Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tchaikovsky String Quartet #1, Solo Movement, Andante Cantabole

I probably wrote this down incorrectly but I turned music on and was going to switch to pop music because I didn't feel like hearing classical and then the moment I heard a few measures of this, I stopped and wanted to hear the rest.

I thought, "What is this? because I like it instantly."

Of course. Tchaikovsky.

I literally only had to hear 1 minutes worth of it but I didn't know it was Tchaikovsky. I didn't know what it was or who composed it but liked it right away. So I was ready with my pen and tried to write down what they said it was and it sounded like he said something like:

Tchikovsky's string quartet number one, solo movement, andante cantabole. Played by the New York Philharmonic with Eric Bernstein conducting.

I looked up a little history on wiki and then clicked on this which tells a little more about the "Andante Cantabile".

Tchaikovsky first heard the tune in "Kamionka, Ukraine."

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