Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oyler and Ramstad

Just catching up.

Karen Oyler was the other person who received my email inviting them to visit my house if ever they cared to stop by.

It was Pamela Coffell and Karen Oyler. Karen was vicious and mean with a motive to be there, that was obvious. And Pamela came across pleasant and then I read her report in utter shock.

Karen Oyler has a couple of daughters in Seattle and Bellingham, Brooke and Robyn respectively.

I am actually finding so many of these people are connected to Seattle, it's no wonder I was poisoned there and chased around.

Karen Oyler's daughter was hanging out with a car enthusiast. Isn't like, Mike Middleton into cars or something? I know Dick Whittemore is into the whole car thing.

So by 2005 this one woman Brooke, was already engaged to a guy in computer technology by the name of Eric Ramstad. And it's his parents who are into the cars.

Brooke majored in linguistics and he majored in business and is in computer technology. I don't know what her other daughter Robyn is doing but I sure hope I don't recognize either one of them as being one of the women who gave me a poisoned cigarette.

That might not fly so well.

Both Karen Oyler and Pamela Coffell had that email from me and they were both working for CPS and the only ones who said they might like to take me up on my offer sometime.

I had already gone to police in Wenatchee, with some evidence that proved some people were knowingly making false reports and I said, "It says here this is a form of harassment that can be penalized by misdemeanor."

The police in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee refused to do anything. I had evidence and everything. So instead I got a call from Oyler and Coffell saying they would take me up on my offer and what time could they stop by? It was also right after I had been cleared as not mentally ill by mental health professionals and CPS knew this already.

They knew there was nothing.

Some of the people who were there at the start, are connected to others who were highly motivated to do something about me.

I don't mean, they were well-meaning nice people who wanted to help. If I wasn't moving out of State and dropping a lawsuit, they were going to torture me again, this time not with migraine triggers alone but with worse. And they did this to me and my child too.

Then, I proved, after we left, that I wasn't mentally ill. I was then in Blaine, working. I then escaped to D.C. which worried them further.

They had nothing on me until I went back to Wenatchee and then they went back to their corruption. They weren't able to do anything to me until I was back in their territory, and they waited until I wasn't with my fiance, and lit into me and my son, and, I later discovered, had been manipulating and torturing my parents.

I have a reason to hate this country, when I have not yet seen anything good out of it, and instead spent 10 years at the mercy of criminals who got jobs working for the U.S.

I know that supposedly Pamela wrote the report but it sounded like something from the Abbey lawyers and I knew their style. It was like someone was instructing her or taking it and making changes or advice and giving it back to her to work on.

But Karen, for example, she got the same email Pamela got. And she never said a word?

Not only that, it's inexcusable because anyone who works for CPS, around this nation, knows how it works. It doesn't matter if I am talking to a CPS worker in WA or OR or over in KS or DC, they follow the same rules. And they know what it means if someone makes a report and it gets thrown out as being frivolous and having zero evidence.

They all know that you don't then take everything you threw out, pull it out of the garbage where it belonged, and then put all the trash on the table and write about it as if you had just purchased brand new silk and ivory from the store. They made the reports of others, that were frivolous and rightly thrown out, look like these well-meaning and merited reports that helped all the good to keep investigating for clues.

It was garbage.

There was very little garbage around my house and piles of it at CPS. They tried to make my life look like trash when we were tortured as they glossed themselves up to sound good for Canada.

So honestly, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for that many employees to have seen what the facts were and watch others recreate and fabricate things and then destroy lives.

No excuse.

I am positive that at that point in time, when my son and I were tortured, something very bad was also happening to my parents which they tried to escape from, probably torture. They were not allowed to leave. And none of my family was allowed to see eachother. Very likely, had they the chance, my parents and entire family would have followed me to Canada, if I had been able to get to the right people and religious hate crime had not been the issue. They tried to get a passport and it was stolen and then I saw a recent one the FBI or some group had made and it was so new it still smelled like hot press ink, but they backdated it. My Dad looks tortured and miserable, not like himself at all.

And they probably contrast that one with the one of him and my Mom from 1972, from when they went to Europe with a church group. Those who are jealous would do that, would just want to continue to dig into us and degrade us however they can.

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