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Alvaro Pardo's "Love" and FBI Set-Up

Let's see. He agreed when we were engaged, not to see other women. I am not even a jealous type, and I'm very tolerant and said look around now (before a certain point) because if it's not what you want to do, that's fine. Just figure it out now.

So when I said now he'd made his choice and that it was to be faithful to me, I said it was not okay to sleep around. Or at least tell me if he was thinking of something, and let me know for my own safety and protection.

I think some of the Jews and Catholics got jealous of one thing and then they tried to create a scenario for another thing, dangling my son over me as bait.

How freakish, when the real issue is torture.

What happens? I had a harder time trusting him after getting set up by him and his friends to go to prison in Maryland.

Oh, and the house I stayed at? Had two lions in the front, just like the house to the side of my parents' over here. Real classic CIA mirror technique.

First of all, he tried to interfere with my filing something to prevent this Nigerian woman from smearing me in the records. She assaulted me and then she wanted to pretend like she had need to, and I was a problem.

I was going to clear that up. And Alvaro and his friends, wanted to make sure it didn't get cleared up at all. Why is this? The Nigerian woman's sons worked at the CIA. They were guards, for the CIA property.

(How funny that no one thinks it's possible people want to say I'm mentally ill just to cover up for their government crimes)

It was Alvaro. He was the only one asking me pointed questions, about when, where, why, how, what time, which place first and what then...on the day he knew I was going to try to correct things.

Oh yeah. Medications? First I lived with him and a nurse. A nurse who knew another nurse in Tennessee when they all lied and trashed an innocent woman by sending her to a psych ward.

Henry, his friend, set up the situation. He thought we should be together and funny how someone calls to save the day from another date-rape situation by another government man. Saved by the bell! I guess I'm crazy, right? for thinking I have been under surveillance.

So next I'm at the courthouse and wanting to fix this situation and instead, some group wants me to have "restraining order" on my record. Creates a nice little false picture of who I am supposedly.

1. Need to cover for trying to threaten my grandparents over my lawsuits? Follow John Kaempf, Catholic, and try to beat me to the Judge before I filed one against him. He got a restraining order because I couldn't even contest it because I was being assaulted with migraine triggers and then deprived of painkillers. He got it by default.

It's looking more and more like CIA to me, like, back a ways or something. Because how do people in the Pacific NW get things for creating seizure or migraine?

2. Need a cover the night before I talk about the FBI to the Wenatchee World? File false charges that I harassed my Granny and throw me into jail! Incredible. They got another excuse to file a "restraining order" against me.

Within months of my discovery that my migraines were being triggered by technology and just months after I report the FBI agents, I got 2 restraining orders for the first time in my life, just months apart.

Both by the same Catholic Judge.

They were trying to create a bad rap on me and cover for themselves. They tried to force me to plead guilty when I did no such thing and had to drop it. So they tortured me and my son so we left to Canada.

3. I'm in Canada and they filed another restraining order against me, telling me I can't see my son. The 3rd time government-connected people went after me.

4. Nigerian woman whose sons work for the CIA. Now, she was trying to throw me out with no notice when I couldn't work and was medically unstable. She had police come over who harassed me and mocked me after she physically assaulted me in the back. She got together with police to file a restraining order against ME after SHE assaulted me.

5. I try to go to the Maryland courthouse to contest this because I'm tired of the lies and who tries to set me up? 100% it was Alvaro Pardo. Which means he was a dirty rat trying to do me, my son, and my family in from Day One. It also makes you wonder who he was connected to at the CIA doesn't it? because why would he care if I was going to the courthouse to remove a bad mark from my name?

He had some kind of friend tip off a guy in a suit who was trying to set me up for a marriage fraud case. So this man pulls me aside from filing and says he might be able to help me and all he did was try to set me up to go to jail. Then he acts like a good guy saying go back to Wenatchee to be with your son. Right. Like Wenatchee is a healthy place.

After my Ex, Alvaro, did this to me, I was never able to put any further trust in him. I might have stayed with him and watched things and cared about him, but with my eyes open because he had just tried to set me up for federal prison for 10 years and wanted to make it look like it was about this stranger that approached me, and some other anonymous guy. If I had done what the other man was proposing to me, I would be looking at 10 years in jail.

That was how much Alvaro loved me.

Then, we stayed together and I ended up in the hospital and all along, ever since I worked for The Post Pub, people had me on medications and drugs without my knowledge or consent. My tinea went away and my period disappeared. That's two different conditions that don't just go away on their own. I was on medications for tinea, birth control, AND probably, possibly, some other medications too for all I know.

At the hospital, he tried to dump me. He was getting in extra loving time with my back-up I guess. He wanted things to move along and I wanted a little more time and less pressure.

Funny how all the government people treated me like normal only if I was with him.

Government. Just nice long enough to figure out a way to screw me and my son over I guess.

Sometimes I'd see Alvaro, looking at his rearview mirror at people behind him and grinning and they hated me but liked him. I realized just how much the people he was around hated me.

It's impossible to get the U.S. to hold off on torture unless you're directly connected to the people who control the torture.

Why would anyone quit torturing me just because I was with a man? They quit torturing me because I was with someone who knew them. And Washington State government people, and lawyers, and psychologists, and Washington D.C. and Maryland people, they knew eachother and were in on it.

They pressured me. When I flew out to Wenatchee without him, the Catholics treated me bad, at the Red Lion until he was with me. They forced me to be with him or be harassed and tortured. And then they wanted me to feel thankful to HIM as if that was all I needed. Meanwhile, he was willing to set me up to go to jail any way he could.

When I knew he was cheating again, and in public in Wenatchee I said this can't work like this, I need more time.

He wanted his U.S. job and his daughter. Which is what the people who control torture of me wanted. They didn't care about me. They wanted him and his daughter. I don't think he needed me for that and he knew this. He could have married someone else or gone to the U.S. like the rat he is, on anything.

When he left, it wasn't because I said "Leave!" and kicked him out. He had been getting ready. He was in Wenatchee when he ordered airfare, before I said anything. He shaved his pubic hair before he left, taking time to be ready to meet someone, I guess, that appreciated a nice trim. Before that, it was grown out. But he tidied himself up for the woman in Seattle. Or, a woman.

That's where he went next. Seattle.

So some faithful man who is insulted by me, or whom I've cheated. I never cheated on him once. He practically held me hostage in D.C. and the U.S. knew about it and even had one of their house psychologists checking in with me about it. I'm sorry, but the "mafia" whether one is connected or not, or some group doesn't just medicate people and feel liberty to do this unless they're connected to the government and getting a free pass.

He really did have a little girl in Colombia, sounded like. I heard her. I figured he had a couple of boys padded down in Maryland or D.C. or something, but it was a girl. And if he was really thinking about her though, I don't think he'd be shaving his pubic hair for Seattle.

(Seattle, you know, where I was hunted down, tortured, and lost my singing voice. You can see where his mind was too, on children and humanitarian things you know.)

He certaintly wasn't thinking about my son and he already KNEW we were literally tortured. He knew and knows the people who did it and who control it. So if I was with him, they back off, and if I'm not, they slay us.

I figure they wanted to steal my son through marriage. Or find a way to arrest me still I don't know. I wasn't doing anything wrong or illegal, but it's funny how the U.S. government was using him to try to get me on something. I should say, his friends were.

They wanted me to marry him so I wasn't free. First he helped to try to set me up in D.C. and then when that wasn't going to work he tried to dump me and then to not look conspicuous, tried something else.

He called me from D.C. wanting me to degrade myself and talk dirty over the phone, knowing anyone could listen in and that it could be used against me later. He didn't do this in D.C.--it was new stuff.

And then once he mocked me and implied I needed to brush my teeth, as he sat on the phone brushing his teeth like a madman with someone next to him staying silent.

He didn't think I should be staying with military. That much was true.

But if he didn't think that was a good idea, then why didn't he and his group just tell the world who was torturing me and my son?

You can't put an end to torture if you don't know who you're dealing with. I don't know of many people who shout out to the open air, "Hey, whoever you are, I need to talk to you."

He knew who they were because most likely he was one of them and just thought maybe I could do him a favor and if not, he could set me up.

Then all of a sudden he shaves his pubic hair into a trim, and my housemate is telling everyone I'm crazy and held up a knife when I never did.

I've done so later, for photos for art stuff, held a knife, and I hold one for cooking, but I've never done this in my life.

You know who she was echoing? The woman from Nigeria.

Let's see, Mykal Holt goes to Brazil all the time. Nigerian woman goes to Nigeria all the time and has sons who are guards for the CIA.

It sounds like the CIA and the FBI got on the hockey field together doesn't it.

And I'm sorry, but military is like runner-up for responsibility.

The military has the guns and the less than lethal weapons, but they don't get authorization to use them unless it's coming from the White House.

CIA can't have citizens complaining about being "targeted" and talking about government workers. They don't just let the military formulate plans to assault civilians without taking the risk and consequence seriously.

First, it's hate crime. Next, it's CIA. But the only way the CIA gets away with this, is if the FBI is backing them and providing them with cover and letting some of the local guys in on it for cover.

No military unit single-handedly carries out programs or plans to torture civilians without the CIA and FBI. And as for CIA and FBI all you need is one or two in your church and you find they're talking to the psychologists and lawyers about what they want.

Alvaro almost date-raped me.

And the FBI and CIA know it. They know a lot about their guys, their "pals". The only reason it didn't happen is because they were listening in illegally and Henry decided to place a phone call. So I was saying no and stop and then Henry calls and he snaps out of it.

Oh yeahhhhh.....REMEMBER?


Right. Maybe you assholes and users can stop telling me to "repent", "get right with God" and "stop being mentally ill" and deal with your problems.

So no, he didn't end up date-raping me. But I've told the truth about what others have done to me in the past and just how much justice have I seen? I think I've seen umm...ZERO investigations and charges filed.

Then, he still forced me to kiss him later. Which looks like a control thing, and is something the U.S is responsible for. How funny that all these people were willing to back down and give me my son if only I married the guy they wanted me to marry.

Mykal Holt got away with calling me crazy, knowing I wasn't crazy. She filed a restraining order.

That's about 5 restraining orders since I made my complaint against agents for the FBI who also worked with the mafia.

My son has been REAL "safe" because of the FBI.

I mean, I'd like to see someone who isn't Jewish or Catholic (and Episcopalian is the same thing), and who has no ulterior motive, look into my complaint.

But no, they allow others to torture my family instead and steal my son from me.

How much have I talked to my son?

Nothing. Not once. I am refused to speak to my son and my emails and letters don't get read to him either. I know this because I've asked before and even asked him when I still could visit him.

What are 3 Jennifers with the Koch firm doing in Seattle?

They screwed over my entire case with my son deliberately. They had major conflicts of interest and knew it, and took the case anyway. They snuck in a bunch of motions and filed things under my nose without letting me know or even telling me.

They lied. They refused to communicate or allow communication from me about withheld evidence by the State of Washington.

I would bet money at least ONE of those Jennifers sucked

If I trim my pubic hair, will the Seattle FBI offices let me in the door to give them my report of how they were just 3 blocks away when I was tortured at the Irish pub? and up the street? and then lost my voice in Bainbridge.

If only I had known that is what it takes to get in the door.

A nice trim.

When did the State of Washington decide they were not returning my son, even though they were responsible for an illegal collusion to kidnap him? After I broke up with Alvaro Pardo. Attorney General lawyer for CPS and maybe getting tipped from D.C. too, decided to cut back on my visitation with my son until they had completely blocked us from seeing eachother.

First, they wanted me to remember how they tortured him and made it impossible for me to do anything about it.

Then, a couple years later, they wanted to snigger at The Department of Justice in D.C. and I opened up the letters they sent me a few days ago, my 2 letters about my FOIA requests from "Nikeitha". They immediately called me mentally ill and began obstructing my son from seeing his mother when I refused to marry their man.

The same one that trimmed up his pubic hair for Seattle.

The FBI and U.S. government refuses to charge and prosecute rapists and date-rapists who happened to be connected to law enforcement, that I've known, and then they punish me for not marrying someone who almost became another of the date-rapists, who tried to set me up to go to federal prison, and who knew the people responsible for torturing us. I can see what these people have in common.

They care about kids you see.

They care about human rights, and speaking up about torture of civilians.

It's not that I don't write my son because I don't think of him or don't want to write. It's that he and I are illegally blocked, by the U.S. government, from having any bond. And now that they put it off onto adoption, they already control the people around my son. They're criminals who have committed huge crimes. They tortured my son out of hate and then wanted to claim it's research. They wanted me to sound crazy and like a criminal and added on restraining orders after I reported FBI agents. Then, they didn't want me to be available to marry the right person down the road, or get my son back, or work or go to college.

They wanted absolute control and the only way they imagined they could gain control was to try to put me in prison.

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Anonymous said...

Here is how I predict all of your future intimate relationships will go: Man runs into you at a bar. He is attracted to you. He thinks you are hot! What a catch! He buys you a drink. Eventually he has the poor judgment to take you home. Intimacy. Then he starts paying attention to what you are saying. He starts seeing past your beauty and realizes that you are crazy. He tries to help you. Bam! He ends up on the blog as part of the conspiracy. End of relationship.
I feel sorry for this poor fool Alvaro. He thought he could help you. Little did he know you would defame him on your blog. Poor sap.