Thursday, January 5, 2012

Report to UN To be Reviewed by Non-Catholic

I made another request now for intervention by the UN.

I am not able to sleep and have not been for weeks.

Every single day my family is tortured. And every night.

They increase the level of torture to coincide with any legal matter I have pending. If I try to work on my case for my son, they increase the level of torture and severity of pain.

Instead of being able to focus on an ordered complaint, they torture me and my parents so badly that I go into panic mode, blogging as much as I can, hoping to get someone to help and stop what is occuring.

And then if I try to add normal sounding things about cooking it appears to not be as serious as it is when really, I am only trying to demonstrate that I'm not a crazy person making claims about government every day. I've not had a nervous breakdown. I try to show this by writing about other casual things and it seems to defeat the purpose.

Not to mention it is impossible for me to do any kind of organized work on my complaint.

Instead of writing into my complaint privately, I've been forced to blog publicly, out of the desperate hope to have someone pay attention and stop what is happening.

I specifically am requesting that a non-Catholic reviews my report with the UN. There is too much conflict of interest with members of that church and what is happening to my family.

We're being tortured. There is no way around it.

We are tortured in this country. We are forced to work for the U.S. government and tortured with no protection from the U.S. Increasing the level of torture around legal matters is just another proof of obstruction of justice. They did this with my migraines when I had 2 lawsuits pending and I have been witness now to what they've done to my Mom, Dad, and me around the time of deadlines for court cases pending about my son and U.S. corruption in kidnapping him.

Every single time there has been a deadline or major court determination due, the level and severity of torture against all of us, increases.

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