Thursday, January 5, 2012

Torture as Obstruction of Justice: Injury and Seduction of Child

Still, I have some group using technology to torture me while I try to look up Washington State Rules of Civil Procedure and Court of Appeals rules.

I took a break from a little research today to make a quick bread so I have something to eat, and not as much torture then.

As soon as I sat down to look up laws and rules, torture commenced worse than before.

The same criminals who obstructed my 2 lawsuits in Oregon in 2004 and 2005 are responsible for the torture now.

I'm finding great torts against state and state actors, and for the seduction of a child, while a ward of the court, and for injury or death to a child. That's aside from medical injuries. Judgement for penalty or forfeiture--collusion, is sort of interesting. Not exactly RICO and wouldn't want to double jeopardy anything, but interesting. Action for malicious prosecution...creating damages and by conspiracy or collusion. Hmmm.

I found out why my appeals lawyers wanted a Commissioner instead of a Judge. There is an appellate law that does not allow review of rulings by Commissioners at Supreme Court level. I told that law firm I wanted them to recuse themselves, and they refused to do so until they had the Commissioner in place. I asked them to request a Judge, not a Commissioner and they refused. Then, all of a sudden, they were more than happy to recuse themselves after the Commissioner ruled against me.

Why didn't they recuse themselves earlier? because they wanted that Commissioner and if they got out of my case after her ruling, which they knew ahead of time would be against me (or they wouldn't have stayed on), I had no avenue to appeal.

You can't appeal to the Supreme Court from Court of Appeals if the person ruling was a Commissioner. It's not allowed. So that's where they were okay with walking away. If they then took it to a panel of Judges, that is something that can then be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

There is no possible way to research or read motions or write when you're being tortured. And that's exactly what's happened and I consider all of the lawyers and Judges and Commissioners involved to be little more than criminals. It wasn't even enough to torture me so I couldn't contest one false claim after the other, or my son's rights. They threatened and tortured my family.

The State of Washington is guilty of kidnapping, collusion, crime, and allowing my son to be physically and sexually abused by their people, and people who knew their people, while a ward of the court.

This Commissioners entire ruling is full of drugs. I mean, that's what this is about and what she's about. She wrote a bogus opinion to highlight anything that made me sound bad and especially wanted to highlight any person at all who wasn't Catholic. She went OUT OF HER WAY to do so, even if they had a bit part. It's like, there were dozens of major Catholic players and that's who controlled this, and she brings out a couple of bit part people and dramatizes it and then constantly refers, in inuendoes, to cases that are not exactly on topic with what my case is about.

It's not even a case. This entire thing is fraud and criminally constructed.

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