote that much, that fast, and then finished and sent the other one out. I watch her type and her words per minute rate isn't that fast.

I think it's Debbie. Debbie Burt, her boss. That's where my Mom was all day, at work, and Debbie has immediate connections to legal people in Washington, some of whom wrote to me at 3 p.m. today to say I don't have an appeal.

Which is no secret because they screwed it up from the very start, deliberately.

Debbie Burt is also the one who was around when my mother started to get controlled and her emails to me changed. I was in the middle of getting my son and Debbie was Catholic then (for whatever reason she's wanted to change her affiliation recently) and Patty was telling my Mom to never talk to me.

My mother wouldn't write things like this and I've been puzzled about where some of it is coming from and now I know.

Debbie Burt.

My Mom was at the office all day. Debbie is the one who has some kind of Chinese friends too, Catholic-Chinese, that were parked outside my Mom's office as we went in and there was a dragonfly hovering in the air in the office.

But all this "jesus" and giving it up to God, and stuff, it's some of the emails I've been getting since 2006 and it's not like my Mom. And since she couldn't have written that fast, it shows it had been written and saved, not sent spontaneously as it was meant to look.

So it was saved at her workplace. She doesn't save emails when she's writing from home. She just writes like me, spontaneously. But if someone was coaching her on what to write, she would have to save it and then send it later, after "approval" from Debbie.

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