Monday, January 2, 2012

Holocaust Today In America: Denial

I thought I would address a comment I had by someone who at least claimed to be Jewish who wrote into my blog once. He said he was a survivor of the Holocaust, or that his relatives were and felt offended by my claims that I and my family are being tortured in this country.

For all those who want to put all of this money into making sure "we don't forget!" and who claim, from U.S. offices, that they are justified in walking out on the President of Iran's speech because he's "offensive" saying there was no "holocaust", how does that translate to the denial that torture is occuring in America against American citizens?

"It's not happening."
"Prove it."

I have heard all kinds of arguments, from different sides, all about the Jewish "holocaust", which I personally believe happened but also think it was a mistake to name "holocaust" as applying mainly to Jews when, I think, the issue was closer to use of anyone they wanted for medical and govt. research.

What did the "Nazi's" do? They experimented with people and held them hostage. They kidnapped kids and forced them to relocate. They tortured people and the only way they could continue doing this was by lying and claiming "it's not happening" and forcing others to say this and keep silent or be tortured.

They took whatever evidence they did have, and destroyed it or killed and imprisoned people who were about to talk. They called them mentally ill for claiming war crimes were being committed.

All this talk talk talk about how terrible the "holocaust" was and who is the person pointing out how the U.S. has been shifting attention away from internal and domestic crimes to others?


How ironic.

How ironic that Iran is more forth-coming about U.S. denial of torture of its own citizens.

Not just Iran now, because even countries turning their nose at Iran are also looking more closely at the U.S.

The U.S. leadership and Jewish leadership and even English leadership, literally turn their backs on Iran. They cite that some of the biggest "horrors" of Iran's leadership or President, is the fact that he has stated he does not believe any kind of "Holocaust" ever occured in Germany.

To Jews, this is highly offensive because denial of war crimes is an indication, in their eyes, that if someone can't admit the truth, they would want the world to continue to practice these crimes, and get away with it. "It's not happening." "It never happened." "They just claim they were tortured and killed for their own political reasons."

What incredible, shocking hypocrisy to turn a nose at Iran's President for his denial of the Holocaust, and act self-righteous as you say nothing about the crimes committed against your citizens NOW.

Is that what you want? Those of you who want to live in the past, and wave a flag about the Holocaust, don't want to admit what is happening in the present? Why? because it's not your own crew that's being tortured this time?

If the U.S. allows people to torture a group of citizens now, and gets away with it, next time it's a different group of U.S. citizens.

Are the Jews in the U.S. just too comfortable sitting in the big chair next to the Nazis to want to say anything? Is it working to their own political advantage to allow people to be tortured and put up a cover of denial.

Where are the Jews anyway? who claim such generational discrimination and persecution. Is it that they are part of the torture of my family then? Is that why they don't speak up when they know plenty?

So while the President of Iran says he doesn't believe there was a Holocaust, like I said, it's not the worst thing in the world for a leader to admit, mainly, I feel, because at least he's putting his cards on the table about his shocking belief. There are others who are more devious that prefer to say nothing and then just plot secretly to make things happen. I don't agree with him, but he's certaintly not trying to be "P.C." and kiss everyone else's you-know-what. He knows what the international community and the U.S. wants to hear. And plenty of people give others what they want to hear.

Like U.S. politicians.

After they give us what we want to hear, they get their positions or come into power, and then start doing things secretly or not, that have nothing to do with what they said they'd do or believed.

In the meantime, the same people walking out on HIM, continue to conceal crimes in the U.S., committed by U.S. citizens against U.S. civilians.

And then you have some other countries now, too, expressing concern about America and the human rights record.

Why haven't we heard any statements from Israel about the U.S. condition and human rights record?

Russia brings it up and not Israel?

Is this because Israel and the Jewish community are too afraid to say anything because they're worried about their funding and support? or is this because they are actively participating in the secret crimes. Too close to the Holy See these days or something?

Supposedly Israel and the Jewish community are the ones who are always on the Big Harp about "torture" and "holocaust" and human rights. They're the ones who want everyone to remember what happened to them in Germany. Russia has had civil conflicts and problems, but their human rights record has historically not been great, and yet they're stepping up to the plate to say something is wrong in the United States.

So are all these countries that are pointing out the U.S. human rights record right now...just antagonistic? Are they just trying to give the U.S. a "bad name"?

I could not even sleep last night because of torture. At all. And today it's the same thing and if it's not one thing it's another. As if I'm on the torture roll, which has a list of different menu items and someone arbitrarily picks a few and says, "This is how we are torturing them today."

Oh, and get this. They quit torturing me long enough to fill out my student financial aid form this time, for next year, and then started up again after I was done. This is the first year in over 7 years that I did not have anyone obstructing me from filling out a FAFSA online with use of computer hacking or tactics to change what I put on my form, or disconnecting my connection each time I tried to send it.

It's so simple to fill out. Anyone would think what is your excuse?

When something as simple as filling out a financial aid form for college becomes a task like building pyramids without any straw, there is a huge, huge problem. I have had criminals breathing down my collar and obstructing every single I do for that long, and their crimes in using technology to trigger migraine has been since 1996.

It takes only a few minutes to fill out the FAFSA and yet for years, every time I even tried, I was blocked by obstructing my online access, or torturing me when I am on my way to the library, to obstructing the library computer system from working, to many colleges claiming they don't have the form for FAFSA available and why don't I just print it out from a printer that failed, every single time, to print.

It takes a LOT of work to be so focused on obstructing my education, that coordination of this kind is done.

The exact same thing has been done in preventing my access to courts to prove I have not committed crimes or misdemeanors for which I've been charged. Any legal process I've had has been obstructed through torturing me, detaining me illegally, preventing my travel, keeping out of work and money, drugging me, and lying about me.

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