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Headache and Military Violence (Pacific NW?)

I had to sleep all day because of the headache that the military triggered last night.

Like I said, I do not have naturally occuring migraines and I always thought I did but I don't.

So it makes my entire offer later, about being interested in helping someone figure out a medication for it, moot. I retracted my offer anyway.

But yeah. I was offering to have someone help figure out a medication for migraines that I hadn't realized were completely triggered by the military to start with.

The only thing that is weird, is that it's only military in the Pacific NW?

From the time I started having migraines triggered, or seizures triggered at high school, it has always been when I lived in Oregon or Washington.

I didn't have any migraines in TN, even though they used other things on me. I also didn't have migraines in D.C., MD, or VA.

I have had migraines triggered in Oregon, Washington, and Penticton, B.C.

Yes, like I said, there have been other forms of military or technology assault that have occured in Tennessee and also a little bit in the East Coast. But what's odd, is that all of the migraine triggering has been West Coast.

I tried to think very carefully, did I ever have migraines in New Jersey or East Coast when I was a nanny and I know for sure I didn't when I worked in Bedminster, NJ.

In 1992 someone started pulling weird stuff with technology at my high school in Sherwood, Oregon, which created seizure symptoms. And then when I left in 1993, that stopped completely. I worked for the Thebaults and never had a migraine. Then I worked for The Kargman's and I never had a migraine. I took a nap when the baby took a nap because I was exhausted as I tried to play with her the whole time. So when she napped, I napped because I needed my strength and energy to be 100% for her.

I remember a nanny agency came to talk to me and interview me while I was still with the Kargman's and I told them the only reason I felt it wasn't working out was that they were making more demands and not increasing my pay. They wanted me to start doing housecleaning for them when the baby napped and that wasn't what we agreed to at the start and I felt I needed to nap when the baby did because it was so tiring. I didn't sit in front of a t.v.--I played with the baby, or took her to play dates. I used to swing her on her swingset which she loved so much until my arms wore out. So I definitely remember that I napped, but it wasn't for migraine and I never told any nanny agency out East that I needed accomodations for migraine or had a headache problem.

After this, I was back in the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon. I had wanted to stay out East but didn't find the right family situation to go to next so I went home.

Then it was 1994-1995 and I worked at a gym from 5 a.m. in the morning. I was the one to open the athletic gym up. I also later worked at a music store called Incredible Universe. I don't remember ever having any kind of migraine. Maybe a rare headache, like normal, for which I'd refuse to even take aspirin.

I was a teetollar on every kind of chemical substance known to man then. I never drank, smoked, used drugs, didn't drink coffee or tea (no caffeine), and if I had pain from a tension headache, I refused to even take aspirin for it, prefering to suffer and bear through it.

Then I had the auto accident in 1995.

However, I didn't start having migraines from that auto accident. I had had a head injury and neck injury and rebroke my arm, yes. They wanted to put me in a "halo". A "halo" was a kind of brace that they put in your head by using 2 screws on either side or something, to affix a metal brace which kept your head from moving at all, to prevent movement to the neck (for spinal injuries). So in Utah that's what they were going to do, and discussed using a halo with me and my mother. Then they decided that I was controlled enough and careful with movement, and should just recover with bedrest and a soft collar (neck brace that props your head up and keeps it from turning or using the neck.

So I didn't have to have a metal halo screwed into my head.

My head injury was a blow to the head yes, but they did every form of testing known to man at that time and they determined, through neurologists and speech therapists, that I had suffered zero injuries, well, permanent brain damage, from the blow. They tested my speech, memory (long term and short term) and a number of things.

From May 15, 2005 up until 1996 I never had one migraine. I was recovering in bed with Percocet and Soma (a muscle relaxant which really helped, combined with the Percocet bc my neck would get incredibly stiff). It was only 5 mg. Percocet. For such an injury, I was on extremely low dose painkillers.

I read Job repeatedly while in bed. I just read The Book of Job over and over. And to get blood or circulation flowing, my daily "chore" was to walk to town to the library and back every day. That was 5 miles. I walked with my neck brace on and wasn't allowed to take it off except to shower but I kept it on even then.

When I started getting migraines, it wasn't from my head injury. Someone or some group began to target me as they had started to do in 1992.

And what happened, was that I was waking up in the middle of the night all of a sudden, with extreme pressure and expansion to my head. Migraines have triggers and usually begin to occur while someone is awake. If it's stress related, when you feel stress. I wasn't stressed by sleeping. I waking up after getting hit with something that created expansion in the head and affected the blood vessels, triggering migraine. Because they were the result of assault by technology, and not migraine, this is why the ergotamine that Canada used worked. People in the U.S. gave me painkillers, which I needed, and other things to try, but in Wenatchee for example, a nurse suggested to Dr. Crane at one visit, "Should we try an old fashioned classic medication like effergot (or caffergot)?" and I said what is that? and was willing to try it but I remember Dr. Crane shook his head no. Those people wanted to inject me with "cocktails" of tranquilizers and benedryl and antihistamines when I'd already told them I was allergic to antihistamines, but they refused to give me something that would constrict the blood vessels. I had tried everything else and that nurse was smart. But I think Dr. Crane was smart too. In fact, I think he was so smart he knew exactly what was triggering my migraine and refused to give me something that he knew would work, preferring to call me "mentally ill" and having "fake migraines".

The ergotamine I finally got in Canada, which was in 2007, was given to me years after I first had migraines triggered by assault. My migraines began in 1996, possibly closer to 1997 and I could narrow it down better. From 1997 to 2007, 10 years, no one tried a blood constrictor medication for my headache. Instead, the blood vessels in my head were allowed to whack out and send me into extreme pain for days and I was given painkillers that masked the pain and didn't treat the underlying massive expansion that was occuring inside my head from assault with technology. As soon as I got something that targeting what was really happening in my head, it instantly cured my pain because the headache was killed immediately.

I had some doctors wonder if I started getting the migraines because of the head injury and I had thought yeah that must be it. But that wasn't it.

After my head injury, I recovered in bed and was then walking to town every day and I never had migraines. I then took a job with The DelBalzos, an Italian-Catholic family in Oregon, as a nanny, while I still used a neck brace, and I didn't have migraines for almost a year. When I started working for them they said if I ever got sick they had flexibility and one of them could come home to be with the kids and I said okay, and that I never got sick.

I didn't get sick. I was one of the 1 cold a year kinds of people, and sometimes I didn't even get a cold at least once a year. I never threw up or got flu. So at the time I had some pain or stiffness still, from the accident, but no headaches or colds or anything.

I remember having to go home one day with a weird headache. Or having it triggered the night before and getting worse. I know positively that I had migraines triggered at some point while working at CTR in Portland, Oregon. And it is possible I had the first one torwards the end of my work for The DelBalzos.

I went at least 1 full year after my auto accident with no migraine or headache. So there was not any kind of issue from that head injury to cause what I experienced later, which I MUCH LATER discovered, was being triggered on specific dates.

My migraines were never menstrual migraine, or clusters, or stress-related, or had anything to do with head injury and they were not common migraine or hereditary either.

I was being tortured and targeted as early as 1996. Actually, 1992 for the seizure triggers, which ended when I left the Pac. NW. Then I came back, and seizure triggers again. In 1996 or so I had migraines triggered which were the result of expansion of blood vessels to technology targeting my head.

This continued at CTR on specific days of the week. Then it changed to whack me with 15 in one month when I tried to go to college. Then it changed again to only occur or appear to coincide with my period when it had nothing to do with my period and my trial of continual birth control proved that they were not triggered by spikes or drops in hormones levels preceding periods. I was then diagnosed with migraine and the only people to start claiming I was nuts and didn't experience headaches at all were Wenatchee people. I guess that's because by then, this group had used migraine trigger as leverage for lawsuits. Someone in Wenatchee knew because then they went from using migraine trigger for illegal purposes to using the triggers to incapacitate me and refuse painkillers at the same time. Which is torture.

I started to get some kind of idea, by noticing the coordination of hearing dates alone, that something was amiss. I was also getting more than usual again, about the time they tried to bump me off from the litigation and I knew it wasn't stress. So that's why I told no one, not parents, or anyone, when I decided to find out if I really had "menstrual migraines" that doctors were refusing to treat.

I took my time because they already knew what days I had my period. I let this false change in my period dates occur slowly, as if naturally, because perhaps, I was living around different women and my cycle just changed. And then I dropped the causual comment or two about things to indicate when I was having my period, my fake period that was a lie.

I found out 100%, and proved to myself that my own hunches were correct.

I had no such thing as natural migraine. They were being triggered deliberately, on dates everyone thought I was having my period, to make it look like the excuse was menstrual migraine. And then throwing in an extra one or two for "stress" I guess, around the same time.

I suddenly started having my REAL period and...what's this? no migraine. Never. Ever. Oh, instead I was having my migraines on the fake period dates I created.

Up to two weeks difference in real period date and fake period date.

And instead of having hearings scheduled around my real period date, which I was then having with zero migraines, they scheduled them to occur on my fake period dates, and blasted me with migraines.


Criminals that get discovered and caught on something like this, definitely want to find a way to get everyone to believe you're mentally ill.

I mean, don't they?

What, they want to be convicted of torture and using torture to facilitate their goals in court? to obstruct justice? to try to force me out of college?

So then, I didn't have them as much in pregnancy and then they started them up again along with other torture. I went to Penticton, B.C. and had someone trigger one there, deliberately sending me to the ER knowing I would have to go because of the severe pain.

But at least I got my ergotamine for the first time in my life. Instant constriction of blood vessels that burst out with the targeting of my head, sending excited motor neurons to fire every pain signal known to man, expanding, expanding, throbbing, one side of my head and debilitating me for days as once started, it didn't quit.

Oh. Just some of that cafergot stuff that Dr. Crane so peevishly didn't want to let me try. A "classic" remedy is what the nurse called it. Classic like, that's what they used on my Dad when they triggered his migraine back in the 70s or 80s?

How about going to jail for some good old "classic" torture assholes.

My Dad didn't get migraines and they weren't hereditary but he said a couple of times, one time in particular he had one which was extremely severe.

Probably just a little somethin' to keep him in line right?

My guess, if we went back to those old records, is that they gave him something "classic" like Cafergot.

So I definitely figured out this group was torturing me to keep me out of their lawsuits. Very convenient and highly illegal.

I actually was not assaulted with migraine when I got back from Canada. I never went to the hospital. I had a headache that felt like migraine once but not like usual. I never went to the hospital which is what I had to do if I got one. And when I was in Blaine and tried a tiny puff of a joint it was because my back was still in severe pain, not because of migraine at the time.

I then went to the East Coast and it never happened, no matter who I stayed with and what food I ate. Never had any migraines.

But oh, I go back to Wenatchee and what happens? migraine and worse assault.

What would be hilarious is to find out some military asshole decided to make a case for drugging me to "treat her migraines" when they already knew I didn't have naturally occuring migraine and that they were responsible or their friends were responsible for triggering them.

So dope her up and then don't trigger them anymore and say the doped up thing works.

How about no dope, no meds, no drugs, and you just don't use technology to trigger migraine and seizure?

That was Washington. Then I went to Tennessee. Oh, no migraine again. Lots of other torture, but no migraine as migraine triggers look specific to Washington, Oregon, and B.C.

Hmm. Oh yeah, Washington, Oregon, and B.C., and especially surrouding litigation and only occuring on false period dates.

Because migraines are really sneaky like that and I tricked them! Yeah that's it. I psychologically tricked my own migraines to think they should occur on a new date. Hey migraine! Now I'm going to pretend to have my period on a different week but I'm going to let everyone think it's at the regular time and I thought I'd let you know since you won't be getting that hormones excuse. So, maybe you could just wait it out and hit me up with a good one on the fake date okay?

If we want to get real particular, how about this?

How about we figure out why the hearing dates all shift from a certain calendar period to a whole new one? Why? Judges just got busy all of a sudden and lawyers wanted to ask for hearings to occur at the middle of the month instead of the 1st of the month now?

And yeah, I still had to go to ER and why would I go on a date that I didn't have migraine? I went when I had pain, if I didn't have painkillers.

Why did I lose my 2 lawsuits?

Because I was being targeted with torture. Possibly being targeted with biochemical crap that caused bronchitis repeatedly, which is not out of the question. If someone will use technology to trigger migraine they'll use biochemical stuff too. And then, I still didn't give up so the Catholics get Judges and officers to steal my car.

They illegally stole my car from me, lying and claiming my license was suspended, just as
they illegally stole my son from me, lying and claiming I had run from an "investigation" (when even that would not have been cause) and was trying to be an illegal "alien".

It's great when you get away with using lying to subvert the law for personal reasons and then claim someone else did something wrong.

TEN YEARS of migraine triggered as use for torture and then applied deliberately to keeping me out of court and causing the most intentional infliction of pain and suffering known in this country.

I get back from Tennessee and go to Oregon and what do you know? Good old fashioned seizure trigger again, and migraines triggered too. And suprisingly, someone seems to know just when I might have one!

So if you follow the timeline and medical history, it's obvious I'm not mentally ill.

I want my son back and I want those who have tortured me for 10 years investigated, charged, and put in jail and for those who think they are above jail, they should be killed.

Why don'tcha check on that old "classic" treatment for classic torture, Cafergot? Huh? I'd like to know what they gave my Dad when they hit him with the headache of his life. My mother said they thought he had a brain tumor it was so bad.

Get this, aside from that, there is zero medical history of migraine in my family. Until, guess what I was told by Granny? Wenatchee criminals decided to start hitting my Grandpa with some of their classic torture. My Grandpa Baird never had a migraine in his life and then someone got worried after I blogged about how mine were triggered to obstruct my court cases, and noticed there is no family history of migraine and all of a sudden, they were eager to attack another family member to create a history. So my Grandpa got diagnosed with migraine that supposedly showed up after the age of 80. It's the "80's Migraine" subspecialty.

All this to say, yes, I definitely had migraine and the most severe and worst kind. Extreme, extreme pain. However, the trigger for those migraines was not natural. It was technology induced.

By the way, the trigger for my migraine in Pencticton, affected all of the women in the shelter we were at because I felt a kind of sonic sudden compression and it affected my heart and my head, causing my heart to stop for a moment and my son gasped at the same time and I heard all the other women there make an audible sound at the same time. And then right then I had a migraine. I was being wakened in the middle of the night with migraine when they first occured.

So what happened?

Someone put metal in my neck and then they started tracking me wherever I went and targeted my head for migraine? or since it was more Pacific NW related, someone got close enough to my house to do this? Or does the Pacific NW military just have different technology here than they do over there on the East Coast and those in charge of technology that covers this region, wanted to whack me for good, for a decade? You got, like, a satellite or technology commands that cover the East Coast that are separte from commands in the Pac. NW?

You take it to Penticton, B.C. or it's something you can travel with? and just made sure you were nearby in B.C. and got close enough.

Maybe the migraines were triggered by technology here in the Pacific NW where I tried college and to have lawsuits, because they're connected to those lawsuits in some way, eh? And the people on the East Coast cared but it wasn't their bacon that might get fried by exposure?

Or, they just like to use other techniques from coast-to-coast. A little seizure and migraine trigger specific to Pac. NW and then the other stuff for the South and East Coast?

What's the excuse? regional weapons are specific to regional areas or just regional assholes are area specific?

I would also like to know who thought it was clever to drug me and then try to say that's why I didn't have migraines.

Right. I wasn't being drugged when I discovered the triggers were made for obstructing justice and keeping me incapacitated on court dates. I wasn't being drugged when I figured out they were being triggered to hide beneath the excuse of menstrual migraine.

Finally, as for migraine trigger, that was a year after my accident but the trigger used for seizure when I don't have seizures, was used against me in 1992. Which is the same year I was being run off the road in the middle of the night.

My migraines have been triggered at the following places, beginning in late 1996 or early 1997:
0. Sherwood High School. Had seizure symptoms triggered when I don't get seizures, in 1992, same year someone tried to kill me by running me off the road (I ended up driving up a tree). It was women around who were observing when it happened then. Grown adult women who were employees of the school. One watched and observed me in the locker room and another came into the bathroom where I was and started powdering her nose watching me. Possibly a student as well. It quit when I left for the East Coast.
1. DelBalzos. (I believe I may have had a migraine or two triggered there but it could have been that I went home for being sick once. Pretty positive because I now remember I didn't know why it wouldn't go away with Ibuprofen).
2. CTR Business Systems. Positive I had migraines start in the middle of work while there and sometimes the night before.
3. My House in St. Johns, Portland, Oregon (triggered at night only)
4. Lorraine and Rabbi Rose's House. Portland, Oregon. I had them triggered while at work and had to take 2 Excederin Migraine for them and sometimes lie down, trying to head them off before they got worse. I remember having them triggered while at work, not coming to work with them. Had both migraine triggered, and on the day she fired me, seizure symptoms triggered. The seizure symptoms were the first time in a long time since I had been back from the East Coast. It occured after I locked the doors and was leaving the property.
5. My Residence In Lake Oswego, Oregon. They always started in the middle of the night and I would have to get out of bed and try to cope with the pain. They lasted days once started.
6. Camping Trip to Canon Beach, Oregon. I hiked into a spot with my friend Monica and had seizure symptoms trigged while we were next to our heater or radio inside the tent. The seizure symptoms have only been triggered in the State of Oregon, never in any other State.

(will finish this tomorrow)

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