Thursday, January 5, 2012

Continued Torture by U.S. to Obstruct Justice

I am being tortured despite my request to the UN to intervene and block the U.S. from continuing in torture when it obstructs justice and my ability to respond and attend to legal complaints.

I have been working on my response for appeal of Washington Appeal court for the commissioner's ruling and for the decision re. petition for modification of the ruling.

This morning someone quit doing it as excessively as they were doing this earlier, and I was able to actually get some work done but they never fully quit. The U.S. sent little "reminders" with a wave of pain from technology here and there but not extreme and using the technology that causes ink to burst out of pens lightly here and there and then also lasering me or using infrared to heat my body and then quit abruptly, sending me to chills. All of it was a drastic reduction to what they've been doing the last several weeks.

They increased level and severity of torture to obstruct justice.

They have done this repeatedly, for each and every court or legal matter I've had.

And just now at 2:42 p.m. someone turned something off like a generator or whatever was used to cause the technology that makes ink burst out of pens.

However, at 2:38 p.m., someone used an extremely severe wave of technology to create distractable pain so that I am then forced to blog about this instead of directing my attention to an important case regarding rights to my son.

I was right in the middle of finding different documents and sorting them out into a new folder and then preparing to make appeal for the rulings and then someone who knows what I'm doing apparently, decided to interfere again, despite taking things down a notch earlier today.

They never quit. They did not fully cease and desist.

They only quit long enough for me to prove that they are the reason I've lost my son and every case, due to interference of justice by use of illegal torture.

I never once had a chance to participate in the legal process at all, because I have been tortured to prevent me from correcting corruption and attempts to sabotage my cases.

That is all for now.

And they just turned up their technology that facilitates the technology that causes ink to burst out of pens again, which creates vibrating pulses strong enough to feel in my lower abdomen. They started it up again at 2:46 p.m.

And now the webpage I was on, going through my email to pick out the legal documents, has "expired", forcing me to go back and start over.

It's not "research". It's religious hate crime that has been using torture specifically to obstruct justice. They crank it up 10x worse specifically when there is a legal matter they want me to miss or default on due to severe pain and suffering from being tortured.

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