Monday, January 2, 2012

Torture Preventing Sleep--reason for stolen dental X-rays

I can't sleep tonight at all because of being tortured with technology. It's been ever since I got off-line and tried to go to bed.

And it is to the point that it is impossible to sleep.

Also, I realized one of the dentists I had did something weird with one of my fillings for my teeth and that's why I'm having this pain and that's also why my dental records were being stolen.

I kept wondering who would want to steal dental records. My dental records.

And now, I had something affecting that part of my teeth and my neck again, all on that side, and it's like that part of my filling or tooth has something really weird with it.

It's not like normal tooth pain from a bad filling or problematic tooth. It's like they did something weird to it.

And tonight I realized that might be why someone was repeatedly stealing my dental X-rays.

They weren't just stealing paper records. They were stealing the X-rays.

And I had full X-rays done on all of my teeth.

And yeah, my migraines were triggered for the first time towards the end of my employment with Carl and Mary Del Balzo.

I didn't have migraines before I worked for them and I wasn't having them when I started, or halfway through either.

They were the Italian-Catholic family with the little "island room" upstairs which they called their retreat. They lived on Barnes Rd., or off of Barnes Rd. in Portland, Oregon and my "friend" Christa, (the one who was Catholic and connected to the Department of Justice and showed up at my church) later was dating Ryan Barnes.

Ryan Barnes.

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