Sunday, January 1, 2012

U.S. FBI Liars

After all of the questions and jokes about russian spy stuff, I had finally read about this guy Edward Howard.

And honestly, I'm tired of the crap. I'm tired of people making up excuses for why I've been tortured or trying to lie and say I haven't been tortured and neither was my son.

They're all liars.

And obviously someone must have thought, right or wrong, that I was connected to Edward Howard simply because of last name or some of my family having lived in New Mexico or something.

Unless it was just religious hate crime that began in 1992 when someone started triggering seizure and using technology and then quit while I was on the East Coast to then start it up again in 1997, the only thing I can even think of, besides Diana, is that someone actually thought my family was somehow connected to him.

Which isn't true, but why else would I be tortured beginning in 1992?

I offended some people then, and there were some who were jealous and a video of me singing went out without my permission.

But aside from that, I guess it's possible that someone even thought I was maybe connected to him so I looked up 1992. He had been living in Sweden and the U.S. wanted him but Sweden dropped their inquiry. The U.S. had hoped he would be charged with something there so it would provide for him to be "expulsed" to the U.S.

Sort of like what Canada did with me. They arrested me in order to give the U.S. an excuse to get to me. However, in my case, they actually colluded with people in the U.S. first, and then they arrested me on false charges.

But basically, Sweden dropped the inquiry and he was freed from being detained. The U.S. was mad.


Same year I was targeted with military technology for the first time (that I at least remember).

Then I think maybe someone on my mother's side was someone a Jewish group didn't like, I don't know. I have no idea.

All I know is that I'm really tired of the U.S. coming up with illegal excuses to cover for their own crimes.

So I've blogged too much and have to finish my OIG complaint.

I feel the United States owes me a lot of money at this point. It's beyond compensation and yet I never asked for anything but a normal life and my son. They think they own us. As if we are not even real people and just something to own.

I mean, they are even covering up for mistakes they've made that they don't want me to find out about.

But no, I'm not letting the kidnapping of my son "go". Or the torture. Or the religious hate crime which should have been addressed years ago.

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