Sunday, January 1, 2012

Torture Last Night (triggering headache and laser)

Last night I was tortured by use of little jabs to the back of the head again and I found that when I left a part of the house it quit, for whatever reason.

Also, I know the military has triggered some forms of tension headache because they did this with my mother, a lot. And last night it wasn't natural because it only happened at the same time I was lasered and sitting in front of a heater they caused some kind of pressure to keep building. I turned off my heater and it quit and then I realized I was going into a chill too, like I had been lasered.

They have done this to my mother for days at a time.

It has nothing to do with hormones or atmospheric pressure because I don't have migraines naturally. I only got them when someone decided to trigger them to occur on specific dates and then wanted it to look like menstrual migraine when it wasn't.

They were using migraine as a form of torture and a concealed way to obstruct me from work, college, and most noticeably, court and my lawsuits.

I had both chronic bronchitis and uncontrolled migraines at the time I was also forced out by the illegal towing of my vehicle.

Doctors colluded with the same people that triggered my migraine, to then not just cause migraine but to withhold painkillers and this is torture.

I know it was not natural because of the pattern. Even the neurologists said there was something not right. It had nothing to do with stress.


Anonymous said...

Cameo perhaps the "technology" that you speak of is really stress. What you describe sounds very much like stress-induced headaches?

Mama said...

No it's not but thank you for your polite tone.

It's the same thing that was done to me every 5 minutes for 6 hours on a Sunday that Fox news was joking about headaches and how everybody gets them.

I ended up with a massive growth from swelling on the exact same spot, days later.

The same thing happened to my brother but to the front of his head and it was done to us to match.

Not only that, a writer for the BCC science clearly had some inside joke about it and he's in Switzerland, where the guards for the Holy See are.

Catholic? I never heard from anyone about whether he was or not. My guess was yes.

I know what stress-induced headaches are and they don't produce gigantic knobs on the head and are not used for harassing and demoralizing a family that has members who work in top secret fields.

It's hate crime. If you haven't read about how I discovered what was really triggering migraine, you might look.

When I announced what I had discovered, they went after me so hard I didn't have time to breathe.

Can anyone explain to me why torture or "stess-induced headaches" end with an agreement to marry a Catholic?

How does that work? and then they start up again when I say no thanks?