Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Physical Therapy: Torture"

I am making the spot for this post.

I wrote about how my mother had an extreme reaction when I brought up, back in early 2000, like 2002 or sometime after she moved here, I am pretty sure it was around 2004sometime. She was saying something hurt and I said to go to physical therapy and she had such a panicked and traumatic reaction I wondered what someone was doing to her.

And why saying anything about "physical therapy" would be a trigger.

Then I moved here.

There is a private drive around the corner and that's where I found what I thought to be a site for torture. And then after looking around and seeing some things, smelling some things, and feeling use of hardcore technology in certain zones, I got some license plates and the main one in the driveway was from Pennsylvania.

I thought, what is someone from Pennsylvania doing over here?

Then I saw this sign and it said "__________ Physical Therapy."

As soon as I saw this huge sign for physical therapy, after I already intuited something wasn't right about the property, I knew that was it.

It's why my mother freaked out.

And she's never said anything either. I walked up and found something and immediately thought oh my gosh, people are being tortured here, and THEN I saw the physical therapy sign and then I flashed back to my mother's reaction years earlier.

I will write more about this later, and outline some things I saw, but it wasn't normal. And no one knew I was going up there either. If they knew, they tried to remove some of the evidence.

That incident where my Dad's truck smelled like gasoline? the whole thing? I went up that driveway about the same day and found this canopy area that reeked, reeked of gasoline. It had been spilled all over. It wasn't like someone fueled up their motorcycle or tractor or anything normal. It was like a gas tank had exploded.

And weird out-buildings where, the closer you got, the more you could feel technology vibrating from them. Queen size mattresses off in a dump pile with other odd things, next to warehouses without any windows. A location that is centered right above and overlooking our property from a distance.

Then I was leaving and this woman drives up and says, "Is it coming back to you now?" and starts blasting Celine Dion's, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" and starts swerving back and forth like a fish down the driveway.

Then at this other house next to it, someone knocked from the inside of one of the outbuildings. I jumped and then left.

That property looked like a black site operation for torture. That's what came to my mind, and then I saw their sign and remembered my Mom and thought, "there is definitely something going on." The place where the gasoline was reeking and was poured all over was next to all these things that looked like they were being used on people for torture. And then it was right next to this large black and blue water holding tank or something and against another building and it was buzzing with the "ink-bursts-out-of-pens" technology. Super strong, gasoline everywhere, and odd items.

Then they had another little building like a small house with windows and blinds in the woods, and then another garage and then this huge warehouse with large doors that come down, no windows, and an odd pile of garbage with the mattresses there.

Not like it's the only place. There are other places here.

My parents have been tortured at their own house and they've been tortured off-site as well. They've also had people torturing them while they tried to work on the trailer park because I've been there when it happened. I think the off-site torture must be worse.

My mother's reaction I will never forget. And it was years later and then I realized, there is something here that she reacted to. This is part of it.

There is a site above the trailer park

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